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IW Blog Zone - Sad Finishes But A Nice Return

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Hello everyone! I am back this week to write the Impact Wrestling Blog Zone! I wrote last week’s because KendraBunyon wrote the Impact Wrestling live coverage. Basically, we switched. This week, however, I am writing both because Kendra will be unable to write. I will be doing the same next week too! Don’t worry, you can catch Kendra and her thoughts in TheFineLine this weekend. It will be on! Check it out and give your reactions!

Now, as I stated last week, I had to really analyze the show from segment to segment. When I write the Impact Wrestling live coverage, it is hard to do so, but there are positives about writing that. While I can’t pick out full specifics of the show, I will be going through each segment giving my thoughts. I lashed out on the show on my Facebook page because I was getting very furious on how things were looking and being booked on the show. I’ll give full detail about that! Now let’s start this!

Opening video - A

I know Kendra and others have a mixed reaction about these opening videos, but I really think they are key for every episode, not just in wrestling, but in reality TV too. Not only does it hype you up for the show, but it gives you the look on what the show will be focusing on, as well as giving the new viewers the short but full story on what has been going on. This week’s focus was AJ Styles and D-Lo Brown. I was really interested to see how they would be treating D-Lo Brown this week.

Opening segment with Kurt Angle, Sting, and AJ Styles in the ring - A

If I was booking this show, this is exactly how I would have started the broadcast. The story from last week was, not only having Sting be the number 1 contender, but the 6 man tag team match. That match will be happening on this show! It is the main focus! Plus, they have been questioning whether AJ Styles will join Sting and Kurt Angle or not. So, having Sting and Kurt out there was right on. Having Kurt call out AJ was even better. AJ came out and didn’t give one word. Some say he is getting boring and this character is getting old. I really think you have to have patience for it! The wrestling world is always about going fast. They want to get from one match to another. The wrestling industry needs to slow down. I don’t have any problem with AJ’s character. In this segment, he walked away from Kurt. That’s not good at all. Speaking of Kurt, I loved how he sold his aggression. He showed his intensity in this. TNA had dropped the ball on Kurt for awhile, but he is making the most out of the past two weeks. Kurt and AJ rumbled on the stage and then the Aces & 8s came and attacked Sting. I called Aces sly and sneaky when they did that. They were. Not only that, I stated they were “opportunists.” They saw a spot where they could attack and they did. That segment had everything and the show worked off of that.

Tara and Gail Kim vs. Mickie James and Velvet Sky - C

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Knockouts. They are great in and out of the ring. They have some of the best female talent in the wrestling business. Not only that, but I love Gail Kim and Tara together (I also like when they are on opposite sides too)! The thing about this match is... it was lackluster! The match fell short on so many levels. I know TNA has a two hour show and they can’t have long matches, but I am sure I could cut something out that was unnecessary. It was a match that could have had a lot more. Maybe I am expecting too much from them. I don’t know but the show went downhill for me from here. One point I do want to bring up is the attack on Tara after the match. It looks like Gail Kim is showcasing her true talent and no one is going to stand in her way. This is the Gail that I love. She doesn’t have to be teamed with anyone. She doesn’t have to look stupid. She is one of the best woman wrestlers in the world. It’s about time TNA giving some focus on her.

Aces & 8s backstage segment - B

This is one of many Aces & 8s segments tonight. The first one was short and simple. The thing that I liked is that it went straight to the main point and that was D-Lo Brown. Aces have business to attend to in the ring and they ask D-Lo if he is up for it. Certainly we know it is about D-Lo and he knows that too. Just what might happen though? It leaves a hint of suspense in your body that makes the casual fan stay on the channel.

James Storm, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels segment - B

Daniels and Kazarian together are always gold. It doesn’t matter if they are in a segment or in a match. It is a treat watching them. Sadly, this segment wasn’t as great as I thought it could have been. I was almost debating on giving this segment a “C” because I could barely hear what was going on and it seemed like most of it was just an impromptu situation. You know Bad Influence wanted to win Storm over. It’s the classic angle for any special guest referee.

Aces & 8s segment in the ring - B+

I was on a verge of giving this an “A”, but decided to go for a “B+”. Ray gave a little response about the tag team match later tonight, which was a nice reminder for all of the fans, but then they went right into D-Lo. I actually liked how D-Lo did not back down. He did not want to leave the group. He was part of the group and will stay part of it. Actually, D-Lo was the one who brought Aces into the company as he was the backstage guy. I guess since Aces are in they don’t need the guy who brought them in. At any rate, D-Lo did an alright job defending himself. He brought up Magnus out of nowhere. Now, he said Magnus had a match tonight... but against who? He said he would fight Magnus, but who would have fought him if it wasn’t D-Lo? Strangely, Bully made Doc fight. Maybe it was booked as Magnus vs. any Aces member, but I find that odd.

