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Alexa Bliss Raw Women's Champion

I have to give ALL props for the title for this RIB to Missy Hyatt. In the opening segment, after Reigns came to the ring, she tweeted those words, and I immediately came here and put it in as the title. I also have to say that if you don't follow Missy Hyatt on Twitter (@missyhyatt), you're missing a lot of fun. She is so on point with her commentary on the wrestling we are watching now, and the wrestling we have watched for decades. She talks about historical moments of her own, and others. While I live tweet Raw, SmackDown, and PPVs, I watch her account closely because I know she will have something profound to say to whoever is reading. I have to tell you that she's more than worth the time to follow, and read regularly.

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment > A-

Wyatt was fantastic here! His evolution has been slow, and he's still working much of the same rhetoric, but he looks very different and is attacking people in a changing way. He's had too many setbacks, but dang he had the buzzards eating out of his hand with this segment. I've said all along that he could be the answer to Taker retiring, if he's allowed to grab the eerie and run with it. He could be if he wasn't stifled, wasn't held back, wasn't forced into too much stupidity. Even Taker deal with a lot of stupid booking, but he also had some of the best storylines and feuds. Fingers crossed that Wyatt doesn't have any more major stalls or stops in his career.

This was a great way to start Raw! We all agree that Miz is great, but putting Wyatt and Reigns in was a lovely change of pace.

Reigns vs Wyatt > A-

There's no reason that Reigns should have won this clean the way he did. It was a solid match until that point. As much as people trash on Reigns, he can put on a solid match. Yes, it's the same moves, but most superstars are that way, they all have their best moves, and use them often. The problem being is when the moves are by someone we love, we get excited to see them (People's Elbow, Dirty Deeds, Sister Abigail) but when it's someone getting heat from the fans, for any reason, we trash them for using repetitive moves (5 knuckle shuffle, superman punch). It's daft!

Winner – Reigns

Backstage Segment > B+

Not sure about Cass' facial expressions here. Enzo talked up their friendship, but Cass didn't look very friendly.

Backstage Segment > A-

I don't know how Bliss always looks so perfect! She must have the most amazing setting spray for her makeup, because it never seems to move! Further her contour is a great color for her, unlike Nattie who has been looking really muddy lately, and her highlight one of the best I've seen on TV.

Angle and Bliss doesn't work as well as Bryan and Bliss, but it still worked. I loved how Angle said This Is Your Life was the lowest rated segment in recent history, even though it wasn't at all her fault.

It was all really well executed between the two. They got a lot done, just without the feels of Bryan.

In Ring Segment > B+

I love Samson! That man has been showing really well on Raw, and I'm loving the slow burn!

Ambrose is so much fun, but he really needs to do or have something more. He's a bit SCSA, but not enough. He's a bit crazy Foley, but not enough. It's more than time Ambrose go off the rocker in some huge way, if the WWE would allow it. They're so tightly controlled that there's no way to get over unless THEY want you over, and even then it doesn't work wonderfully.

Backstage Segment > A-

Telling Ambrose to leave? He'll be back to attack Miz during his celebration. There's no question there.

Angle saying that Maryse had been planning this, he seemed a bit nervous about getting in her way. That might not have been the plan, but that's how it came off, and I think they should absolutely run with it.

But the best part of this segment was Ambrose and all he put into this short segment. Ambrose with his pacing, running his hands through his hair, not standing still, talking too fast, all of it shows that Ambrose is one of the best sellers in the company today. Jon Moxly as Dean Ambrose is more believable than almost every other superstar on the roster. Now if they just allowed Ambrose to go over the top, things would be amazing!

In Ring Segment > A-&A&A+

This segment was an A- before Heyman hit the ring. Joe had a command of the fans with his voice, something he rarely did in TNA. We have already seen how much better Styles is since coming to the WWE, proving that it was the company who couldn't work with AJ, not AJ who couldn't work the mic. Joe was fantastic on mic here, and I would have given him an A- for his mic work.

But then Heyman hit the ring and brought the segment up to a solid A. Heyman has his off nights, but this wasn't one of them. Heyman was downright splendid on mic here and ran away with the segment that much more. He brought this segment to the next level.

But then Joe backed Heyman into the corner, off-mic, and took over. Stating that he was very disappointed that Brock Lesnar didn't come out to the ring, and describe to BL in great detail how all of this feels. Joe more than sold his words in a very mafia way. Joe deserves the top grade I've handed out over the years. Joe brought grit, viciousness, truly all I've been SCREAMING about here in the RIB, and so many other articles. This is part of what the WWE needs to start climbing out of the ratings hole they've buried themselves!

