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I have to say that TNA/IW has managed a coup this week in partnering exclusively with Ohio Valley Wrestling. I thought WWE was daft for splitting with OVW after the time they'd been together and the amazing talent that came through there. Just to throw a few WWE names who are doing so well there – Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Miz, JoMo, Kofi, Punk, Cody and Drew.

Then there's a lot of past WWE wrestlers (good and bad) who also went through OVW in some way. Gangrel, Lashley, Farooq and JBL, Snitsky, Haas and Benjamin (who once signed a set of my cat ears {the pink camo ones} and didn't quite know how to handle the situation that made it so much more fun!), Nick 'Eugene' Dinsmore, Paul Burchill and Henry Goodwin (of the recent car accident) to name just a few.

There's even some big names in TNA/IW that have spent some time in OVW - Morgan, Anderson, Pope, Al Snow, Ray and Devon. For me, these are some of the better names in TNA/IW that were not homegrown. I know I haven't been big on Ray and Devon lately, but they have helped the company in big ways over the years, so they are important people in my book. Pope has had good and bad times in TNA/IW. Hope either something good happens or he leaves the company. Morgan has been a solid and mostly interesting worker in TNA/IW this whole time. But for me Anderson is the big name of this group. He's the only one brought in by Hogan and Bisch who I feel has added anything great to the company. Yes, even over the beloved Jeff Hardy. Just kidding! But yes, even over RVD.

While I think the TNA/IW has a glut in the roster, being in an exclusive relationship with OVW could only help. I'm very interested in seeing what happens from here with this new venture. Honestly, I'm hoping Hogan and Bisch don't screw it all up in some way.

I have to mention Matt Morgan. What happened in his family is just horrible. I can't even imagine what they're going through right now, but I hope they all pull through it. My heart goes out to them all.

Show Starts


B > Of course they had to start the show with this video. While everything leading to this was horribly booked, they went there and had to show us the mess again.

In Ring Segment

A > Roode with new music and that evil attitude actually over sold it to the ring. Just the way he walked, his abdomen pushed out through his tight black t-shirt like one who just had abdominal surgery even though he truly has a fine bod. Of course Roode has to claim that everyone in the audience would do what he did. I understand why they do that – I don't want to be like that jerk in the ring, I must boo him – but it's become so clichéd!

I knew Roode was a fabby heel from back in the 'Don't Fire Eric' days, but he's almost taken it too far here. Storm was hot! Both pissed and sexy. Between Storm's plaid shirt and Snow's plaid shirt, I got a bit dizzy there. I truly hope Storm will be able to carry himself in this feud with his former partner. This could easily be TNA/IW's feud of the year if executed correctly.

Sting looked a bit off when he came out. He got back in the flow. Macon wants to see Roode and Storm back in the ring together and the fans are hot! This segment FELT really short and was very spicy. Finally, an In Ring Segment to start Impact that excited me and didn't leave me wanting to throw rotten bananas at the TV due to overwhelming boredom. I hope this is the great start of a solid Impact, but I'm not holding my breath quite yet.


C+ > Morgan is a trooper and loves the industry. I hope they have this Match at TP, but if they don't, I completely understand why.

Pope vs Crimson

D > Looks like Pope is in for a squash. (I haven't read any spoilers, please remember I write this as the show airs.) while Crimson isn't built like Goldberg, he sure has been booked similarly by the same people who booked Goldberg. I love Crimson's character and how he carries himself, but he's no Goldberg. That could be taken as a good thing or a bad thing, but the worst part for me is that I'm a bit bored by the streak, just like I was with Goldberg. It's just not fun if you KNOW who's going to win. I love watching old matches and knowing the ending to those is fine, but knowing Crimson will win as he's walking to the ring for the Match, it just loses the spark – pun intended. This just didn't hold my attention as it wasn't exiting and the ending was a given.

Winner – Crimson

Backstage Segment

B > Well, Gunner impressed me again. This segment was very short, but he told a story about his own father and what he will do to the boy who doesn't respect his own father. Short, direct and well executed!

Gunner w/ Bisch & Flair vs Garrett

B > Garrett might be a bit small, but he has a great look. Arm drags, hip toss, back body drop and Gunner fleeing the ring? Interesting booking. Then the way Garrett fled up the ramp, I'm actually a bit impressed. Bisch jumping up and down, pitching a fit in the ring was too much. It looked faker than Christian's hissy fits before he got his DDP guru. No decision was announced. Was it a no contest, or did Garrett win via DQ when Flair entered the ring. I'm hoping for DQ. This was not a great wrestling Match, but it was short, entertaining and pushed the storyline further. Because of those things it got the decent grade.

