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Raw Is Blogged - I Could Be At Home Watching Nitro, Or, Fans Have No Memory, Only The WWE Network

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We had planned on writing something about Michael Sam in here, with Jesse at the helm of it, but Richard did such a great job of it that we decided not to. Now it appears he's been signed by Dallas. Hopefully things go well for him in Texas. Personally, I have to agree with Richard that the WWE looked terribly desperate in the way they put out the invitation to him, as if it was another last minute thing, and they thought the possibility of him being there might drag the fans to Raw from football next Monday night. The one thing I will give the WWE props for is the way they advertised matches for next week's Raw. Pushing the matches this week, especially knowing how great a couple of these matches were at SummerSlam, might help keep fans tuned in. Or, as I expect, many people will watch football, DVR Raw, and watch the segments they care about. Only people such as myself, those who watch it for a specific purpose, will absolutely be watching all of Raw, without question.

Even though I had to be on the road most of the day today, almost no one wanted to write about anything on Raw. I guess that shows how bad much of the show really was. CJ Blaze stepped up and wanted to write one section, and Gesus needed to say something about the opening segment, and as usual, it will be marked and in italics. Further, CJ stepped up and had something to add to this opening, and Jesse did the math for the closing.

CJ Blaze

Wrestling is my life. Literally! When I'm not in school, you can usually find me watching, reading, listening, or even writing about wrestling! There's so much that comes in to play with being passionate about wrestling. People don't realize how it can strongly affect your mood. This summer, Raw had the tendency to make me angry. This week's Raw was absolutely the worst Raw I can remember watching. Everything they could've done to make me happy, they did the exact opposite! And I wasn't alone. Many, many people were upset with Raw. I want to highlight the key points of frustration.

I was looking forward to The Highlight Reel because I miss seeing Jericho. It was nice at first, but the segment turned into Triple H's show. Total Divas, believe it or not, has ruined certain parts of the diva's division. A clear example of this was Naomi, Layla, and Summer Rae vs. Cameron, Eva Marie, and Rosa. We move on to see The Wyatt vs. Henry and Big Show for the millionth time. It only got worse when Rusev and Henry's program was reignited. There was no mention of their feud on Raw last week, but now it's back on? The shows are live, not pre-taped? This shouldn't be happening! The second hour of the show was like watching Superstars, as Swagger, Axel, Rose, O'Neil, and Ryder were in action. The two top diva's feuds collided, which left me scratching my head. I enjoyed the main event, and that was it! This show was down right terrible, sad, and embarrassing. I may be writing about this more in the coming days.

Raw Starts

Highlight Reel > C-

While the part of me who wasn't ready to write the whole episode of Raw was annoyed that they started Raw with the Highlight Reel, the rest of me was excited. I love Jericho, I love how he handles the Highlight Reel – whether heel or face – and knew it would be a blast. He started the segment off in 'vintage' Jericho way, but when Trip led The Authority out, things went downhill. That it was to be Jericho was supposed to mean we wouldn't be a 20 minute Trip diatribe. Okay, I will give them props for having all of them in the ring talking, and I was shocked at the serious pop that Rollins got, until I realized he was in his home-state. I was also impressed with how Reigns handled himself on mic while in the ring with the likes of Jericho, Trip and Kane. I know Kane isn't known to be a top speaker, but he's a great wrestling figure and has been for so many years. What I'm saying is that the young guys on mi impressed me, and Jericho was fun.

What killed me in this was Cena being booked to be a total puss. He's going to sue? So Cena grows a set in the ring, then becomes a whiny snitch? It's bad booking, bad writing, bad creative, and all total BS! Gesus explains it better than I do, so please read what he has to say about this segment, except, Trip's tie was pink!

Gesus > F-

We've spent weeks to build this rematch only to try and take it away. Let's throw in this guy, let's throw in that guy! Now their top face is going to do tattling tactics to ensure nothing changes. Basically 18 minutes to bring us back to square one. Waste of f***ing time!

Ziggler & Sheamus vs Miz & Cesaro > B+

CJ Blaze

I may be in that small group of people that enjoyed this match. It was bound to happen as this is something WWE typically does with their midcard feuds. There was some decent action with Ziggler getting a hot tag, Sheamus dominating Miz, and Sandow playing an interesting role. It was almost annoying the way The Miz and Sandow were portrayed, but it works because they are annoying heels. I was very pleased with the finish. It was obvious after last week that Ziggler/Miz would continue, and this gives The Miz something to use against Ziggler.

Winners – Cesaro & Miz (11:53)

Nikki's Videos > D

Nikki is not an actress, and she really came across plastic in these videos. The reason I didn't fail them is because of the creativity behind it all. That they are really twins makes it so that they have all these pictures of them together to use, and a history that can be built around all these pictures that other Superstars or Divas don't have. Otherwise, these segments sucked rocks.

Eva Marie & Cameron & Rosa vs Naomi & Layla & Summer Rae > F-

I was blown away at how bad the ring work between Layla and Rosa was. Rosa was a train wreck and made Layla look so much worse. What a bloody mess! This is not what the WWE wants to put out, especially trying to push Total Divas. This match was a travesty, especially for Naomi who is so much better than the rest of the Divas she was in the ring with. I feel so bad for her being booked with the reality stars compared to the wrestlers.

Double DQ (1:03)

Henry & Big Show vs Rowan & Harper > B-

Now, I'm going to defend the WWE craptastic booking here. A lot of people are unhappy about the way Henry is basically in two storylines right now. I know it came about because they were booking on the fly, and the issues between Trip and VKM are making the shows that much more disjointed, but it feels more real to me that Henry is dealing with more than one thing at once. Who in this world has one thing going on in their lives at once. We don't run with only one friend for a year at a time, then never hang with them again. People don't just have one concern, one issue, one storyline going on in our lives at once. To me, this feels so much more real than the single direction that so many storylines have taken for so many years.