Backstage Segment > B+&D-

Joe and Angle back together on TV is a great thing to see! They worked so well together in TNA, and seeing them together makes me giddy. What I didn't like was how Rollins so easily pushed Angle aside. Pushing Angle out of the way to get to Joe, and Angle just stepping back really bothered me. He's Kurt-fucking-Angle! Otherwise the segment was solid, but that Angle thing really bothers me, especially if he's going to be going into a feud, and possibly the ring, himself!

Sheamus & Cesaro vs Slater & Rhyno > D

I was hoping for so much more from this match. Slater and Rhyno deserve so much more than they got in this match! It was truly bad for all involved.

Winners – Sheamus & Cesaro

Backstage Segment > F

What a snore-fest! Neville wasn't at all interesting here, and TJP still doesn't know what personality means. Another writer here at WNW said he cannot put his finger on why he's so turned off from TJP. Personally I think it's because TJP has such a vacant face all the time, and his eyes are dead. There's nothing in there, ever. He's someone that makes me wonder about his past, because he looks like there's nothing going on there, at all.

TJP vs Mustafa Ali > B-

I want to see so much more than Mustafa Ali putting boring TJP over. Ali has so much to give, so much ground to break, so many glass ceilings to crash through but he's being held back by the purple ropes. So many of the guys in the 205 Division are being held back by those purple ropes. Actually, rather than rant here, I'm going to see if I can come up with an entire article with my thoughts in order. Either way, at least Gillberg isn't holding the Cruiserweight Championship, so we can be glad about that!

Of course Neville wouldn't be giving TJP a Cruiserweight Championship Match! (Wrote this before he jumped TJP from behind.) It's not Angle's decision, it's all Neville, no question there, and he proved it by attacking TJP from behind.

Winner – TJP

Backstage Segment > B+

It's strange to see old school Goldust in HD. I honestly don't notice the difference much of the time, probably because much of the time I'm watching TV I'm also writing or weaving, but I've recently watched the start of Goldust on the WWE Network on my phone.

Backstage Segment > B+

When the faces go all 'mean girls' on the biggest heel on the roster, it's something that warms my heart. I will fully admit that this was fun for me as someone who dealt with mean girls (actually one girl). I know I'm not the only woman who loved this segment for that very reason.

Announce Segment > B+

More of Corey involved in storylines, and I'm loving it. Corey is great on announce, but he's also so much more than announce. It hurts my heart that he had to step from the ring, but at least he's still with the WWE in a big role, made bigger with this storyline. Fingers crossed that this will work out well for all involved because it's summer and the WWE needs to hook the fans and keep them hooked to keep the ratings numbers from dropping even further.

Backstage Segment > B+

Angle was so distracted that he didn't see Ambrose right out there when he went out the door?

Kalisto vs O'Neil w/ Crews > D

Each time I head Kalisto's music I think it's TJP. Kalisto's music sounds too video game for me, and so my mind goes to TJP. I guess I should just be happy he's getting TV time!

At first it didn't look as though Kalisto was holding O'Neil's trunks, he looked like he was completely grabbed on to O'Neil's junk! He grabbed further for the trunks, but things looks a bit uncomfortable there for a moment.

Winner – Kalisto

Backstage Segment > B+

Cass is trying to throw everyone off the scent by setting up his own attack? Great idea! I'm glad they're taking the slow burn with this one, and not pulling the trigger after two attacks. If done right, this should be worked all summer, with everything finally coming to fruition three weeks or so before SummerSlam, so that Enzo and Cass face off in a HUGE match at the biggest PPV of the summer. This is easily a storyline that could play out over the next two months and not feel at all like it's slow and boring.

IC Champion Celebration > A-

Some might say that this was over-booked, but I say it was fantastic! Of course we all thought the bear was Ambrose, and I loved how Miz ad Maryse talked about how neither got the bear. Their reactions were fabby! But that swerve was great and really set off Miz. That Maryse couldn't stop Miz from beating up the cheap clock in the huge box was also great, as was Maryse stomping away from her dear hubby. So many memes to be made from that one!

But the best was Miz watching the tron while Ambrose reveals himself as the cameraman! That was brilliant! So well executed by both of them. So brilliant!

