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An Interview With Professional Wrestler Machado and His Battle to End Hunger

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Today I am joined by Machado, a professional wrestler who is not only living his dream but working hard to help others do the same through his massive contributions to charity which is saving the lives of thousands of people!

My first question for you is, who or what inspired you to become a professional wrestler?

Machado: When I was around 4 or 5 years old I started watching wrestling with my great grandfather, who didn't speak a word of English. It was our bond. Every weekend I would go over spend time with my great grandpa & watch wrestling. For me when I wrestle it's about honoring him & remembering him and the joy I can bring to others even if only for a couple of seconds putting smiles on faces & or laughter.

It is great that the two of you managed to find a common bond over a love for professional wrestling and the fact that it inspired you to push on to become what you have today with that goal of replicating this for others is fantastic. What wrestlers were your idols growing up watching?

Machado: Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio.

I can assure you there a lot of people around the world that can relate to that. They definitely cultivated and inspired a wealth of people. In terms of wrestling to this date, who has your favorite match been against and who in the future would you like to take on if possible?

Machado: A guy by the name of Denzel Titan based out of Michigan & Ohio. Another great up and coming Tyler Nitro based on the east coast. I learned A lot from Sinn Bodhi formerly known as Kizarny in the wwe. He has so much knowledge. In the future i want to wrestle everyone. I like the freedom of picking where I go what I do etc. I am also able to help a lot of people this way.

I think that is the main thing right there, having your own freedom within a business where it does not necessarily seem to come that easy and there are a lot of figures who would like to control everything. The fight everyone attitude is great also, taking on all comers is the key to success! Can you tell me a bit about the upcoming Lucha Patron that will take place May 19th?

Machado: It will be at the Petaluma Vets Hall. Each ticket that is sold will benefit the charity Feeding America, which is focused on ending hunger in America as it is a huge issue. I heard Tony Robbins talking about this charity over & over so I wanted to check it out see what it is all about. Fell in love with their mission. Now for talent it is bigger then wrestling each time we go out there we are helping provide meals to families in need. I love what I do. I do what I love. Wrestling providing joy to others putting smiles on faces & honor my great grandpa. At the same time able to provide meals to families in need.

I think the power behind that message is key and I would implore anyone reading this in the area to go check the show out especially with the contributions that go to Feeding America from it. I think it is honorable that not only are you doing this for your great Grandfather and to entertain but to truly help those in need, your passion is genuinely saving people’s lives. I've also seen that you have decided to give 100% of your payout to the charity which is commendable. Do you have any other dates or venues coming up where people can come to see you perform?

Machado: Thank you! June 30th same venue! Same cause!

That is brilliant! Echoing what I said previously, if you can make this show then please do so as it is for a fantastic charity and you will see some great wrestling! To end, with it being such a big weekend for wrestling, what match are you most looking forward to and why?

Machado: Man I'm looking forward to the whole show so much talent everyone who is in the wwe clearly is talented I'm looking forward to watching wrestlemania. Vince is a genius.

I can definitely agree with that, on paper it looks fantastic I can't decide what I am more excited about either! It's been a pleasure speaking with you and thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and good luck with your future events hopefully we can do this again soon! To anyone reading if you can make one of these shows coming up please do as it is truly for a great cause and will be two great nights of action!

If you would like to follow Machado on twitter you can find him here @ RealCoryMachado let me know what you thought of this interview and if you would like to see some more in the future in the comment section or via my own handle @WNW_Walker. If you can also, please try to make one of the shows that we have spoken about because it really is for a good cause!

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