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Blog Zone: There's The Door, There's The Ring


Welcome to the Blog Zone. Sorry for this being late but I have a lot going and TNA hasn’t had anything that make me want to stop and watch. This week I had a hard time trying to find the want to watch the show. I watch the first hour on Wednesday night and then finished the second hour on Saturday. If it wasn’t for this blog I question if I would even be watching.

MVP, Lashley, King, & Joe

MVP opens with a Bellator plug and my question is who cares? Does anybody really care about Bellator? I sure don’t. I hate that TNA has to promote Bellator. When Joe comes out I think really? I understand Joe coming out because of the tough guy statement but I don’t think he should be fighting Lashley tonight. This match is too big to be randomly thrown together. It should have been promoted and given story or at least a week’s build. But throwing this together during the opening promo is a blown opportunity.

Since I started a new job I barely get on social media accounts. I think seen this match advertised one time I got on facebook but I still don’t agree with it. I get TNA using their social media accounts to promote which is great, but things should start on their shows and not be solely advertised on social media. I actually forgot this match was going to happen and that is very bad. I have been becoming increasingly frustrated with TNA because I am here to give an objective opinion and analyze what they do. When doing that I see little things, I find the mistakes, I view everything leading into a show and how it is promoted. What I have seen from TNA is desperation. And this is a perfect example. Let’s just throw together a big match that could be huge, let’s put it on free TV with no build, and let’s not even advertise it on the previous show. There’s no flow, no logic, and it all feels very indie. At times TNA needs to pull back and build.

Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim (Knockouts Championship)

I usually don’t talk about commentary but Taz said something that really struck me. He stated that Taryn Terrell should not make it public that she wants to be Knockouts Champ. This makes no sense and I couldn’t believe that a former wrestlers said that. Horrible commentary.

What I have notice so far is Terrell has not regained all of her ring presence since returning. This is not a knock on her because I know that it won’t just come back like that. I will say that this match is better than their previous one this summer. That neckbreaker on the steel steps was brutal. At that time the match really picked up as it was slow getting going. After Terrell hit the Cutter I thought she had won and my jaw was on the way to the floor then Gail kicked out. I can’t believe that Gail wins by reversing a crossbody, really Taryn kicked out of her finishing move but she can’t kick out of a roll through off a cross body. And Hebner counted super slow, I was surprised to see him hit the three. Decent match though.


This was a lame debut. After weeks of hype this is what they do. Havok walks out, quickly so she doesn’t relish the moment at all, the crowd doesn’t realize who she is, and Taz and Tenay just casually talked about it like it was no big deal. This was not the exciting debut I was hoping for. This just didn’t do it for me. I am not giving up on Havok as I don’t think much of this was her fault. I just wish the segment was better.


The BroMans are hilarious. I loved this segment just because how stupid it was. Robbie E as really improved since his debut. I use to hate him and now he is one of my favorite parts of the show.


EC3 is great. There isn’t much more to say other than that. I completely agree with his “Demands” 2 and 3. EC3 is a great wrestler. I think it’s stupid that the fans chant “you can’t wrestle.” He is a great wrestler. I am not sure what EC3 the live audience is watching but everything I have seen from him has been great. I love that EC3 has turned that chant into something with his “I disagree, I’m very good,” and this week was even better with the addition of “you’re not creative.” The fans really need a better chant at EC3.

Gunner, Shaw, and…..Brittany?

Really? So as if the Gunner/Shaw story wasn’t awkward enough we get a random cameo from Brittany, who has been MIA since I don’t really remember or care about the last time we saw her. I just know it has been great to not see her. I thought she was still in a story with Madison but I guess that was dropped after Madison beat her? They both kind of fell off since then. But Brittany was in “Love” with Madison, but now she is checking out Shaw? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

Gunner & Shaw vs Bram & Magnus

Magnus and Shaw opened the match with great wrestling. It was awesome to see some technical wrestling on a show that has been a spot fest lately. There wasn’t too much to this match except for the dissension between Shaw and Gunner continue.


This segment had me laughing so hard. The BroMans and the Beautiful People have me excited. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Eric Young vs Bobby Roode

Not sure if it was because I knew Roode was going to win but this match lack excitement. It was a bad match, it was just there. Just another match on the card. The ending just sort of happened and it wasn’t exciting at all. The fans didn’t seem to into it either. I got the feeling they were trying to get into the match out of respect for Roode and EY but they just couldn’t get into it. I am glad Roode won and will finally get his title shot against Lashley. I am looking forward to this feud.

Low Ki vs Manik vs Tigre Uno vs Homicide vs DJZ vs Crazy Steve

I do not like this new breed of X-Division stars. Of these 6 I only care about Manik and Low Ki and I like DJZ characters but could care less about him wrestling. This was another spot fest and this is why I am not liking the X-Division. If there was one person that I did not want to win, that was Homicide and of course he won. This match was quick, too quick for having six wrestler. It seems since TNA wants to refocus the X-Division they aren’t even really trying. Just throwing a bunch of guys out there and telling them to go. I want to see more one on one matches, more stories, and less spot fest, GIVE ME A WRESTLING MATCH!


After a craptastic match we get my favorite thing going today, SANADA! I was curious why he was coming out, I thought it was just to send a message like show his dominance. But he and Storm took Manik to the back with them! This is awesome! Storm said there would be more and it looks as if Manik is the next one to get a makeover. Manik really needs something new. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Austin Aries & James Storm

Aries calls out Storm and Sanada. Storm confirms that Manik is the next one for the change. I am loving what Storm is doing. TAJIRI returns! This is great. It adds another layer to the story. I do have to say that Tajiri didn’t seem to be connecting well with his strikes.

Rockstar Spud vs Rhino

I am not sure what the point of this match was. Spud was entertaining but nothing else really happened. EC3 just walks out leaving Spud after the match. Is there going to be a split? If there is I was thinking it would be hilarious if Spud joined Storms new group of resurging stars.

Lashley vs Joe

Not only am I disgusted that this match was thrown together on this show. I also can’t believe that for two weeks in a row the main event is less than 10 minutes long. This match should be huge! But leave it to TNA to make this match meaningless.

This match was good. It was actually the best of the night and I would expect anything less. It was the right call to have Lashley win with help. You can’t devalue either title by having the other one go over clean. I wish this match was given more time and more story. If done properly Joe vs Lashley could be the biggest match in TNA history.


I don’t feel this was a horrible show. I just question some of the decisions that TNA is making. I don’t like how Joe vs Lashley was made on this show. Havok’s debut felt rushed. The X-Division is a random gathering of guys doing jumps and flips, and to top it all off the main event for two weeks gets less than 10 minutes. All of this makes me not want to watch at all. Not to mention TNA advertising Impact on Thursdays. Really? What is going on over there? I am not sure but my excitement for Impact Wrestling is slowly diminishing.

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