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Let's Talk: Why Emma Is The Diamond In The Rough Of The Women's Divison

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Ever since the Women’s Revolution the Women’s Division has moved forward leaps and bounds. When Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch made the jump onto the main roster everything changed, for the better, in WWE. In reality, it all started down in NXT, the women’s division in Florida were carving a path that soon followed onto mainstream television. However, just because these great wrestlers were brought up and the division changed, doesn’t mean that there weren’t already great women wrestlers already on the main roster. Women like Natalya, Naomi, and Emma. The problem is these ladies were put in line behind the new leaders of the Women’s Revolution. Naomi and Natalya were given their shot at the top but sadly, Emma is one of the few women who was around before the Women’s Revolution who hasn’t gotten the recognition and opportunities she deserves.

At No Mercy, Emma reminded me exactly why she deserves more than she’s currently getting. She may not have a great gimmick like “The Boss” or a unique look to set her apart like Nia Jax. What she does have, though, is a mountain of talent. Emma’s wrestling outshined the other women in the ring that night. That’s saying something, too, because every woman in that Fatal Five Way can wrestle their ass off. Emma’s wrestling just has a smoothness and a polish that many others don’t. As the industry shifts into a more wrestling heavy product, Emma should absolutely get her look from management.

Wrestling skill is important, but I know there are those that will say, “Wrestling is important, but character and mic skills are more important!” Well, luckily Emma is chock-full of that, too. In NXT, her original character was a bit ditzy, but when she got in the ring she’s was deadly serious. The idea was that her opponents wouldn’t take her seriously, but then were in for a rough awakening when they squared off. However, when she moved up to the main roster this concept was lost and translation and WWE just booked her as a ditzy blonde and that’s pretty much as far as it went. This was also a time when women’s matches were getting a few minutes at best. That meant Emma’s extreme wrestling talent was underutilized and she didn’t get a chance to shine. Emma went back down to NXT where she turned heel and created Evil Emma. Once again, a great character full of charisma. Especially when you consider how Evil Emma was the polar opposite of her original carefree character.

Now that she’s on the main roster again, she’s being wasted again. While the amount WWE has used her has, in fact, picked up over the last several weeks, she hasn’t been used anywhere near her full potential. When I heard Asuka’s first opponent at TLC wouldn’t be Alexa Bliss, I knew they’d go with Emma. Why? Because they want someone who is talented, but not considered a “top” wrestler in the division to lose to Asuka. While I can’t see into the future, I don’t predict them letting this match go very long. We’ll likely see Emma lose in under 5 minutes to drive home the idea that Asuka is the destroyer. Why WWE is wasting such an incredible talent is beyond me. It could be because of the rumor that she turned down the Emmalina gimmick, but I don’t think anyone can blame her for that. Even if that was the reason she isn't being pushed harder, people have done worse and were punished less. Emma is the perfect storm of what WWE should want in a Women’s Champion. Incredible wrestler, extremely charismatic and skilled on the microphone, beautiful, she’d fit in well on Total Divas. It’s time WWE realized that #GiveEmmaAChance isn’t just a hashtag, it’s the smart thing to do.

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