Doc vs. Magnus - C

There was a commercial break before this match occurred, so I took it upon myself to get a drink in the meantime. I filled up a glass of water and put one of those Crystal Light packets in. Those packets have just a little too much power for that one glass. Now you get all of these chunks. So now you are forced to drink the chunks and fill the water back up so the remaining powder chunks are dissolved. I come back and the match is already underway. I have no idea how much I missed, but I was peeved! This match is not suppose to be the “Match of the Night” by any means... sorry Magnus! I liked the match. The whole D-Lo situation confused people from what I read. First he goes to attack Magnus, but then Magnus counters him. Then D-Lo grabs the leg of Doc and costs him the match. Now, I don’t know if D-Lo wanted Doc to lose because Doc would be kicked out, but then I thought, “Doc didn’t put his colors on the line.” A Doc win would help D-Lo. It was strange. I am glad Magnus got the win. It’s great seeing him getting a push.

Aces & 8s backstage segment - B

The intensity of this segment was great! I loved how Doc and D-Lo bust through the door and there was Aces waiting for D-Lo! They were not going to hold back. They slammed him on a table and Bully was about to take a hammer to his head. Now, I was talking to my casual wrestling fan today and he actually told me that Mr. Anderson was actually standing to the side of Aces. Not just to the side, but it looked like he was not associated with what they were doing. He said it was for the multiple backstage segments. I have not noticed that, but I am taking his word for it. Anderson did pop out at the end and told Bully what they can use D-Lo for. Seeing Anderson when I went to Impact Wrestling and my friend having a personal experience with him at the show, and now seeing this week’s show, I have under-estimated Anderson’s talent. I forgot how much of a character he is. I don’t know if this is a story in a story, but I almost think they want Anderson to hold back and then he will finally go all out and turn. Anderson is too talented to be a wingman in this group.

Kurt Angle, Sting, and Hulk Hogan backstage segment - A

The hype continues for this 6 man tag team match. Who will be the third person? I actually find it funny that they had Hogan say that he wants in the match. I feel like they did that for a personal rib against the IWC. We know Hogan won’t actually be in the match. I do like how he stated a “wildcard” though. If you watched Sting’s shoot interview that Richard Gray posted on the site the other day, you heard Sting say that TNA may be bringing in some big name talent this year. I thought, “Is this the big name talent?” Maybe! Sting and Kurt went in the direction of Magnus. Smart move because I know Kurt is high up on the guy. I was curious if TNA was actually going to book Magnus in two matches for one show. Never know, but that is what I call a push!

Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, and James Storm backstage segment - D

This is one segment that put another bad taste in my mouth. I like TNA’s production ability. I like the camera angles they use and the backstage segments as they are different from how WWE tapes theirs. They have a different feel to it. This segment did not have a feeling at all. It left me numb. I could barely see the stars and I could barely hear what was going on. It seemed like another impromptu situation. At the end of the segment, I had no idea what James said. I know that beer bottle he was handed could come in handy as that was a response to what Roode did to him in the past, but I have no idea where they wanted to go with this. It was flat out bad on the television.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs. Bad Influence - D

I know I may get some heat with this letter grade, but let me explain. All four of these guys are so talented. They are some of the best on the TNA roster. You had their chemistry with each other and you know you will be getting a fantastic match. The wrestling was good. It very well was great! I was getting into the match while writing it. The thing that I just despised was James Storm as the special guest referee. When this was announced last week, my casual friend told me that it was “different.” Yes, it was as James has chemistry with all of these stars, but do we really need to have him call what could be a fantastic match? James called it quite well through most of the match, but then comes the ending. These stars should know they shouldn’t get in Storm’s face. Storm fights back on kicks Daniels. Aries cheers and covers. James doesn’t count fully and then kicks Austin. Really? What is the point? Where can that even go? Now we do not have a number 1 contender and now we have another potential story. James walks out and the match is over. The match that I was getting into... the match that I was enjoying. It just ended. It seriously felt like I was wasting my time! I said TNA really only needs 3 tag teams now. WWE did it in the 00s. These teams have the talent to be able to pull it off and they really don’t need to be in any hardcore filled matches. Just let them fight. I don’t even understand why TNA put James Storm in this match. I don’t even know why Hulk Hogan allowed Chavo and Hernandez to pick the special guest referee (storyline wise). The whole thing was a waste. James Storm is such a floater in TNA right now.

