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Who Are the Modern-Day Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler?

Jim Ross

Commentating seems to be a dying art within the WWE with the only real exemption to this being the ever present Corey Graves. Graves gives somewhat of the Jerry Lawler vibe with his remarks on commentary and there has been no better partnership over the years than The King and Good ol’ JR! WWE seems to be struggling to replicate this however with the constant switches they seem to be making to the teams on both RAW and Smackdown. This makes things even harder to understand when they have a ready to go modern day Jim Ross sitting now down at NXT who side by side with Corey Graves could produce some of the best broadcasting we have seen in years.

Who is this man? None other than Mauro Ranello. Mauro’s knowledge of the business is second to none and he gives as good as he gets on the mic which would lead to some great interchanges between the two. Mauro is well versed and has travelled the world following professional wrestling. He also dips his toes in several other combat sports fields such as boxing and MMA which gives him a heightened understanding of what works and what people want to hear in a confrontational situation.

Graves has also been in the wrestling business for a long time; and although the transition to commentator from superstar is somewhat recent it is hard to tell with the way he comes across on the show which is clearly a sentiment felt backstage since he is on both RAW and Smackdown. Any areas he is still rough around the edges in would be where Ranello would fill in as he would be able to lend his experienced mind to Graves which will only benefit the duo.

They both have distinct views which can translate well to the business even if they would clash it wold create the same dynamic that has been seen throughout the years which has worked well for the WWE. Graves, would assume the “heel” role, supporting the antics of superstars like The Miz and Sheamus & Cesaro, whereas Ranello would be disgusted with the behavior which is the what worked so well for JR and Jerry Lawler.

In terms of Wrestlemania who would be better to call the Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles than Ranello who has already followed their careers prior to the match working in New Japan Pro Wrestling. The best balance is someone who calls the moves like Ranello would, and someone who is loud and almost obnoxious about what is happening like Graves is, the contrast makes great television and what better story could be told whilst the match unravels than someone there truly to appreciate the action and someone who is almost disagreeing and trying to derail things (to an extent).

The chemistry these two could potentially have on screen would be the closest WWE could ever get to arguably the best commentary team they have ever had. Let me know who you think would make the best commentary team in WWE at the moment and what you would do on twitter @WNW_Walker I would love to hear your opinions!

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