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Raw Is Blogged – I Don't Like Scarves! And I Don't Like You!

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Kevin Owens

Actually, I love scarves. I have a scarf collection that rivals Jericho's, other than in cost. I'm living on a fixed income, so no $750 scarves from Vienna for me. Though I have friends who just came back from Vienna and if I'd asked, they would have brought me home a scarf. Not a $750 scarf, but a scarf from Vienna none the less.

I apologize for there not being an RIB last week. It was a troublesome and traumatic week for me. Between health issues, the election, finding out some personal news that was difficult to deal with, finding out more personal news, dealing with police, and my older son having a car accident (everyone is fine) in my husband's car, leaving us with one automobile for a bit. I honestly thought that I wasn't in the right mental state to write anything about wrestling, and I know I wouldn't have been able to write about wrestling without letting my personal issues come through. I have tried to do just that this week, with one little caveat before I jump into the show. This doesn't pertain to most of you, but I have to get it off my chest and get it out there. I'm sorry to everyone not involved who has to read it.

Lastly, to all the hate mail and illegal accusations, I've been getting (nothing to do with me missing last week – or, not much), I have gone to the police, and will be filing harassment papers with the court this week. The lies being spread about me and mine have been reported. I love what I do, and will continue to do it, no matter what lies you spread about me.

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment > A-

Foxy standing next to Nia Jax on the stage doesn't make sense to me. I know it's setting up for Survivor Series, but it makes less sense than Charlotte next to Bayley, for me. They, at least, have a good history, Nia and Foxy really don't. I love Foley doing the Enzo dance, but we all know how I feel about Foley and his goofiness. Further, I love Steph trying to play the face with Enzo's “How you doin'?”

While I think Steph's outfit sucked on her body, specifically because her sweater had too high of a neckline for her. Those of us with bodacious tatas know that if our necklines are too high, our boobs can look really low on our bodies, something that's never good for any woman. I loved the little skirt that was probably a dress under the sweater, and I'm wearing a similar outfit today, but with a better neckline. But the best part of her outfit is a Foley throwback. Now, I could be wrong, and her bracelets could have been a thousand dollars each, made to look like what I think they really are, but Steph is a mom, and I believe I was seeing pony beads and other beads with larger holes for ease of use by children, most likely made for her by her girls. It's a side we all know Steph has, but seeing it worn so openly, and in a way, Foley also showed his love for his kids (though he wore necklaces by his kids, they were in similar pony beads and other kid-friendly beads). Honestly, it shows me, someone who loves her kids and willing to show that love to the millions, (and millions) of WWE fans. It also shows a sweet connection between Steph and Foley, something we rarely see.

Cesaro & Sheamus vs KO & Reigns > B+

So much angst and ire between these teams going into Survivor Series, something that's not the way things were early on in the Survivor Series. I've been watching old Survivor Series PPVs, and loving the teams and how things were handled between them. I'm up to 1992, and loving the heels fight against the faces, along with the names of the teams facing off. The characters were sometimes too silly for words, but the teams who joined up with other teams were actual tag teams with names and team identities. It's some of the over-the-top that I've been screaming for in the RIB for years. Things are getting a bit more interesting, but nothing like it was. Yes, I know the industry has evolved, but in evolving it's become boring in some ways. I don't want every character to be based on a career, but I want characters that have meaning and are interesting. Sheamus is becoming interesting because of his work with Cesaro, but only because of that.

I loved the personalities in this match and the way they worked really set up for a lot this Sunday at Survivor Series. I know there's a lot of dislike between KO and Reigns, but Raw will still squash SD!

ATTENTION, ATTENTION WNW People…Mitch “Big M” Adams here!

I have again hacked into Kendra Babylon’s server in order to infiltrate Raw is Blogged on behalf of WNW’s Smackdown Prediction Team!

Kendra and all other members of WNW’s Raw Predictions Team…stop living in a dream world!!! Raw has no chance of winning any of the Survivor Series matches. Smackdown will continue to have exclusive rights to the Intercontinental Championship. And of course, the Cruiserweight Championship and the entire Cruiserweight Division will be coming to Smackdown Live! Where they have always belonged.