Aces & 8s attack on Magnus backstage - C

We almost expected this to happen. I mean, was Magnus really going to have another match? He very well could, but I wouldn’t book it as such. Aces took him out, but the way they took him out has to be mentioned. I liked how Magnus fought back with a low blow and then grabbed some wooden stick. An 8s member grabbed him from behind and then attacked back. Did anyone notice what Aces hit Magnus with? My casual friend played and rewinded and played the segment again and he said it was a black cardboard box. That’s it. Really? If so, Magnus sold that like it was a steel chair! Magnus is out, so now who is going to take the spot?

Chris Sabin video - A

Nothing but respect for Chris Sabin! I said that enough last week but I want to mention it again!

Kenny King and Chris Sabin in-ring segment - B-

I liked Chris Sabin’s promo during this match as he specifically said, “I have nothing to lose.” Chris has been in therapy for around 2 years. He has been to physical therapy and his basement in that time, as he stated. He trained his way to come back. Chris was great on the mic. King, I felt, was a bit sloppy and all over the place. He knew what he wanted to say but he wanted to say a lot. He just couldn’t find a flow. He told Chris to hold onto the title because Chris won’t be able to hold onto it anytime soon. If Kenny really cared about the title, he wouldn’t let it out of his sights. He wouldn’t let anyone hold it. Rookie mistake! I would have had Chris beat kenny up and then had him hold onto the title as Kenny would be on the ground out of the ring. Chris would pose with it and then hand it back. That’s our way of seeing Chris with the title. Either way, the match with these two and Petey Williams should be sweet!

Bad Influence, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and James Storm segment - F

Not only did TNA ruin the tag team match, in my opinion, but they are also building off of this. Why do they have to get James Storm involved? What was wrong with James trying to get AJ or go after Aces? The only thing that would make this “good” is if James Storm finds a partner and is put in the tag team division. I may have to retract my feelings about this whole situation, but, if not, I will stick with this as being one of the most disappointed things I have seen in TNA this year... at least!

Aces & 8s backstage segment - B

Another backstage segment. This is a nice placement as it is one last hype from them for the 6 man tag team match. What I found great about this segment was Bully Ray calling Knux the, “Brains of the operation.” I really thought Ray did all of the thinking. At any rate, it looks like D-Lo is their maid now. The team is set.

Kurt Angle, Sting, and Hulk Hogan backstage segment - A

I probably will get some flack by saying this, but I think Kurt, Sting, and Hulk preformed their best tonight out of everyone on the show. Their story seemed to make the most sense and it was the most interesting for me. We have the feeling that Kurt and Sting will be fighting Aces without the third person, but Hulk tells them to wait. He is on the phone with the person. Kurt and Sting have to go. They can’t wait. Hulk needs to know. Now or never! The intensity and excitement was bleeding from this segment. Everyone wanted to know WHO! They had their guesses!

6 Man Tag Team Match - B+

Truthfully, this was probably the “match” of the night. Sting was great in the ring, Kurt was great, and all of the Aces were great. I didn’t have any problem with any of the ring work, but more so the problem with how it ended. First off, it looks like Aces want to send Sting through a table. Devon sets the table up in the ring, but music hits. Here comes the “wildcard!” Now, when I heard the music, I didn’t know who it was going to be. The music didn’t sound familiar. The reaction of the Aces’ faces told us though. Here comes Abyss! I was surprised! I have been hearing Jeff Hardy or Matt Morgan. Not much about Abyss. I looked back through the tweets I have gotten, and weeks ago, someone tweeted me that it would be cool to see Abyss come back and take out Aces. Wait... this guy called it! Abyss took out Aces in the back and then took out the remainder in the ring! The Monster is back and the tide is turning. Team TNA is finally becoming the more powerful force. Aces are starting to diminish. While Abyss’ return was awesome, I do have to mention the ending. How in the world was there a pinfall finish in this match? First, Abyss slammed an 8s member through the table and then he pinned... but he wasn’t the legal man! I know the TNA writers don’t want the match to end in a DQ because the WIN will go toward Aces and that is not what they want. So, I took my power on Twitter and tweeted TNA writer David Lagana about the illogical finish. He responded by saying, “Your complaint will be lodged with the rules committee.” Thanks for the response, Lagana, but I honestly the match should have just been thrown out. If you didn’t want a WIN to go Aces, why not just let the show end with Abyss Black Hole Slamming Aces? Hey, James Storm walked out as referee... why couldn’t we just have Team TNA leave with Aces being leveled? I booked and wrote a wrestling show for well over a year and a half. I may not have not been perfect, no one is, but I certainly tried to have the most logical booking. Were you thinking the fans weren’t going to catch that? Even casual fans did.

Overall, even though people are saying this was one great show, I felt like it was a mediocre show. I loved the hype for the mystery partner as it lasted through the entire show. I loved how the story with D-Lo progressed, but there were too many bag segments and illogical match finishes that really took a tool on me.

What did you guys think? Love to hear from you!

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