Winner - ?

Backstage Segment

D- > The only thing good in this segment was EY's face in the crack of the door asking if the Robbies wanted t-shirts. Otherwise, this is all total bull.

Backstage Segment

C+ > And why was the camera man suddenly rushing through the door to find Storm gushing blood? Storm sold things well, even though they shouldn't have let him move if he'd actually been attacked. Sorry, that's a huge wrestling pet peeve for me.

Zema Ion vs Jesse Sorensen

C+ > This is wrestling, not football! Yes, giving something to a fan, especially a kid, is a great way to get over as a face. Rey's masks, Hart's glasses, JoMo's glasses, even Cena throwing his hat and shirt all make sense for their characters, but it's still freakin' wrestling! The football is lame and has to go! Mr. Perfect could have pulled it off well, but this kid is no Curt Hennig!

Sorensen got some pop, but I think it would have been better to use more established wrestlers on the road. They lucked out that these new guys worked well and got some reaction, but it was a big risk. Sorensen carried this Match in a big way. To me Ion looked like an idiot out there with his overly goofy facial expressions. He took so much of the Match away in my eyes. Sorensen's been good, but he's still so fresh penny shiny. All the moves were there, but none of the Match dug down deep or had any emotion to it; it fell flat. I ended up grading it for both the moves and the lack of feel which brought it back to average.

Winner – Sorensen

In Ring Segment

C- > Kash acting like a bully to Sorensen for no reason other than KK is a bully felt silly to me. Why is KK the one giving Sorensen the Title Match like this? It sounded silly. If KK wants this boy in the ring, then wrestle him, but this demanding Sorensen sign, getting the fans riled up, all felt silly on the TV. Two heels can never get along wonderfully with a Title on the line, so why bring the fresh faced penny into it all. Does this make sense to anyone else?

Backstage Segment

F > Well, looks like Madison is already the odd bimbo out. My father always told me that in a group of three, there's always an odd man out. Poor Madison will be getting screwed pretty soon. Then again, we're all getting screwed with Karen on TV!

Knockouts Tag Title Match – Mickie James & Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim & Madison Rayne ( c) w/ Karen & Traci

D+ > I can't wait to see Mickie and Kim feud. Hopefully they would be let loose to actually work the ring. Heck, even Velvet right now looks good in the ring. Just need to get rid of Madison and Karen and have a decent Match. This wasn't too bad, but Karen got involved and she shouldn't even be there. She is only there because of who she's married to. That type of situation doesn't bode well for anyone involved but the husband getting the extra nookie at home!

I feel bad for the four wrestlers in the ring who are overshadowed by the screecher outside the ring. No matter what great ring work there is, too man fans are only focused on Karen's obnoxious. Not cool as there were some nice moves in this Match, but Karen's the one we all remember.

Winners – Kim & Madison

Backstage Segment

A > I loved this segment between Storm and Sting. The yelling back and forth, Storm not knowing what city they're in, then not even being able to stand up, but keeps yelling at Sting that he's fine. Short and shows the heart of the man, the wrestler, even though it's just storyline.


F > Why do they have to exploit their own wrestlers to get an F List pseudo-star in for one night to make a joke out of everyone who has ever worked hard to be in the ring?

Robbie & Terry vs Ronnie & EY

D- > Ugh, Robbie is using Zack Ryder's orange and purple? That's just cruddy!
And then EY's making a jackass of himself again. Terry's delayed vertical suplex looked really good, but that was about it. Even EY's belly-to-belly looked sloppy. Robbie too Ronnie's slam well, but then EY being half naked and Ronnie's splash for three? We knew that Ronnie would get the win, but all the flying clothes and stupidity made me want to shake everyone involved in the creation of that Match!

Winners – Not the fans!

Backstage Segment

C- > The only thing funny here was Ray's eggs comment. Guess Ray has to get a decent line now or then. The rest was just the old guys going for their couple minutes of face time.

Backstage Segment

D > Sarita didn't have her mask on! Does that mean she's getting better? I hope so, she's such a pretty woman. Why is it that catering always gets screwed out back? Food flies well and Rosita being slammed into the table showed off a lot of tush, but this time it made no sense. MexA attacks, then flees, but nothing happened but to badly remind us they have a Match coming up.

