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This is Impact’s first Wednesday night. I love the move personally because I have nothing to watch on Wednesday and I have said since I was a kid that I wish wrestling was on Wednesdays! Since this show was taped before they knew they would move it’s hard to say that TNA needs to deliver. I just hope that this is good. At least good enough to catch channel surfers attention and keep them locked in for next week.

It’s so great when Total Nonstop Actions starts with a match! Doesn’t anyone even remember that TNA stands for Total Nonstop Action?

Bram vs Abyss

This match started slow to me. Both men seemed to be going through the motions and had very slow reactions times. But eventually they turned it around and it picked up. Abyss doing the chokeslam from the ground with Bram on the ladder was different. Not sure if I have ever seen it that way. I cringed when Bram went through the barbwired. Even on the reply it gave me chills. Bram comes out victorious and is really gaining momentum. I am loving this feud and the story is interesting, but I am starting to think that maybe it needs to be a little bit deeper than just a fight for Janice.


EC3 was asked about his time in jail. Honestly I had forgotten he had gotten arrested last week and then realized how much people have been getting arrested on wrestling shows in the past couple of weeks, I forgot what show I was watching. Ok well not that bad but still there have been too many arrest on wrestling shows.

Bram & Magnus

Could this segment be the seed to this feud, finally? I wanted Magnus to turn on Bram in the beginning and then we get them as a team and I was hoping for a run at the tag titles and that has yet to come to fruition. Is it too late for Bram vs Magnus? Or is this the right time now that Bram has been built up a little bit? Not sure I guess I will have to see how it plays out.

EC3, Spud, Rhino

The mic work was great here. I love EC3 and Rhino wasn’t bad either. What I had a problem with the attack from EC3 to Rhino. I get EC3 blaming Rhino, because Rhino hired to protect Dixie and he didn’t, so this makes sense. When EC3 attacked Rhino and knocked him out of the ring with a few punches and continued with the advantage, it was illogical. Rhino was hired because he was strong and extreme, but EC3 made him look weak. Rhino is a former ECW champion and don’t forget he is also a former TNA World Champion and yet he can be put down with a few punches and not be able to fight back? This just didn’t work for me.

Low Ki vs Samoa Joe (X Division Title)

Nice little video package before this match. It really seems that an effort is being made to rebuild the X-Division and Low Ki and Joe are two of the best guys to do it. So much history surrounds both of these wrestlers that it brings back prestige to the division just by having them in it.

My favorite thing about this match was it was an actual match, with a story being told throughout. Lately in the X-Division we have been seeing nothing but a spot fest in every match. This match was awesome. Joe and Low Ki both got their shots in and really sold everything well. I didn’t think Low Ki would win this time but there were times that I thought he might. This is the kind of thing the X-Division needs to be relevant again. Hopefully focus stays on the Division and it becomes must see again.

Anderson vs Shaw (I quit match)

This entire story is awkward. It began awkward when Gunner just randomly started visiting Shaw. Now we have a double turn where Shaw seems to be a face and Anderson the heel, when this whole thing started Anderson was face and Shaw heel. It’s really kind of confusing. The backstage segment when Shaw interrupted Anderson was weird. I didn’t like it, but I did like that the match just kind of started in the back, that was different.

This match wasn’t bad but I think Shaw had the advantage for too long with no back and forth action. It didn’t seem the crowd was really into this match either. I think because they don’t know who to root for. Neither Anderson nor Shaw has done anything for anyone to get behind good or bad. Each wrestler is just kind of there. I feel like this is a little dispute between teenage girls, “they’re my friend,” “no they’re my friend,” “I don’t like them, don’t talk to them or we aren’t friends.”

I think that it was too early in the feud to have an “I quit match.” I am not that excited to see these too in a brutal match yet. Maybe a no DQ would have been better. I understand that it is Hardcore Justice but still stay within the story.

Bobby Roode

I love this from Bobby Roode. He talks about the title and he is making it mean something by saying that “by having the title means you’re the best.” I was very vocal about the way the E handled their World Title heading into Summerslam and how I saw it being devalued. With Bobby Roode placing so much emphasis on the TNA World Title, it is really great to see.