Winners – Big Show & Henry via DQ (11:28)

Heyman Segment > B+

Heyman is THE man on mic, and was really strong here, as usual. He really was once of the shining lights of the show, and did a truly Heyman job of it.

Swagger vs Axel > C

I feel horrible for Axel who is now alone and got totally abused in this match. There was nothing good for Axel in this match. And then there was Putin. I understand why Rusev and Lana feel they need to use Putin for heat, but Bo using Putin reeked of lameness. Bo did a solid job on mic, he has his character down. Between his facial expressions, and his voice, he's really good. Now, if his ring work was half as good, maybe things would be working better for him.

Winner – Swagger (2:35)

Adam Rose vs O'Neil > D

The best thing about this match was Slater working with the bunny. I had hoped that Slater would do well after the rest of 3MB were release. Sadly, not so much.

Winner – Rose (1:51)

Rusev vs Ryder > D & B

I've never been a big fan of Ryder's, but he does deserve better than this. I know they feel they need to squash people under Rusev, but why is Ryder always the whipping boy?

On the other hand, I thought Henry was quite strong on mic, and did a solid job of getting the fans behind him and into the show.

Winner – Rusev (0:54)

Backstage Segment > B

Steph looked drop dead gorgeous Monday night. I'm not big on frosted lips (that whole 80s flashback thing to when I wore too much in junior high), but she sold it with kick ass eye makeup, and her hair perfectly curled and styled for her face. I know I should be talking about how Trip and Steph work together, and how she is a heel being all 'big hearted' in a way that's nothing to do with being big hearted, but I was just blown away by how great Steph looked. I know she has people to do her hair and makeup, but I'd love to look that good now, and I'm only a couple years older than her.

Divas Segment > D & B

I wanted to beat myself over the head with one of Nikki's shoes, because the Bellas going back and forth was so painful that I wanted to be put out of my own misery. Between Nikki's whining and wailing, Brie whining, crying, and that horrible face she makes, the WWE is taking two beautiful women and showing all of their worst of them in this storyline.

But then AJ came out and worked against Steph and I loved it! AJ is an actress with so many proven facets to her character, and because of that, she brought so much to this segment. AJ is a tiny little thing, and the way she looked up at Steph and called her Bosslady brought me back to Elmira from Tiny Toons. AJ worked it, and Paige was strong, and with Steph it worked. Paige isn't as established as AJ, but she was still quite strong, and came off better than the Bellas in this segment. But in the end, the good grade was all about AJ working with Steph.

I also have to mention Steph's comment about raising her daughters with real values. Steph's character saying that is one thing, Steph McMahon-Levesque saying it is quite a different thing. I laughed, because sometimes the lines are blurred, and working against the Bellas who are actually related adds that much more to the blurring, which is why Steph's line worked so well.

Backstage Segment > B

I think this segment was perfect for Bray – short, sweet, to the point. Bray is strong on mic, but letting him drone on was only hurting him. This is so much better.

Jimmy vs Goldust > B+

I wasn't overly impressed with the actual match, but everything around it was wonderful. I love the way GoldStar have turned heel, and how they're working with the Usos. Finally something interesting happening with the Tag Division and the Tag Team Champs!

Jey sold that knee better than most selling we've seen from younger wrestlers. There's selling during a match, then there's selling an injury that knocks you out, then there's selling the worst pain you've ever had. Jey was doing the last, and doing it in a wonderful and believable way. Anyone who says a wrestler wouldn't react like that hasn't been in pain like that before.

Winner – Goldust (2:12)

Backstage Segment > B+

Coming from these two, I really enjoyed this. It was short, sweet, and to the point. Henry proved his point, as well as mine, and Big Show stepped up to be there for him. I really enjoyed it.

6 Man Tag Match – Cena & Reigns & Jericho vs Orton & Rollins & Kane > B

I have to admit that I loved when Reigns tagged in Jericho, rather than tagging in Cena who was having such a huge cow on the apron. While I didn't like how this match came together, I really enjoyed the match. There was so many stories told in this match, and they all played out pretty well, even after the bell. All six men worked hard, and most of them showed the best of themselves. I have to say I prefer masked Kane in the ring to Korporate Kane, but that's just me. Few wrestlers should be working the ring in dress pants, and Kane isn't one of them.

The biggest problem I have with this match, and why it wasn't a B+ match, is because nothing was decided from it. Trip was out there to watch them all, see what should happen at NoC, but there was nothing decided after the match. On the other hand, I'm still loving this side of Cena in the ring. He's defiant, stronger, and isn't taking anyone's crap. In the Raw Results I've been saying Cena has been hitting the FU, because that's what it feels like he's hitting. That last one on Rollins onto announce, in front of Trip, that was an absolute FU, not at all a wimpy AA!

Winners – Cena & Reigns & Jericho (17:41)

Raw's wrestling clocked in at 49:37. That's 31:56 without the Main Event! Further, the first two hours of Raw had an hour and half of segments and 31:57 of wrestling. That means at the 2:40 mark we had over 2 hours of commercials and segments. That is totally piss poor! What the bloody heck were they thinking? Going into the football season, they need to be stepping up their game and they give us this episode of Raw? What a horrible way to head into competition! If the WWE doesn't step things up, their rating are going to blow through the entire football season.

Queen of WNW
KB, CJ, Gesus & Jesse

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