Daniels vs AJ

A- > Bjorn Rebney – Founder/CEO Bellator Fighting Championships. Why is this guy on announce? Pushing MMA over wrestling on the wrestling show? Not cool not cool at all! Two of the best wrestlers in TNA/IW and they're on announce talking MMA? This is absolute bull! They've done some downright terrible things with people outside TNA/IW, but this is a whole other level of icky!

The look in Daniels' eyes when he first got into the ring was odd, almost deranged. Kind of impressive. Daniels and AJ worked the way only the best can. The heart as well at the moves, everything there for the fans. In the ring, outside the ring, just beautiful! It feels like it's been so long since we've seen the clash on Impact! The only thing I didn't like about this Match was RVD, but I see why he was there. He and Daniels had it out recently, but where was Kaz? That would mean a lot more all the way around. Guess they had to shoehorn the best wrestler on the roster into the show between hits.

AJ and Daniels were great together and pulled through with a fabby Match when TNA/IW is stacking things against them. Between Bjorn and RVD, most matches would have failed, but these two had an amazing Match despite everything TNA/IW did. I wish we could have more like it, but it will be a month or two before we get another Match like this on Impact.

Winner – AJ

Bully Ray & Scotty Steiner & JJ w/ Karen vs Anderson & Jeff Hardy & Abyss

C+ > Nice to see Anderson in the throwback colors supporting his hometown boys who are 8-0 (go Packers!). I like seeing Abyss ready to fight back against Immortal. Wait, JJ was more willing to face Abyss than Hardy? What the heck is that about? Talk about a booking debacle! Also, why is Anderson wrestling in a shirt? Looks strange. Actually, it seems like bodies all over the place in this Match. I can't put my finger on it, but it feels like there's a lot more than six men there. I will say that Scotty's fallaway slam from up top was the sick move of the night for me. Over AJ and Daniels, over Ion and Sorensen. Might be that Scotty's too old to be doing that move, but it was impressive. I didn't like how Abyss was more than ready for Ray's clothesline from the ring, looked bad to me. Then Ray having to move in for Hardy to his his swanton. The obligatory go-home-to-PPV-Tag-Match where everyone hits their finisher only works when they can do the whole sequence cleanly, but sadly this was far from clean.

Winners – Anderson & Hardy & Abyss

WHC Match – Bobby Roode ( c) vs James Storm

C- > Roode waiting in the ring for Storm was still a bit overly heel. I think he needs to spend a bit of time climbing back into that character. It's almost like he has a little heel rust. Storm looked great coming down to the ring. He'd be great in a zombie movie.

Taz and Tenay talking about Storm be weak from blood loss. Yeah, he lost gallons! Then Brian throwing the X for a storyline injury? That pisses me off to no end. Also, someone is not cleared to wrestle, then he wouldn't be wrestling. I don't like that blurring of the line. Finally Kaz and AJ out, but it was beyond lame at that point. I can see how and why they set up the end of this so they could have Roode versus AJ at Turning Point, but the way that got there was totally sucky in my book.

Winner - Roode

Post Show

A funny thing happened when I was sitting here watching TNA/IW. Stacy had to drive one of the teens up to Augusta for something about a video game coming out at midnight. While up there Stacy stepped into Walmart. Going through the line there Stacy got talking to the cashier about the Tootsie rolls I asked for and how he was out while I was watching wrestling. The cashier was very confused about what wrestling I could be watching. Stacy told him TNA. Let's just say the guy wasn't about to actually watch TNA, even though he did know of it. He hate Angle and isn't too sure of Jeff Hardy these days. Sadly this seems to be the feeling of so many wrestling fans these days. TNA/IW really needs to rethink their product and figure out a way to market it to bring the more casual fans.

Some people might not agree with me giving Garrett and Gunner such a decent grade for their Match, but I'm trying to look at things in TNA/IW in a new light. They're obviously not going to give us the great wrestling they could give us, but they have been entertaining in parts. For me, the Garrett Match was very entertaining. It didn't hurt that it was a short and fast moving segment. The story has continued, the bad guys were thwarted and Garrett sold his dismay of it all very well. I'd have rather seen BMI and MCMG fight it out, or Williams and Kendrick in an X Division Match, but TNA/IW isn't booking serious matches, so why not enjoy the bits of fun when we can get them? And why haven't we been seeing Williams lately? He needs to be back on TV!

By the way, my WNW word count for the month is 13,859, my NaNovel word count is only at 9511 with my total word count for the month being 23,370. I really need to get some writing done this weekend! Make sure you check out our Turning Point Predicts with myself, Gesus, Shawn and other WNW writers!


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