The Problems With WWE Raw In 2016


Last Monday night on Raw, Bill Goldberg returning to WWE for the first time in over 12 years. It was a huge moment for fans and non-fans alike. Everybody watched, whether they want to admit it or not. Numbers spiked (for one week), viewers tuned back in, the live crowd in Colorado had a blast, and the company has a big pay-per-view main event now set for the very near future. All positive signs and something to be smiling about the next day.

Unfortunately, that only covered the final fifteen minutes of RAW.

There was still the first two hours and 45 minutes to get through...

That's where the negatives come into play.

Earlier in the week, I wrote (on another website) about how much I loved the Bill Goldberg segment, and make no mistake folks, it was cool. However, what I did NOT write about was the rest of the show. Why? Well, here is why...

Main Event Scene - Is Chris Jericho in or out? Initial rumors had the Heck on a Deck pay-per-view main event being a triple threat bout for the Universal Title with Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and Jericho. However, that never came to be. Instead, it was simply announced as Owens vs. Rollins, something we already saw last month which included interference from...yep, Chris Jericho! Then on Raw, despite the few teases, it was kept as a single's bout. No triple threat addition. Yet, this week on RAW, just six days before the PPV, the main event on television will be Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins vs...yep, Chris Jericho. Non-title. Um, huh? What? Can anybody explain this mess? My guess is WWE wants to build to Owens/Jericho in Canada at Survivor Series. That appears to be the plan. Sadly, that means another screwjob finish on Sunday with Rollins losing to Owens, thanks to none other than...yep, Chris Jericho.

Neville Loses Clean To Bo Dallas - Bill Goldberg stole all the headlines on Raw last week. What flew under the radar during the hype was Neville losing clean as a sheet to Bo FREAKIN' Dallas. Remember after WrestleMania 31 when Neville got the cool entrance and was introduced as the new sensation (or whatever his nickname was)? Remember getting to battle WWE World Champion Seth Rollins shortly thereafter? Remember getting to team with Stephen Amell at Summerslam? Remember? Remember? Apparently not. It is very telling that Neville lost on Raw this week to Bo Dallas, and nobody even cared.

Cruiserweights - All of our fears are rearing their ugly head. The Cruiserweight Classic was so awe inspiring. So entertaining. The perfect launchpad to the division coming to Raw in September 2016. Then WWE took over, and now we are seeing the results. It has only been a month, so there is PLENTY of time to right the ship. Right now though, it is simply filler in a three hour program and not even GOOD filler. Just filler that the live audience has taken a big dump on more often than not. Disappointing to say the least.

Dana Brooke VS Bayley - What was that? Seriously. As great as the feud between Sasha Banks and Charlotte has been, the secondary feud for the women's division has been disastrous. I believe Sasha and Charlotte SHOULD main event the PPV this Sunday, just as I thought they should have last year when TLC was in Boss-ton. However, their friends are not faring very well on Raw as we speak. Dana is/isn't with Charlotte on a weekly basis, and Bayley is playing her underdog role to perfection but can only do so much in there without a quality opponent. I think we are being set up for a WrestleMania 33 showdown between Bayley and Sasha for the title, so I am 100% fine with them being kept separate for awhile. I AGREE with not involving Bayley in the title picture until early 2017. That is absolutely the correct path. Same with Enzo and Big Cass being kept away from the tag titles until Mania. What that does NOT mean is they should just do nothing. Give these great talents something worth while in the meantime.

Karl Anderson Loses In Two Minutes - Well, that was quick. Fans continue discussing trades/deals between Raw and Smackdown. Should Sami Zayn get traded? Or Randy Orton? Cesaro? Honestly, what about The Club? Send Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to Smackdown to team up with AJ Styles again. Maybe not as a permanent pairing, just as buddies who team upon occasion. Seems pretty clear Anderson/Gallows are not going to amount to much on RAW for the time being. Switch it up.

The New Day - I am writing a full column on this topic (on another website). Do The New Day still rock? Or do they "suck" again? Their tag team title reign just isn't doing it for me anymore and has been dull for a long time now. When you add in the fact that The New Day did not defend their titles at Survivor Series, FastLane, WrestleMania 32, Payback, or Battleground, it kinda dampens the record the trio is about to break. Plus, they technically LOST at Summerslam! Are we supposed to be cheering this...?

Summary: That is WWE Raw in October 2016. Some good, some great, and a lot of bad in between. Luckily, we have a compelling Survivor Series card coming up, the potential first ever HIAC women's match headlining a pay-per-view, and the Road to WrestleMania 33 on the horizon. Good times ahead; we'll be alright ladies and gentlemen...

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