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Brendan's Bottom Ten: Worst Reveals in WWE History

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Howdy, folks!

Boy... that reveal of Jason Jordan being Kurt Angle's son on RAW to pay off a months-long storyline sure was a doozy, wasn't it? The thing is... that's not even the tip of the iceberg in terms of terrible pay-offs to promising storylines in the WWE. In fact, I can easily list TEN worse scenarios where the pay-off didn't even come close to what was seemingly promised by the company.

Keep in mind - this list is totally subjective and is my opinion only. Feel free to comment below with your own lists or or ones that you feel I've left out... or heck, defend some of the ones I've trashed if you must!

Brendan's Bottom Ten - The Worst Reveals in WWE History

10. GTV

Back in the Attitude Era of WWE, there was a strange series of backstage surveillance vignettes catching various superstars in embarrassing situations or revealing their true intentions, which could sometimes lead to a face and/or heel turn. This started out as "GDTV" (Goldust TV) but when Dustin Runnels was released by the WWE, they just kept the vignettes going as "GTV" over the course of the following months. Why was this reveal so bad, you may ask? Because there wasn't one!

Yes, that's right. They literally never revealed who was behind the sly camera work and just eventually dropped the segments. It was a waste of everyone's time.

9. Stephanie McMahon Owns ECW

Yeah, I know some people initially liked the idea of Stephanie McMahon making her return to WWE as the new owner of ECW during the ill-fated inVasion angle of 2001 but here's the huge problem with it.

When WWE (WWF at the time) bought WCW and was essentially feuding with the WCW B-Team, people were still kind of interested in the idea of some potential matches that could happen now. It all boiled down to Vince feuding with his son Shane again though, which made everything once again centered on McMahon family drama, which was certainly nothing new.

Paul Heyman entered the mix when he brought in ECW as a third entity before teaming up with WCW to form the Alliance and then the real turd in the mix was that Stephanie McMahon had been bankrolling them the whole time. So now it would be even more family drama with Stephanie stepping into the mix. It was about as successful as you've heard.

8. Vince McMahon is the Higher Power

Despite it being one of the most frequently-used video clips ("IT'S ME, AUSTIN!"), this had to rank up there with one of the weakest pay-offs in history.

You see, Stone Cold was feuding with the Corporate Ministry at the time, a group which included a cavalcade of superstars including the Undertaker, Shane McMahon, Viscera, Triple H, Mideon, the Acolytes, Ken Shamrock and a ton more. At the time, Vince McMahon had turned to Stone Cold for help because Undertaker had gone completely off the rails and had plans to sacrifice Stephanie McMahon (then just a young innocent doe-eyed girl) to his "higher power." Austin made the save for Stephanie and Vince was eternally grateful to him.

However, one time after the Corporate Ministry jumped Austin and had him held down, the "Higher Power" came out and revealed himself only to Austin, who immediately flipped out. The next week on RAW, the Corporate Ministry came down to the ring and as Vince watched on "live" on the big screen, the Higher Power was revealed as... Vince himself! So yes... Vince did all that and had his daughter potentially sacrificed just to get back at Stone Cold and screw him over.

7. Eric Bischoff is the new General Manager

This might be one of my more controversial picks but hear me out - Eric Bischoff did a tremendous job as General Manager and had some great moments with Stone Cold, John Cena and a number of other stars. However, the reveal was terrible.

Vince McMahon was looking for a new General Manager to take over RAW so that he didn't have to micro-manage the show as much and he came up with Eric Bischoff. The only problem was... this was in 2002. This was right after the failed inVasion angle. There were so many opportunities for Eric to come in as a bitter former company owner, a rival to Vince, he could've restarted the angle, anything else really. Instead, these two real-life rivals met for the first time on-screen... and hugged. It was also anticlimactic by having Eric appear in a backstage segment with Booker T before Vince made the announcement, which was baffling.

6. Hornswoggle is the Anonymous RAW General Manager

I rank this one fairly low because by the time it was revealed, no one gave a damn.

For a while, WWE was receiving e-mails to a laptop at ringside from the new RAW General Manager, who would remain anonymous even though he or she would sometimes drop hints that were a superstar's signature catchphrase. It was clear from weeks and months into this thing that no one backstage had any idea where this was going. Michael Cole got a significant amount of heat each time he read from the computer and the whole thing just seemed to be dropped after one of the dumbest segments of all-time in which Edge destroyed the computer with a steel chair and it "talked" back to him.

However, it returned. Just before RAW 1000, Santino Marella vowed to find out who the anonymous GM was and they found... Hornswoggle under the ring with a laptop. And just like that, it was over.

