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Blog Zone: Tag Team Matches Galore


Tonight I am going into Impact a little more optimistic than I have been the last few weeks. I am mainly looking forward to the Storm and Sanada vs Aries and Tajiri match. The only problem I do have is this show is tag team heavy from the start and while I love the resurgence of the tag team division, this isn’t all about the tag team division.

Chris Melendez vs DJZ

I appreciate Melendez’s story. I think it is really cool what Mr. Anderson and Team 3D for him, but I have one question. Can he wrestle? That is what it is all about. The wait is over and now it is time to find out.

This was a decent showing from Melendez. I was really impressed. I am interested in where he goes. X-Division? Tag Team? Random feud? Lost in the shuffle? Only time will tell but I am excited for this. I feel there is a huge opportunity to get someone over as a major heel with Melendez.

Roode, MVP, Joe

This promo from Roode didn’t do anything for me. He was just rambling on about EY and about being champ. It’s the same things we have heard over and over. Wait so Roode gets a title shot next week? Really already? This is one of my problems with the product lately. I hate to say this but Roode’s entire promo was very Cena-like. It was the typical “You a great wrestler, very strong, but I won’t give up I have heart, blah blah blah.” Joe comes out fired up as always. He really has the crowd behind him now and is probably the biggest star in the company.

Roode, EY, & Joe vs MVP, Lashley, & King

This match started with a dive from Joe. He really brought life into this entire segment. I was thinking this last week but don’t think it made the blog. Why isn’t King wrestling in the X-Division? It makes no sense that all of sudden he has nothing to do with the division. Seeing him in the ring with Joe I was thinking what a great feud that could be. King vs Joe for the X-Division Title. This match was good. The faces came out on top and I was kind of surprised by that. But it does make sense to build up Roode.

Gunner and Brittany

I have been very critical of Brittany since her debut and I have to admit that this was actually a good segment from her. She came off natural and it didn’t feel forced or fake or whatever else I have said about her. Maybe there is hope for her after all.

The Menagerie vs Beautiful People & BroMans

In this match we get another in ring debut. Really the only part in this match that I actually paid attention to was Rebel’s debut. She actually wasn’t bad. What she lacked in wrestling skills she made up for with athleticism and flexibility. If she continues to train I can see her becoming a major part of the knockout division. I was really impressed.

Kurt Angle and EC3

Not really much to say here. This was just a typical setup to a match. I did like that Angle threw his weight around against EC3 trying to run things. It is refreshing to see a face in charge.

Rhino vs EC3

This match was hard hitting. Rhino took a lot of unprotected shot to the head. There wasn’t anything special here just a lot of use of weapons. My only thought is where does this feud go? When does Rhino give up? Where does EC3 go from here?


I love the attitude from JB that was awesome. Velvet wins the cover? This seems like it could be a setup rather than legitimate voting, I could be wrong it just works perfectly.

The reveal was to get all knockouts in the ring together, so Havok could come out. This should have been her debut! Seriously, why was this not? It would have been awesome for her to come in and destroy all the knockouts in her debut and then leave with the title. TNA dropped the ball big time.

Storm, Sanada, & Manik

This is my favorite part of Impact right now. I love the entire story and it has become more interesting with Manik involved. Manik really deserves a story and relevance. I am excited to see where this goes.

Storm & Sanada vs Aries & Tajiri

This match I have been looking forward to all week. Why? Because there is a story that has been building. It isn’t just some thrown together match and it isn’t rushed. This has been the one story that TNA has been doing correctly. This match was great. It told a story. It was awesome to see Tajiri and see him even hit the tarantula and the mist. This match definitely didn’t disappoint me. I expect great things from this story.

Havok and Gail

We were shown Gail searching for Havok earlier and this time Gail found her. What I have to say is Havok was not selling Gail’s strikes very well. I bring it up because to me it looked like she was trying but wasn’t doing a great job. I still withhold judgment on Havok until an actual match.

Team 3D vs Hardys vs Wolves

This match is starting with 20 minutes left in the show. I have been very vocal the last couple of weeks about the timing of the main events and this one was finally done correctly. I would like to take credit and say TNA is listening to me but since the show is taped I can’t say that.

This match wasn’t bad. It was a lot better than the first and they can get away with more because it is a tables match. There was action all over the place. A problem I do have is TNA went to commercial and when they returned the crowd was chanting “This is awesome!” Basically those of us watching at home have no idea what was so awesome. My thought is they couldn’t cut to commercial at a different time. You had like 3 weeks to edit this and this is what you came up with?

Not surprised the Hardys won since a Ladder match has been advertised but it was anti climatic. It felt like the show needed to end so let’s go home quickly. I felt this match was building then it was “ok were done.” It just came off really weird.


This show wasn’t as bad as the last few weeks. The matches were decent. A few things I complained about but I did enjoy this show. I still have problems with TNA and I will be expanding on those ideas in an article on coming this weekend, so be on the lookout for that. I am not extremely excited for No Surrender next week because I didn’t know it was going to be No Surrender until this show. I can’t get excited for a PPV type show when it is announced one week before it airs.

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