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IW Blog Zone: It Happens

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Welcome back to the Impact Wrestling Blog Zone. This Impact has a lot going on. We get a new X-Division Champion, a Hardcore War Match, Monsters Ball, and #Ithappens. I am more excited for this show than I was for Destination X. There is more stories going into this week. There is more build, more excitement, and more emotion. This show gives me a reason to care. The only hope that with all of that I would not be overly excited and have my expectations too high. That is the biggest show killer in the sport. With that said let’s get into the show!

Abyss vs Bram Monsters Ball

Abyss’s entrance was cool to see with the red lights. It reminded me of the old Abyss, I just hope they start to take it a step further and have the red lights every time Abyss comes out. I think it would really help Abyss’s character.

This match was, as the crowd said, AWESOME! I loved every minute of it. I felt that we finally saw the old Abyss. This has been something I have been calling for, for a while now. Hopefully they continue to build Abyss back up. The awesome thing about his match was I didn’t want it to end. I wish it could have gone longer but as the saying goes leave them wanting more, so it’s good it ended when it did. I am guessing this story will continue with Bram picking up the victory. Also Bram left with Janice so I am pretty sure Abyss will be after them. This was a great opener. Abyss’s mask is still ugly.


I really like what Joe said here. He brought back the “no limits” saying for the X-Division and made it known that people use to watch for the X-Division. Things like this need to be said! The X-Division needs to be built. Low Ki made this segment intense. I don’t remember the last time I heard Low Ki’s voice but he sounded like a super villain. I hope Joe and Low Ki have a nice feud for the X-Title through BFG. I think those two can really build the X-Division.

EC3, Spud, & those other guys

Hold wait a minute… is that.. yeah I think it is… Jeremy Borash doing an interview. Wow! That brings back some memories and to me makes this feel like a big deal. EC3 is awesome as always. Snitsky is still using his “It’s not my fault” thing? Really? They couldn’t come up with something themselves? Something different? I don’t want him associated with any of his characters from the E, he wasn’t that popular to begin with, he should try to reinvent.

Lashley, King, & MVP

I really enjoyed MVP’s mic work here. Since we haven’t seen him, in what seems like a few weeks, I was interested in what he had to say. His line about Aries and Option C was hilarious. And the way he agree with Bobby Roode, was funny too. If MVP is not forced into every segment like he was heading into Slammiversary I will be a big fan of his.

BroMans vs Anderson, Gunner, & Shaw

This was your typical 6 man tag match. Anderson played up the trust issue very well. Nothing exciting happened until Shaw gets in the ring. It was nice to see since we haven’t seen him in action for quite some time. With Anderson’s aggression toward Shaw is Anderson going to become a heel and Shaw the face or is Anderson going to end up correct with this. This story is starting to take shape and become very interesting. I’m excited to see where it goes.

Dixie and King Mo

This was awkward. Dixie was actually entertaining here but I’m curious if it was because Mo was so bad. Either way this was awkward to watch.

Anderson, Shaw, Gunner

Entertaining segment here. Gunner and Anderson were intense. It was different to see Shaw be the voice of reason and try to cool down the situation.

EC3, Rhino, Rycklon, Snitsky vs Team 3D, Dreamer, ??? Hardcore War

One problem real quick, I was under the assumption that this was just going to be an 8 man tag match. Tenay explains the rules as EC3 is walking out. Did I miss something? If I’m correct on this and they didn’t tell us the rules to this match until now, well I think that shouldn’t happen. Not that I am not a fan of this style match, I would have just been more excited had I know what this match actually was. I am very surprised this isn’t the main event. End Rant.

I have to be honest that until all 8 competitors were in the match I was getting a little bored. All that happened was beating each other over the head with a weapon. And I was a little bored because I knew the match couldn’t end until everyone was out. Seeing Al Snow come back was great. He even hit a moonsault to the outside. Bully had an awesome crossbody off the top rope. That was a sight to see especially since he almost flew over Snitsky and Rycklon. Spud was also great in this match. His “I’m hardcore,” had me laughing. I wasn’t too impressed with this match. Not sure if my expectations were too high, I was expecting something else, or it really wasn’t that great of a match? It was entertaining and told the story, I just wasn’t impressed.

Beautiful People

This was actually a really entertaining Knockouts segment. I have been getting annoyed with the Knockouts lately. Not sure why. But this segment was done really well. Angelina was great on the mic tonight. Taryn Terrell came off a bit rush, but I think she was trying to be angry. Anyway I’m excited for next week’s match for the Knockouts Title.


I wasn’t going to say anything about this segment except I liked the green lighting. But Bully said something that I really agree with. When he said “this isn’t a Bellator ring, this is a TNA ring,” I said “THANK YOU!” I’m glad Bully said it so I wouldn’t have to ramble on about it. I understand King Mo is big in MMA, or at least I think he is because TNA makes him out to be, without TNA I wouldn’t know who he is. In TNA King Mo hold no threat for me. I don’t believe that he can beat Bully and I think it’s stupid he even tries.

Sanada vs Low Ki vs Samoa Joe

This match was great. Low Ki brings something back to the X-Division that has been missing for a while. Joe and Low Ki look to be entering into a feud which will be great for the division. They played that story up well. The only problem with that in this match was Sanada seem a little pointless, but he has his own thing going on right now so I am sure he will recover. It was the right call for Sanada to take the lost because now Low Ki has the ability to say he didn’t lose the match. Exciting time for the X-Division right now.

Joe needed to win this match. It was the best thing for the title. I said in the Blog Zone last week and I also said it on Twitter before the show started. Joe is the biggest name in the X-Division at this time. He is a former World Champion and he is a throwback to what made the X-Division great. Joe has the ability to lead this Division back to relevance.


So I do have a problem with them spoiling the outcome of this segment. I hate spoilers, absolutely hate them. I try my best to avoid all spoilers to the point that since I live on the west coast I do not get on Facebook or Twitter come 6 pm pst so I do not see any results for the show. With that said I do understand why they did it. With that said, I thought this segment was very well done. I was bored at the beginning when Dixie was in the ring yelling because I knew eventually she would go through the table, so my thought process was get on with it. Reason number 1 to not view spoilers. When Team 3D and Dreamer came out I was very pleased. I wasn’t sure how everything was going to play out and I was very surprised when the TNA wrestlers came out to stop Dixie. The wrestlers banging on the ring gave me goosebumbs. It was a great site to see. I am extremely happy and have to give props to the NYC crowd for chanting “TNA, TNA, TNA,” when Dixie finally did go through the table. The entire scene was a great to watch. I was really happy how it all turned out and I can ease up on them spoiling the show. Unless the ratings are down then I can say I told you so.


This Impact was great. I was really looking forward to it all week long. The thing I loved the most was that stories were told. I was connected with wrestlers and understood why things were happening. The stories are what connect the audience and the fans. Great stories make for amazing matches. This week stories came to a close while others were developed and more were continued. Impact did have a history making moment when Dixie went through the table. This one will be remembered for years in the industry. I am excited for what is to come for Impact.

Comments are encouraged but please do not post spoilers as some readers do not read spoilers.

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