Smackdown has the better Women’s Division, the better Tag Team Division and the better main event scene! You guys have no idea the how badly Raw is about to be smashed.

Smackdown will lay the Smackdown on Raw’s Arse on November 20. I guaran-bloody-tee it!!!

Winners – KO & Reigns

Backstage Segment > A

I love this character evolution of Jericho! He's one of the few who really understand characters and how they cannot become stagnant. I think he needs to teach the Superstars and Creative about characters and how they work when they work well. There's too many who don't work, who don't evolve, and that's one of the reasons that Raw has been so bloody boring.

Rollins is finally taking off as a face. If they hadn't tried to force him to be a heel upon his return he would be leaps and bounds ahead of where he is right now. And then there's Braun Strowman. He was so much nothing in The Wyatt Family, but now that he's on his own he's fantastic! He's so funny while being the straight man. I love him on mic, and I'm so glad he's not with The Wyatt Family, because he never would have been seen for more than a big guy, wouldn't have been able to show the talents that have been leaving me in awe each week.

New Day vs Jericho & Rollins & Strowman > B

So many faces in this match, and only one true heel. I know Strowman is supposed to be a heel, or was when he was squashing jobbers, but since he's been talking, he's really become more of a tweener, and possibly face, because of how funny he is. I'm loving Strowman in a way I didn't think was possible when he debuted. His ring work has evolved since being drafted to Raw, and I'm rather impressed with his ring work. He's much more agile than he looks like he should be, and his speed is impressive for his size. He's unique to look at, and showing he can work the mic. Strowman could be a main eventer, and a force to be reckoned with!

Again, the personalities in this match were fantastic, but it wasn't as great of a match as the opening match of this show. Obviously there's issues in both teams, issues that were rarely seen early on in the history of the Survivor Series, and they add a whole new flavor to these matches, but I worry about there being too much in-fighting, and too many issues within each team that it will overpower the actual Traditional Survivor Series Matches. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Winners – Jericho & Rollins & Strowman

Backstage Segment > B+

I need Foley's plaid smiley face 'Have a nice Raw!” shirt! I wonder if they have it in women's, and larger sizes, because their shirts run REALLY small. (Nope, only in Men's and Youth, bummer.) But I love how Foley and Steph work together against Heyman. Both have worked with him for so many yeas that it's odd thinking back to where they all started in this industry, and where they all are now. It's pretty amazing.

Backstage Segment > B

I know a lot of people have issue with the Women's Championship being passed back and forth, that it makes it less prestigious. I disagree, completely. I think it shows how strong both of these women are, and that they are working at such a high rate that they are the top of the roster and so evenly matched that neither can keep hold of it. To me that makes it more prestigious, and makes these two women look that much stronger. That being said, Charlotte is so close to being perfectly rounded, then she starts yelling. Being loud doesn't make you a heel, it just makes you obnoxious. I know her father used to yell some as a heel, but he also talked quietly. I'm just so shocked she hasn't learned this yet. Sasha, on the other hand, is downright amazing in all she does, and is a fully rounded WWE Superstar.

In Ring Segment > D-

Like a line of 'security' would keep Brock and Goldberg apart! That's downright silliness! Goldberg is so much the face in this feud, which is good, because I think Brock is a heel in real life. He's a jerk, a bully, and needs to go away. He's hurt too many people, makes too much money, and does virtually nothing to earn it. He's a big part of what's wrong in the wrestling industry, our country, and our world as a whole. Anyone who can get paid the money he does just to stand there, is lazy. And when he does something, he does it half-assed, leaving it up to his opponent to carry his ass through the matches. Not only does he not have respect for the people in the ring with him, he doesn't have any respect for the fans. We love the Superstars Brock gets in the ring with, and all he does it hurt them through his tossing around his weight and not helping in the match, beyond throwing a few suplexes. The concussions he's inflicted upon almost everyone he's faced should be enough to show McMahon and the WWE that he's not worth the time or money invested in him.