Anderson & Gallows vs Enzo & Big Show > D+

I've missed seeing Big Show in the ring! Further, I've missed seeing Big Show have fun in the ring! Big Show has some of the best comedic timing of the superstars of the AE, the PG Era, and this New Era. He's a very funny man, but this wasn't his best comedic work. I really wanted to like it because I love Big Show, but this was just horrible. Big Show is better than this mic work. On the other hand, the way he lifted Enzo over his head to slam him down was great! Enzo freaking about that's not how it's done was a blast. They really did seem to have fun out there, which is what I've been wanting to see from Big Show as he heads down the road to his retirement.

Then there's The Club. If they don't do anything with these two soon, I think their careers are down the tubes. From such great indie superstars to this horrible mess. I'm honestly feeling bad for them each time they're on TV, and it cannot be fun for them. Hopefully some of the rumors I've heard will come to fruition, and that should help. As they are rumors, I won't repeat them here. Last thing The Club needs is for the wrong person in the WWE to see this and not have it actually happen! It's happened too many times before on WNW.

Winners – Big Show & Enzo!

Backstage Segment > B+

Angst between Cass and Big Show? This is fun! I like that Cass is bent out of shape that Enzo and Big Show won the match. Big Show see it, but where will all this lead? Will Big Show be backing Enzo when Cass completely crumbles?

Backstage Segment > B

Not sure how I feel about R-Truth being so serious, but it's interesting! Has he always had virtually no eyebrows? I mean, Gallows also didn't have eyebrows, but like last time, it was probably his own fault. EDIT: Looking through R-Truth's photos online, he's never really had much in the way of eyebrows. Odd how I never noticed before!

Backstage Segment > A-

Bliss sure is the mean girl of Raw, and plays it perfectly!

Raw Women's Championship Match > C+

I so want to dress Jax in something sexy that shows her off, rather than hiding her body and accentuating part that most women don't want to be accentuated. Otherwise, Nia is so beautiful! Her highlights just add that much more to her look.

The end of this match was so convoluted that I'm not sure what happened. I looked down to tweet something (from my personal account @Kbunyon) at Nia Jax, and the match was over. It was obviously a screwy ending, and they needed it to be that way to really get the ball rolling between these two, and possibly more with Mickie and Dana out at ringside. Actually, I love how Mickie and Dana were in the ring, basically backing Nia, and then were taken out by her. Waiting to see where this will go, and excited to see what it might be.

Bliss retains

Backstage Segment > B+

Heyman is trying to set Joe up for a world of pain, but I think he should wait for the PPV. Isn't that what Brock does, waits for the PPVs to show up? He surely wouldn't give fighting away for free!

Rollins vs Joe > A-

This was a great match, and absolutely a main event match. The top six guys (should be 10, including Cesaro, Sheamus, Miz, and Ambrose, possibly even Matt and Jeff, but only time will tell), including the injured Strowman, of course, should be giving us the best matches, and this one was right up there. So impressed that they opened Raw with a solid match and ended with a solid match, sadly most of the matches in the middle were stinkers!

I shouldn't even be mentioning the rest of the crap in this segment, because this was so much better than most of the rest of Raw. This was a match I've wanted to see, a feud I've wanted to see, and so excited to get to see it. I couldn't care less about Brock Lesnar, especially as Universal Champion, which he doesn't deserve, like the money and contract he doesn't deserve; I'd like to see these two fighting over the Universal Championship. That makes so much more sense in the grand scheme of things. And then, when Strowman comes back, he can get into the mix as well. Ugh, the WWE and McMahon drive me crazy some days!

Winner – Joe

Post Show

Opening match was solid, then the Tag Team Match was a stinker and short. Follow that with decent work from TJP and Ali, but nothing worth writing home about, and it was short. Titus Brand was short, and daft as the rest of his storyline. Enzo and Big Show's match was nothing in length compared to their mic work. The Women's Revolution got four women out there, and started what I hope to be a solid storyline, but in reality the match was short. The ending match was solid and interesting. Basically saying that the bookends were solid, but the stuff in the middle had little substance and even less ring work. The shining moment of the night was Joe's off mic work toward Heyman. Three hours for two matches and one shining moment? Someone, please, anyone, beat some sense into McMahon and his Raw creative team, because this is beyond ridiculous!

I really wanted to fill this episode of RIB with bile and hatred after what the WWE tried to pass off as a PPV on Sunday night, but I ended up vomiting all the vile I had on Tuesday when I was supposed to be finishing this. I'm sorry for that, and that this is so late.

Queen of WNW

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