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Raw Is Blogged – Andy And Big Gal With The Ladder To The Face; Or, You Better Rip My Leg Off And Beat Me With It

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There are so many things going on here at WNW that I thought I'd use this spot to tempt you and fill you in on a few things. The first being that we have a second Twitter account, and we are playing things a little different there. It's the old WWE_Network account, but it's now going as WNW_Universe, and we are trying to make it more fun, more of a conversation, and not just post links to our WNW articles there. Check us out there!

And then there's the BIG #WNWMania that we keep tweeting about! The thing is that we have HUGE plans for WrestleMania week, things we've never even touched before, but you need to be Premium to actually check it all out. I don't like shilling anything that costs money to the people I care about, but I'm so giddy about this coming week, and I want everyone to enjoy what it coming. This is an epic new step for WNW, and you should really be a part of our Premium, because we are going to give you new things that you won't get anywhere else! WNW is taking huge new steps, and we want everyone to be a part of it. Try out our Premium services and be amazed at all the new and exciting things that we have to offer!

Now that I got that out, please join me in the drivel that was this go-home to WrestleMania 33 – ugh!

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment > B+&D-

Bayley was so pumped up, so endearing starting Raw, but then Charlotte had to come out with her strange way of speaking and screeching. Honestly, it's not just the screeching, it's that odd sing-songy way of trying to say things that gives me the heeby-jeebies!

Sasha got her hair done early, and it looks great. The purple is a great color is fantastic with her skin tone, brings out a glow the more pinky color didn't do for her. Though I have to wonder how Nia will fair in their WrestleMania match. She's got the size, but she's so green that I hope she doesn't push too hard on the Grandest stage and end up hurting someone, or herself.

Bayley & Sasha vs Nia & Charlotte > B+

All four women left it out there, made it look good in this go-home to WrestleMania, but I have to worry about the booking of that match. I love that Bayley got the pinfall, and we all know that almost guarantees she will lose the strap at WrestleMania, but they set it all up really well here. Having Nia clearly destroy all three women after the match left us all wondering what we will see on Sunday. I'm excited!

Winners – Bayley & Sasha

Backstage Segment > B

I love Sami talking up Foley the way he is. We know it will get him in trouble with The Authority for this...And there she is! Not that the Andre The Giant Battle Royal is a great match, but it will be fun to see Sami in it, even if he has to go through KO to get there. I really like the chemistry between Sami and Steph, and in some ways I hope Sami is fired, because as much as I love Sami on Raw, SmackDown could be a better fit for him.

A Double vs Noam Dar

Neville is the King of the Cruiserweights? Not after Aries is finished with him! But I have to say that Aries isn't just a great wrestler, he's great at working with anyone. Dar is young, and while he's good, Aries made Dar look that much better in this match. There's certain wrestlers who can make almost anyone look good, and Aries is one of them. Putting him in against Neville at WrestleMania will be that much more fun because Neville is also great in the ring.

Winner – A Double – of course!

Contract Signing > A

Trip really is fantastic on mic, and really knows how to be a heel. I've heard that he's thanked the time William Regal spent with him in WCW for his ability to play a heel so well. Goes back to what I've always said about Regal, he's amazing. And it's obvious that Rollins learned a lot from Trip, and his time in the WWE, though he had a great handle on things as Tyler Black in ROH. It seems as though the WWE brought a polish to Rollins that he hadn't had before, but he's also been able to keep that grittiness that made me fall in love with Black in ROH – something the WWE doesn't have enough of these days.

Over The Top Rope Challenge > A+C+

It's an interesting way to remind us that certain Superstars are still on Raw's roster. I actually kind of enjoyed this, even though nothing came of it. I hope we see more Axel going forward, because he does have personality when he'd booked well. Fingers crossed that the WWE does something unexpected at WrestleMania this year.

Beyond that, this was a nothing of a segment, and I continue to feel bad for Big Show who continues to be booked so terribly.

Winner – N/A

Backstage Segment > B-&F

I know Gallows has more personality than he's been showing, but dang, Anderson is more boring than a blank wall! That segment really sucked from Anderson, but really funny from Gallows, and I think it's because Gallows was obviously having fun, but Anderson was just reciting his lines.

Backstage Segment > B+

I really liked Reigns, “I don't believe in dead men.” line. He handled this segment as more tweener than face or heel, but I really enjoyed him here. I hope he's able to get over with his soft-spoken ways, because when the mic work is good, he can come off as really intimidating. Of course, adding in some of his louder voice here and there could be great. Reminds me of Psycho Sid in the late 90s, the problem being that Sid didn't have the mics they have now, and it hurt him. He went from too quiet to too loud, but with the technology they have now, Reigns could really make that work for him.

