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Blog Zone: Its Their World We're Just Living In It

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This has been quite a week for TNA. Slammiversary was a great show that had everyone talking. Then TNA announces Matt Hardy for the NYC tapings and Tommy Dreamer and Taryn Terrell will appear this week. They also announced EY will defend his title this week. To top everything off TNA asked fans to vote on whether they want to see the 4 sided ring stay or a return of the 6 sided ring. 6 sides was actually trending at one point. This weeks Impact needed to be a strong show. They needed to deliver with all the attention that was given to them this week. I think they delivered but it could have been even better.


I know this this like the 200th edition of Impact that has started with MVP, but I really liked MVP on the mic here. He played to the crowd great when they chanted “you can’t wrestle.” I have always loved when wrestlers talk down to the crowd. MVP was really fired up tonight. His line about having people in suits tell him how to run a wrestling show was spot on. For me that line goes deeper than the story. I think as TNA fans this is what we have been feeling for years.

EY coming was great as usual. I am really glad his title reign has not been short lived. He was the typical face response with it’s what the fans want but it was still great. Kenny King played up his hot head character well, but is just given a title shot because he said so? This make two weeks in a row where what King says goes. I thought EY was going actually have a match. So we will see where this goes.

EY vs King

This was a fast pace match. The crowd was hot. It was nice to see Joe, Aries, and Wolves come down and support EY to make sure MVP and Lashley didn’t interfere. King’s capture suplex with the bridge was awesome. I personally don’t remember ever seeing that. EY gets the roll up pin here. One problem I do have with EY’s reign is, while he does have clean decisive victories on PPV, it seems that on Impact he either gets beat or squeaks out a win like he did here with the roll up.

MVP & the Bell Ringer

MVP is bullying the bell ringer because he claims King kicked out in the last match. The problem here is the bell ringer only does what the ref tells him so shouldn't MVP be going after Earl? This whole thing didn't make sense. EY, Joe, Aries, and the Wolves come out and help by attacking MVP and CO.

MVP again

MVP is livid and basically taking the show hostage. He is kicking everyone out of the building for EY vs Lashley title match, except for himself and King. MVP is playing up being mad here. He slipped up on his announcement for the tag titles but played it off very well. I think it was great because it add an element of realism to it.

Dixie & EC3

Dixie doesn’t care what MVP is doing because it just backs up her claim. While I understand that I still think she should have more to say. After all she is still the president of the company and shouldn't the goal be to put on the best show possible? Ohh wait I forgot we are talking about Dixie Carter.

She says EC3 can have the night off and my reaction is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Wolves vs Aries & Joe vs Willow & Abyss Tag Title Match

Not sure how I feel when they showed Aries and Joe come out but then quickly cut to Earl being escorted out and EY in the locker room. It seems more chaotic in a good way but also I feel it takes away from the upcoming match. Thoughts?

Willow and Abyss are entered into this match? Willow and Abyss are officially a tag team now? This match has 3 face teams, they couldn't put the BroMans in? Or some other heels?

Aries and Joe are starting strong in this match. Joe hit the rear naked choke no Abyss and then Aries with the last chancery. I would actually love Aries and Joe as a team. Then they hit a double suicide dive! The Wolves reversal of the double chokeslam was amazing! Aries comes in on fire. The Wolves are the definition of a tag team. The double team moves they use take me back to the glory days of tag team wrestling. When Willow jumps backwards off the top rope it is about the only move Willow does differently than Hardy. I have to say it’s simple but it works. I think it actually adds to the Willow character. This match was great, it was jam packed with great action and great spots. This match is what TNA is about.

Dixie & Dreamer

This is horrible. Dixie just keeps rambling and the fans are so loud that she has to yell into the microphone. Dixie has no crowd to control. It’s like someone told her “if the crowd does this say that” and she just kept going. Tommy Dreamer chants are so loud Dixie can’t talk, I can’t hear her. Not that I care what she has to say anyway.

Holy Crap! Did Dreamer just saying “I am embarrassed to be a professional wrestler because of the crap I see from this show.”? Wow. Dreamer is really telling Dixie how it is. He actually said “You’re not a wrestler.” Very emotional Tommy Dreamer here. I was really blown away by what he actually said. I have to agree with everything. Dixie stays heel with a low blow and EC3 comes out and attacks Dreamer. Looks as though we will get a Dreamer Bully reunion down the line. Maybe next week?

The Wolves vs Bram & Magnus

Still no BroMans. Well at least Bram and Magnus make more sense than Willow and Abyss. There wasn't much to this match. It wasn't bad. Bram and Magnus worked well together for being their first time teaming up. They played to their aggressive characters, by hitting both Wolves with chairs to get DQed.

MVP & Brian Hebner

MVP threatens to fire Hebner if he doesn't count 1.2.3 on EY. I really don’t like when the powerful heels get to the refs like this. If they are going to cheat fine, but don’t make it to the refs being involved.

Gail Kim & Taryn Terrell

Is it just me or is it always awkward when the Knockouts try to be friendly with each other? It seems so forced when they are just talking. They are usually decent on the mic but I cannot stand to listen to these women when they are all “I respect you so much let’s be best friends!” This entire segment was a letdown for what the Knockouts are actually capable of. Probably the worst knockouts segment in sometime.

MVP & Angle

Angle tries to reason with MVP. Not too sure what the point of this was. Just getting Angle on TV I guess. Would have been better if he was promoted to show up. But this does set the stage for Angle to get involved with MVP, it only would work if Angle can be on TV for the next couple of weeks.

Lashley vs Eric Young World Title Match

So everybody in the building was kicked out, yet Lashley’s music plays? Doesn't somebody need to control that? This match was high impact. I don’t agree with the title change. I feel like TNA decided to change the title because this was a live show so they want to make something happen. I don’t agree with usually the title like that. There shouldn't be a title change for the sake of a title change. The worst part about it is the whole time I’m thinking Bobby Roode could interfere and help EY, well I was right but Roode comes in after the match. Why didn't he come in during the match? This made no sense. I really don’t care for Lashley being champ but it does have me wondering where they will go from here.


I really enjoyed this Impact. It was wild, it was chaotic, there was a lot of action, and all the wrestler sold everything really well. There are a few things that bothered me. There was 4 matches, 2 of them had EY and the other 2 had the Wolves. This was another MVP filled Impact, but at least this week it worked. I remember there used to be this title that started with a letter, what was that called again? Oh Yea X-Division Title? We have Destination X coming soon, at least they are filming next week, and the X-Division was not mentioned at all. They should start building a feud for the title for the Option C cash in. Maybe that will happen next week with EY’s lost. I can see Joe or Aries winning the X-Title to challenge Lashley now. Next week Impact needs to build on this fast pace action of this week. One thing I would like to see is more variety.

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