5. Kevin Nash Received Texts From... Himself?

During one of the best angles the WWE has ever done (the Summer of Punk) in which CM Punk won the WWE Title from John Cena and "left the company" only to come back and get ready to face Cena for the title again, the WWE did one of the oddest things ever. Shortly after Punk was able to defeat Cena for a second time, Kevin Nash ran down and made his return to the company by dropping Punk with the Jackknife Powerbomb. This allowed Alberto Del Rio, who was Mr. Money in the Bank at the time, to come down and cash in thus pinning Punk to win the title.

Kevin then revealed that COO Triple H had ordered him to carry out the attack, which led to Punk feuding with the Game for a while. Nash said that he received texts from Triple H but that was not to be the case. Instead, Nash stole HHH's phone, texted himself, blamed it on HHH and then the payoff was a Sledgehammer Ladder match between Nash and Hunter with Punk being cast aside. Y'know... the hottest act in pro wrestling at the time. And some people still think he was a whiner for leaving the company.

4. Rikishi Ran Over Stone Cold

In November of 1999, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was getting ready for a huge title shot at Survivor Series in a triple threat match against then-champion Triple H and The Rock. However, things went awry when Austin was brawling with HHH and then as they got into the parking lot and Hunter was nowhere to be found, Austin was run down by a car. This would be to cover Austin's real injury that would keep him out of action for nearly a year but it would also create a whodunnit that fans could follow for a long time as well. Would it be Triple H? The Rock? A McMahon? Or how about the Big Show, who took his place in the match?

Well, we would get our answer in early October of 2000 when Commissioner Mick Foley was seemingly ready to convict The Rock before turning his attention to the other person in the ring - Rikishi! One of the hottest mid-card babyfaces on the rise at the time, Rikishi revealed that he "did it for the people" and that he "did it for The Rock." He went into a long diatribe about his Samoan heritage and it went over about as well as a fart in church. No one bought it. No one wanted Rikishi to be a heel. Later on, Triple H was revealed as the mastermind behind the whole thing so you could tell that the WWE wasn't really behind it either.

3. Vince McMahon's son is... Hornswoggle?

Yeah, I know the McMahons make a lot of appearances on this list but I guess bad reveals are just in their blood. There was originally a planned storyline wherein Vince McMahon was killed (indeed, they showed him entering a limo and having it blown up). This was supposed to lead to many things: Linda McMahon is implicated and goes to jail, McMahon leaves everything in his will to his illegitimate son Mr. Kennedy, Kennedy becomes the top heel and takes over until McMahon reveals he faked his death to frame Linda and get her out of the picture. This would all end with Triple H conquering Mr. Kennedy and getting the company back to Linda.

That's not what happened though.

The limo explosion occurred, yes, but then real life struck as Chris Benoit murdered his wife and young son before taking his own life. Vince was forced to drop the storyline completely and then didn't return to television until months later when Jonathan Coachman informed him that he had an illegitimate son. Was this their way of still doing the Mr. Kennedy angle? Nope, it was Hornswoggle. To make this even more worthless, JBL then revealed later on that Finlay was Hornswoggle's actual father.

2. Fake Razor Ramon and Fake Diesel

It was one of the most talked-about real-life stories in a long, long time in the wrestling world. In 1996, both Scott Hall and Kevin Nash packed up and left the WWE for WCW and re-invented the whole idea of a "heel" when they formed the nWo along with Hulk Hogan. So imagine people's surprise when Jim Ross went on WWE television and announced that he was bringing back Razor Ramon and Diesel.

Even Eric Bischoff and WCW management were convinced of it that they offered huge raises to Nash and Hall as incentive to stay with the company even though the two were just as surprised as they were to hear the news about their supposed return.

That's because Kevin Nash and Scott Hall didn't return.

Razor Ramon and Diesel were back though. Although something didn't look right.

Yes, they spent weeks hyping the return of two of the most popular wrestlers of the 90s in the WWE and gave them two dudes who sort of looked like the real thing and trained them to act and wrestle like the originals. And they were surprised when the fans didn't like it.

1. The Gobbeldy Gooker

How can I put anything else here? Just imagine. For weeks and weeks and months and months, there is a giant egg following the WWE around from live events to weekly television. No one knows what the egg contains but there was massive speculation: was it Ric Flair? The debut of The Undertaker? A playmate centerfold? Well, it would finally be revealed at the Survivor Series in 1990. It wouldn't be the Undertaker because he debuted as a member of Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Team. No, the egg hatched and it was...

The Gobbeldy Gooker.


A man dressed in a hideous chicken (?) costume broke out of the egg and danced with "Mean" Gene Okerlund for what seemed like an eternity while the crowd booed the crap out of the whole thing. Roddy Piper, bless his soul, tried to save it on commentary but nothing was gonna save this thing.

The WWE laid a giant egg on us all.

Thanks for reading! Chime in below with your own "worsts" and let me know if there's any I missed.

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