Heyman saying that these men are not rent-a-cops, and that they're in uniform. I didn't know a polo shirt with 'security' on it was an official uniform, but I guess that the WWE still thinks we are idiots. Further, we all knew that all of those 'security' guys would be taken out. In fact, some of them looked rather nervous in there, even though they're (most likely) local wrestlers brought in to play the roles.

This was what I expected, and really not very good. This didn't have the tension it should have had, all because Brock just stood there through most of it. Goldberg was all fired up and exuded emotion. Heyman was all in with heightened emotion, all in for this. And Brock stood there, sometimes bouncing from foot to foot. Yawn! Brock is the reason this feud is sucking wind, and will be the reason their match will suck wind. I truly hope that Goldberg doesn't get injured this Sunday, because I wouldn't put it past Brock to do something to Goldberg, then claim it was all part of the match, and he doesn't know his own strength, and it was an accident. When you injure one person, it's an accident. When you injure almost everyone you work the ring with, then you shouldn't be there. Further you shouldn't be paid more than much of the rest of the roster to be there. I'm anti-Brock, and I will continue to be anti-Brock until after he's out of the public eye. After his track record, I don't think there's anything Brock can do in the WWE or in MMA that could change my mind about who this man truly is. I will eat my words if he does, but until then, he's on my shit list.

Sasha Banks & Charlotte vs Foxy & Nia Jax > B-

Not the best women's match we've seen from the Raw roster, but characters and personalities surely came through here and set up for Survivor Series. I would have liked to have seen more ring work from these four, but it is what it is. They will continue to treat the women as if they are not top Superstars, even when they claim they are. Two steps forward, one step back. They are so much further ahead than they were, but there's still a long way to go. Bayley really was great at the end of this match, and I'm excited to see all these women in the ring together Sunday night, because Raw will squash SmackDown!


Backstage Segment > B

Jericho and that scarf! Jericho and KO were great here, as were Steph and Foley. I really enjoyed it, but wanted more from Strowman, he's so great on mic, and great at making things that much more interesting.

In Ring Segment > B+

Shane is right, SmackDown Live is a better show than Raw, but it's the three hours that is top of the list of why Raw is having so many issues. But beyond that, all the banter just slowed the show down for me. I adore Shane, Steph, Foley, and Bryan, but too much of the same talk is boring. I was wondering if Shane was going to goad Steph into joining the Women's Division at Survivor Series, even though they are (mostly) so much better than Steph could ever be in the ring.

Of course Team SmackDown showed up to stand toe to toe with Team Raw. I was hoping things wouldn't deteriorate to lameness, and while it could have been lame with the wrong people on mic, but KO and AJ were fantastic. Further, backing them up with histrionics, Jericho and Ambrose with their facial expressions and reactions to all that was said. They are both so much fun. Ambrose is so much fun to watch, and Jericho's list are a blast. But shockingly, Reigns' backing Jericho with facial expressions were also great – something I wasn't expecting. Of course, Ellsworth is on the List, but that's a given.

What I didn't expect was Orton stepping up in front of Bray when Strowman reacted to Wyatt's comments. But then it was Ambrose on mic, what I was so waiting for. I'll admit that I was hoping for some craziness from him, but him starting the fight was great too.

I really don't like suicide dives from the ring, but if anyone would be there to catch Ambrose, it was Rollins, who I knew would catch Ambrose, no matter what. They might be on opposing teams, but they ran together for so long, they look out for each other. Actually, I really enjoyed all the finishing moves, but the final one was missing something. We all know who that something was, and I wonder if he might turn on Team SmackDown and jump ship to Raw. That's something I wouldn't mind seeing, at all.

Post Show

Not the best go-home to a big four, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Now, this RIB might seem short, and I'm sorry for that. I was unable to watch Raw last night on Sling TV, as Sling wasn't working at all. Therefore I had to watch Raw on Hulu, and I'm sure the show was abbreviated. I will only watch Raw on Hulu when I absolutely cannot watch it live on Sling. I'm here on WNW to work my ass off for you guys, and I've dropped the ball this past week, but I'm getting back on track, and will do better.

Lastly, keep an eye open for the WNW WWE Survivor Series Predicts. Team Raw will clean the floor with Team SmackDown, no matter what claims they might make!

Queen of WNW

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