Indy Scene - Bret Hart, Cameron Mathews & Julian Starr


I know Richard recently said that he doesn't cover the indy scene, but this isn't about covering the indy scene. This blog is about picking out those moments that jump out during indy shows. I know a lot of you attend indy shows to supplement your wrestling need from what we're able to find on TV and online, so this is for you to write, as well as for me. I want to tell you about some of the wonderful, and horrible, things I've been seeing lately, but I also want to know what you've seen and what has been grabbing you – good and bad. Not the stuff that happens backstage, not the stuff the dirt sheets talk about, but what you see in the ring, on mic, at meet and greets, the things that touch you, what you still remember years after the rest of a show has faded into the background. It doesn't matter if it was the biggest of stars, or that local guy who no one knows, but if it is a local guy, please get his (or her) name right and send me any info you can on them.

Even though I have a number of stories from recent events, I'm going to keep this short (for me) with two little stories. Just to give you an idea of where I want to go with this. The weekend before WrestleMania, Big Time Wrestling came back to Maine for their second show. Their top billing name was Bret Hart. I have a dear friend who went with me to the show just so he could meet Bret, but when we got up there he got shy and made me go first. I have to say that Bret's eyes looked a bit more vacant than I had hoped, except when he held intense eye contact with me, and it was the whole time I was there talking to him. Well, almost the whole time. He had troubles figuring out where to sign the action figure I brought with me, but he knew exactly when the figure was made (1999 WCW), and was all smiles that I had brought it to be signed. Meeting Bret Hart was as touching for me as when I met Mick Foley last year at the same event, even though Foley is one of my top five favorite wrestlers. Bret was so sweet and gentle, more so than I was expecting from him. He took the time to make every fan happy and didn't rush through anything, and for me that means more than almost anything else.

On the other end of the spectrum, I went to a wonderful little show put on by NWA On Fire, in an elementary school gym where there was all of 56 people in the seats - I counted. It was a small benefit event where I saw the best technical match that I have ever seen live. At the BTW show the week before a young man named Cameron Mathews had faced off against Bushwhacker Luke in a comedic match, but at this small show Mathews faced off against Julian Starr and put on a match that left me stunned. It was the first match of the night and I was thrilled to see Mathews come out in his purple trunks with the white heart and the number 13 on his bum. I'd had a chance to meet Mathews at the BTW show and was impressed with his intelligence and professionalism, but what he showed us at this small show floored me.

I had heard good things about Julian Starr and I know I'd seen him before at other shows, but in this match he left me floored. He and Mathews came out and worked that ring as if it was WrestleMania in front of 70,003 people, rather than 56. They started the match big to draw the fans in, got everyone interested, then the ebb and flow of the match started. Some beautiful mat work and just when the fans who care less about that type of work were just starting to lose interest, they brought the excitement level back up. I might go as far as saying that this match had the flow, chemistry and psychology of a Bret Hart or HBK match – when they were in their prime. Between the holds on the mat, the way they worked the entire ring, and the high flying action, they left me with my jaw hanging open. I hope someday I'll be lucky enough to see these two back in the ring together, in front of a bigger crowd, so I can see their brilliance and artistry at work once more. These two men are not just athletes, they're stars.

What my plan here is with Indy Scene is to tell each other about some of the great, and not so great, things we've seen at local indy shows. I can't do this alone as there's not a lot of indy wrestling here in Maine, so this will rely on your help. I want you to tell me, tell everyone, what you saw and why you want to talk about it.

If you have seen something you absolutely need to talk about, send me any and all info you can. Specifically I want -

Your name -
What wrestling company put on the show -
Where was the event held -
The wrestler(s) name(s) -
What happened (meet, promo, match, etc) -
Why did this mean so much to you -
Anything else pertinent -

These can be big wrestlers who you met that touched you, or that indy guy who made you laugh because his character is so unique. Mix it up and tell me the bad as well as the good. Good spelling and grammar is always appreciated, but be forewarned, I will be editing for spelling and grammar, but not for content. You can either send me a message on Facebook, or you can email me at I can't wait to read your indy stories!


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