Nice Guys Finish Last

Jason Jordan

The new thing today, for most wrestlers, is to wrestle on the independents first. That’s how they become known and relevant. That’s how a lot of these guys get a huge pop whenever their entrance hits, whenever they first arrive in WWE NXT or even if they make a surprise debut in the Royal Rumble. Then, people think “well who is a babyface and who is a heel? What’s the point of a face turn if we’re already behind them? Why is the answer always a turn?”

Well, there’s always that one Roman Reigns that comes up from a wrestling family or that one Jason Jordan that may come from thin air all in NXT. People felt like Roman wasn’t good enough because he couldn’t cut a good promo. They already felt like things were being handed to him due to his family background. Fans weren’t getting behind Reigns after The Shield disbanded in 2014. He couldn’t get them to be on his side if it saved his life. Personally, I felt like the WWE should have turn him heel in 2015 so that he can start embracing the hate and eventually, after a nice heel run with a heavyweight title reign or two, turn him back babyface. That can really build his reputation up as the badass of the WWE. It certainly worked for his family members such as The Rock (who worked as Rocky Maivia when he debuted) and Nia Jax. Now, people naturally show them love whenever their music hits.

It could very well be different situations for guys like Jason Jordan. JJ is this nice guy who’s always smiling, being all grateful to be in the WWE and whatnot. Quite honestly, it’s pretty corny to watch him walk down the ramp. His whole demeanor is pretty off as a face. I’ll admit, the kid is strong as a bull and is a heck of an athlete. Problem is, athleticism and strength runs in the WWE. Even heavier, bigger guys in the WWE, such as Kevin Owens, are strong and can jump or run fast in the ring. The difference between KO and JJ is that KO is a top heel in the WWE that has fans cheering him on even if he insults the city on a tragedy that probably happened recently. JJ’s music hits and you can still hear a rat peeing on cotton in the arena. Maybe a heel run could do him some justice by him turning on his on-screen father and Raw GM, Kurt Angle. I’m not saying that the “Rocky Maivia experiment” would work for everybody but that’s one thing that the WWE producers should take into consideration if they want to keep Jordan on the card. Something has to happen for him. Talk about how bad the city smells or threaten to fight everybody in the arena if they don’t like what he's saying.

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