Backstage Segment D-

This could have been a huge segment, but it felt flat. Maybe because it didn't feel like the backstage fights of old. Like Ambrose and Corbin have fought backstage on SmackDown and they sold it, but this was too brightly lit, and they didn't do anything really scary, or even unexpected. It was boring!

Neville vs Jack Gallagher > B

As this match started, I wrote Neville in as the winner. After Aries won his match, there was no way Neville would lose this one. I love Jack, but the umbrella needs to be saved for sillier segments and matches, not the serious ones. Hopefully they do something with the 205 guys, because this has been a horrid mess since it started.

Winner – Neville

Backstage Segment > A-

I love Aries. He can be serious, funny, and is always creative. I love The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, and have since I first saw him. I loved this segment with New Day, and cannot wait for more humor and fun for him, which is why he shouldn't be stuck in 205 Hell.

In Ring Segment > D&A

The house mics were turned down as Reigns came out, but the heat was palpable. Reigns said all the right things, it's his house, his yard, but his eyes didn't believe what he was saying. How can we believe that Reigns can take out Taker, permanently, if his own eyes say he doesn't believe in himself. Honestly, I've not seen that lack of belief in a Superstars' own abilities in a very long time. I know I watch the WWE Network on my phone, which is an incredibly small screen compared to my TV, but I cannot think of anyone I've seen in the WWE whose eyes belie who they are on the inside to such a complete level as Reigns did in this segment.

And then there was Taker! I have to say that his voice has become even better over the years. Taker sold this beautifully, and it's what he's so amazing at, but the WWE dropped the ball in a HUGE way in this segment. This would have been the best time for a bolt of lightening. Whether to the stage or the ring post, it would have been truly Taker, and that much more exciting for the fans at this go-home to WrestleMania.

In Ring Segment > A-

Andy and Big Gal with the ladder to the face! I actually really enjoyed this segment and made me wonder if they might be teasing that they are turning their WrestleMania match into a Ladder Match. With no MITBLM at WrestleMania, a lot of fans are hoping that they will change this one, and I'm all up for it. Of course I'm always worried about injury, and that's exactly what happened to Sheamus here. I noticed that he disappeared in the middle of, and later we found out through Twitter that he had a really deep gash above his eye. Sucks for him to be busted open in such a hard way this close to WrestleMania. Be shocked if it doesn't open up for him again at Mania.

Maya Angelou > A+

She was an amazing woman, who I wish I'd had the chance to meet. She was one of a kind.

Backstage Segment > A

KO on mic is a great thing, sometimes even better than KO in the ring, and that's saying something. He was created for the WWE.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens >

Some fans complain about how the WWE keeps giving us Sami vs KO in main event matches. Now, if this was Orton and Cena back in the days of their never-ending feud, I would agree, but Sami and KO are besties and they have a chemistry that only other besties have shown us. I'm thinking specifically of HBK and Trip, because their chemistry is on the same level as these two. Cena and Orton fought a lot, but they've never been besties, and never had this chemistry.

I thought it was obvious that Jericho would be getting involved in this match, costing KO the win, and making sure the piss him off that much more. I didn't think about Joe going out there, but it makes perfect sense as he's The Authority's muscle. I thought this was well done, and the way they SHOULD have ended Raw. It makes the most sense to me, at least.

Winner – Sami Zayn

In Ring Segment >

I said it last night on Twitter, and I'm saying it again here, it actually felt like Heyman believed in Brock Lesnar. It seems to me that Heyman just hasn't had the passion for Brock that he used to have. It's something in the way he's been selling Brock lately, actually, more than lately, that makes me wonder if he's just going through the motions. I cannot be the only one who sees the difference in Heyman from when he truly believes in someone, or something, compared to when he's just going through the motions. Heyman really seems to only be going through the motions lately, until last night.

And, I cannot believe I'm writing this, but Brock actually did a solid job of selling Goldberg's horrible spear. It was weak, Goldberg landed off his mark, and it was an obvious botch, but Brock sold it as if he was in the octagon and had just been destroyed by a worthy opponent. Their match is going to be a pathetic mess, and I hope they don't end WrestleMania on such a sour note and that's all people will remember. This, to me, is proof that McMahon has completely lost whatever clue he had about the industry and the fans. Just seeing Goldberg walk to the ring with that Universal belt around his waist made me laugh.

Post Show

All in all this was not a stellar go-home to WrestleMania. Heck, it wasn't even a very good show. I'm still thrilled about WrestleMania, but I'm also wary of the bad that's coming with the good. Honestly, it's WNWMania that has me most giddy.

Lastly, I have a quick question. Would it make sense for WNW to venture into SnapChat? We are exploring new directions in social media, and I was wondering if SnapChat is something that interests more than a couple of WNW readers? Just something I was batting around in my head as we go forward.

Thanks for reading, please check out WNW Premium, and WNW WrestleMania Predicts are in the works, so please stay tuned for those too! Have a wonderful WrestleMania week!

Queen of WNW

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