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IW Blog Zone: We've Entered A Time Machine

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Last week Dixie went through a table. It was extremely hyped. It was a very big deal. This week we have, well the biggest announcement from Impact Wrestling this week is the move to Wednesdays. Yes, we have Team 3D vs the Hardys but that hasn’t been hyped as much as the previous week and it wasn’t talked about as much as the move to Wednesday. My question going into this week’s show was how are they going to move forward from last week? With that let’s get into the show.

Bully, D’von & Hardys

This was expected. Bully had to open the show to capitalize on last week’s events. I was thinking to myself how are they going to move past the Dixie thing? Someone is going to have to come out, and walk out the Hardys. It was really cool to see all four men in the ring at the same time again. I didn’t realize it has been 12 years since the last time. 12 years, wow. Wrestling years pass quickly and major events that seem like only yesterday happened over a decade ago. It is insane to me when I started adding the years and realize just how long it actually has been. I am excited for this match and this feud.

Roode, EY, Aries

Roode, EY, and Aries are facing MVP, Lashley, and King?! When I saw this segment and head this announcement my excitement for the show increased!

X-Division Elimination Scramble Match

Looking at these 6 competitors, I can’t help but think how far the X-Division has fallen. These guys are all great wrestlers, they really are. But in no way do they compare to the stars of the past. I understand TNA is in a new direction and are starting over, but looking at these guys the only ones I take serious is Low Ki and Manik.

Crazy Steve was eliminated first because he is pointless. And Tigre was eliminated shortly after. Was that a boring chant I heard? If so that just goes to prove my point. This match is moving way too fast with nothing actually happening. The crowd is dead and not into this match. That makes me want to cry for the X-Division.

Now the crowd is chanting this is awesome? Low Ki and Homicide is putting on a show. This has made the other four guys look completely pointless. They should have had a one on one match between Low Ki and Homicide. It would have been more exciting.

EC3, Spud, Rhino, & Angle

Rockstar Spud being serious and mad is hilarious. EC3 great on the mic as always. It looks as though EC3 is going to carry the Dixie story forward. I love that Angle is in charge of Impact. It’s nice to a face authority figure. I also like how Angle has been used. He hasn’t over saturated the TV show. I am really getting tired of law enforcement on wrestling shows. Whatever happen to taking care of your own business or wrestlers taking care of wrestlers? But this was really well done. At least when Spud put his hands on the officer and then EC3 trying to bride another, gave a legitimate reason for them to be arrested.

Anderson vs Gunner

This story is weird. Anderson has now become a heel while Shaw is becoming a face? Not sure if that is exactly how it will play out but that is what it is looking like. The crowd starting singing Adam Rose’s theme song. Then they did the Sami Zayn chant. The crowd was really bored for this match. I can’t really say I blame them.

Angelina Love vs Velvet Sky vs Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim

This match was slow to stat, which was decent but it was starting to lose me. Then Gail jumped off the apron to the floor and Taryn jumped off the top rope to the floor onto all opponents. When the Beautiful People started having problems the match got more interesting. Gail and Taryn kept interfering with the dispute which was pissing me off because I wanted to see the Beautiful People go at it. This was good match, I think it could have been better if had more time, but it did a great job to build excitement for the division.

MVP, King, and Lashley

I liked this segment. I like the focus coming from the 3. I am enjoying MVP in this capacity. He isn’t involved in everything like he was back in June.

MVP, King, Lashley vs Aries, Roode, EY

This match was very entertaining. It was everything I expected. Aries was impressive doing what Aries does. He was all over the ring. I like how they protected MVP in the match. I think if I wasn’t watching for how they handle MVP I wouldn’t have noticed his limited action. One issue I did have was toward the end of the match when everybody is hitting signature moves. MVP hits Roode with a clothesline and that supposedly put Roode out for the rest of the match. That doesn’t make sense to me unless something else was done to Roode off camera. But still this was a great match and it made everyone look strong.

The Wolves

I love the Wolves, I love watching them in the ring, but I cannot stand listening to them talk. I don’t want to bash them too much. I love the point of this segment but it was awkward. But I am still excited to see tag division.

Abyss & Bram

I am looking forward to another Bram vs Abyss match. It will be the Stairway to Janice match, so it should be interesting. This in ring segment here went in and out of awkwardness for me. There were parts that I enjoyed and other parts that confused me about Abyss’s character. It wasn’t enough to completely ruin this segment for me though.

Storm & Sanada

This story is probably my favorite on TNA television right now. It’s playing out slowly which is great because it will continue for a while and it still leaves me wanting more. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

Hardys vs Team 3D

I love that Team 3D were wearing their retro attire. A subtle change makes this entire match feel even more special. This match was fun. It was fun to see these two teams go at it again. A couple of the pin falls were missed time. So it looked strange on the kickout. Each team got their signatures in which was fun to see. The Whispering Tower, as I like to call it, where Matt had D’von on his shoulders and then Jeff did the Whispering Wind, was awesome but weird. Not too sure what happened when Jeff hit D’von but the only way I can describe is it looked like a glitch in a video game. The move kind of paused in the middle then finished. This match was still awesome to watch. Since these are the guys I grew up watching it took me back to my childhood. I can’t wait to see what is next from these guys.


This was a very good Impact. There were good matches, very little talking, and story lines were progressed. I don’t think any time was wasted during this Impact. Every segment had some meaning behind it. I really enjoyed this show. I am not super excited for next week but I am excited for the direction of Impact Wrestling and the stories that are progressing.

Don’t forget that Impact Wrestling moves to Wednesday nights next week!

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