Hardys & Team 3D

There is really not much to say here. Normal challenge thrown out there with a little bit of nostalgia with the Hardys and Team 3D. I am excited for this feud and these matches!


So after the Roode interview and the Tag Team segment, we get the Dixie interview. That is 3 talking segments in a row. I was tuning out in the middle of the Tag Teams partly because I knew what was coming since it has been announced already and partly because it was already a lot of talking. With Dixie there was nothing here to make me perk up. I got the feeling we were supposed to feel sorry for her and I was getting ready to blast this segment but she turn it at the end which was nice. I was able to breathe and say “ok good.”

I just want to make it clear that when I was talking about feeling sorry for Dixie I was talking about her character and not the person. I do feel for her and respect her so much more because of her bump and breaking her back. But I am also able to separate the character from the person.

Storm & Sanada

I am loving this story. I want more! I just want it to progress, I have been calling for this since Storm first talked to Sanada. I do like that it is going slowly to build over time, but I still want more which is always a good thing.

Angelina Love vs Gail Kim (Knockouts Championship)

This match wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the greatest. I felt everything was very slow until a high spot would come. Velvet Sky’s interference was annoying, it was too much. Then the only time she gets hit she is just tossed out the ring and that is enough for Gail to get the victory? I would think something more would need to happen. Plus why didn’t Velvet help Angelina up? She interfered at every turn except for that. Just get in the ring and lift her to her feet. I thought Angelina may have won after the Botox Injection through the chair. It was her finishing move through a chair and Gail gets up with no help. As happy as I was the title didn’t change hands that spot could have used help. The “better than divas,” chant was pretty cool.

Kurt Angle

Now this makes sense. One problem I have been having with Impact tapings is the announcement of big matches. While I understand that it is to sell tickets, it at times takes away from Impact for me. Some segments are ruined because I know what’s coming. I have seen the announcements of the Wolves vs Hardys vs Team 3D in different stipulation and I was thinking that is random. But now with Angle’s announcement it makes sense. But since I already know stipulations I feel that I may know who wins particular matches. But I could be wrong, which would be great actually.


I love MVP and I love that MVP is now the mouthpiece for Lashley. It really adds to both of them and the fact that MVP isn’t shown on every segment really helps. I like the fact that MVP put over Lashley’s dominance. One thing I took from this is MVP was getting super heat. I wish he would have played to the crowd more because it gets on my nerves when the person on the mic is trying to yell over the crowd.

Six Man Six Sides of Steel (Number 1 contender for World Title)

There was a lot going on here, in the sense that 6 men were trapped in a cage. They really couldn’t do much with each other since there was nowhere to go. A couple move were seen. I liked the 3 submissions all at the same time. The double tower of doom was also awesome. Other than those things I don’t remember much. Aries was shown to look smart. He was trying to think and escape when everyone was distracted. My problem was why did no one try to go out the door? When I first realized that I thought maybe they stated it in the rules so I went back and watched that part and all they said was escape. So unless I missed something on commentary then I am really confused why nobody tried to go out the door.

Roode and EY escape at the same time. It’s interesting but at the same time I wish there was a definitive winner. I get them arguing about it after but I was expecting Angle to come out. Maybe just say he will make his announcement next week, make the announcement then and there, or even just try to calm each wrestler down while he is confused himself. But he didn’t and Impact just kind of ended.


Impact was a lot better than I thought it would be. It is hard for me to get excited for a show when the matches have been announced and I can see things coming more than I do without the announcements. At times it seems as though Impact Wrestling has been having big match, after gimmick match, after big match, then another gimmick, just to do it. I understand what they are trying to do, but stories sell the matches, matches don’t sell stories. This was the feeling I had coming into this event. Just a bunch of gimmick matches for no reason. But it turned out well. And it may seem that I complained a lot but I really did enjoy the show. There was just a couple of things that stuck out and I like to point those things out so I can get others opinions on it.

Comment and let me know what you thought about the show. Please do not post any spoilers as some of our readers do not read them.

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