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The Impact of Daniel Bryan's Return

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The return of Daniel Bryan is symbolic of the career he has already had play out in front of the WWE Universe. Bryan has battled through adversity on top of adversity, although some of it would have been storylines it is fitting that after two years of hard work and determination Bryan has finally completed his fight to do what he loves.

With the return of Bryan, the landscape of the WWE has taken a drastic change. This tops most too all returns the company could have planned on and has given them a legitimate headliner for all the big shows in the future. With Wrestlemania coming up; it is almost a dead cert that is where we will see the in ring return of Bryan, the only question is what match will it be in.

After the beat down on Smackdown this past week, it is almost a certainty now that it will be in a tag team match, teaming up with Shane Mcmahon to take on Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, which all in all is probably a sensible and well poised decision for the return of Bryan. Any ring rust will be able to be shaken off working with some of the top guys and best wrestlers in the world in Owens and Zayn and with it being a tag match, the relentless focus will not be on him all the time in the ring so he can take a breather when he needs to.

Following on from Wrestlemania, the direction for Bryan is unsure, which is what makes the situation so intriguing. Will he go for the world championship against the victor in the Nakamura Styles match? Or maybe he continues as GM and fights sporadically. Either way the structure for the shows moving on from this news will definitely see a massive change in direction as Bryan is a one of a kind superstar who has a presence incomparable to anyone else who actively competes in the WWE at the moment.

Even in the event that Bryan is not used as the top guy, the possibilities for midcard runs as either the US or Intercontinental champion are fantastic, resuming his rivalry with the likes of The Miz or creating dream matches with Seth Rollins or Finn Balor along with resuming his historical feud with current US Champ Randy Orton, or creating new paths with Bobby Roode and even Jinder Mahal.

Let me know what you think Daniel Bryan will be doing now he is back competing and where you think he fits in at Wrestlemania and on the roster as a whole by tweeting me @WNW_Walker or replying to the wherever you have seen this article shared, I would love to hear your feedback on this and what you think the right path for him is!

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