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Celebrity Wife Swap - Mick & Colette, A Love Story

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Okay, I admit it, I sat down and watched Celebrity Wife Swap the other night. It's not something I normally watch, but it was Mick Foley and we all know how I feel about him. I have to admit that I'm not a big Antonio Sabato Jr. fan, but I am of the right age group to have drooled over him while he was on Earth 2, and his fiancee, Cheryl Moana Marie Nunes is beautiful, smart and has a huge heart. I was a bit tweaked about the 'perfect' lifestyle Antonio and Cheryl were leading, but in the end they seemed to relax a bit.

What really impressed me about the show was the love in the Foley family. I knew Mick has said that he didn't know how he, with his looks, landed Colette, but seeing the love in that family touched me. They might not have the tidiest house, but they seem so close.

When Cheryl first found out that she'd be Mick's wife for a week, she was visibly excited as she was a huge fan of Mankind. Antonio's daughter was also very excited when she found out who Colette was married to. The first moment that really touched me was when Cheryl read that Colette helped Mick put on his socks and shoes everyday. She was also determined to bring some order and romance back into the Foley home. Other than finding out that Mick hadn't taken Colette dancing but once in their twenty year marriage, it was apparent there romance is still alive between Mick and Colette. I also have to say that Mick and Colette have beautiful children! I feel old to realize that Dewey is nineteen! Okay, maybe Dewey isn't the best name for such a strapping guy, but it suits him somehow. Noelle is eighteen and positively striking! Micky and Hughie are adorable and sure like to experiment their father's wrestling moves.

Cheryl helped Mick put his socks and shoes on. He said that Colette helps him with it everyday as he took so many bumps on his right hip over the years that he just can't reach that foot. When he's on the road he can go a couple days without a sock on his right foot as he absolutely can't put it on himself. Cheryl brought some order to the house, had the kids helping out by cleaning their rooms and helping cook supper. Cheryl also took Mick out for a mini-makeover. She had his hair cut for the first time in quite a while, possibly since early TNA/IW or before. He said he didn't want it to end up looking like a mullet, but his hair is so curly that, well, you've seen him on RAW and at the Royal Rumble. The other thing she did was bring Mick in and got him fitted for a dental bridge. I'm shocked that he's never actually had one made as his front teeth were knocked out so long ago. Actually, I thought his too front teeth were knocked out during that famous Hell In A Cell Match, either when Taker threw Mick off the top of the cell and through announce, or when the top of the cage collapsed and Mick fell to the mat below. Mick did lose a tooth in that match, it was dangling from a nostril as he sat on the mat gushing blood from his face. I read where Mick said he was actually sticking his tongue out a hole below his lip, but his beard hid it too well to be seen on camera. It was actually a car accident in the late 80's that knocked out his two front teeth. Mick said that Colette would probably like him with front teeth briefly, but then would want them out of his mouth.

The other thing Cheryl did was got Mick dancing around his kitchen with her, reminding him how much fun he could have taking Colette out dancing. Mick said he knows he has horrible moves, but it was fun. He also had fun mortifying the kids watching him get silly and dance around the way he did. It was really very sweet.

When the couples met up and the four sat down to talk, Cheryl was a little unhappy with Antonio while Mick and Colette glowed seeing each other. Cheryl seemed to come off a bit young in this segment of the show. I was unable to find her age online anywhere, so I can't say if she really is young or not. She took a couple things that Antonio said in a bad way, but Colette and Mick came in to try to smooth everything over. They very easily stepped into parental roles. Watching them trying to help the other couple showed just how sweet and caring they are, as well as how connected to each other.

I'm not big on the Wife Swap way of doing things, it was very cool to get a little glimpse into the Foley family. Not saying that the new WWE Network should do a show like this, but it was nice to get to know that different side of Mick, Colette and the kids. In the future I'll be looking at Mick in a slightly different way knowing that much more about the man behind the jokes and smiles. I'd be willing to bet there's other wrestling families who would be willing to let the cameras in for a limited peek at their lives.


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