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Raw Is Blogged – I Hope You Get Drafted To Waffle House

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I honestly wasn't sure the WWE could give us two great shows in a row, but they somehow pulled it off. Not saying that ALL of MITB was the best, but compared to so many other PPVs, this was leaps and bounds ahead. The WWE really gave the fans what we've been begging for, and so we dang well better be happy about it. I actually heard through the grapevine that someone whose name I won't mention, who used to work here, completely panned the show, complaining that AJ 'buried' Cena, Rollins 'buried' Reigns, and that Ambrose 'buried' them both. I honestly don't know how anyone could say that any of that after the great match between AJ and Cena, the jaw-dropping match between Rollins and Reigns, and then the fantastic way Ambrose cashed in his MITB case! No one was squashed or buried in those matches and anyone who thinks that really has no clue what the word bury means! But, before I start another 'incident' with my 'nasty comments', it's time to get to the RIB and the heart of what was great and what sucked last night. Don't forget to leave your comments and questions below, and I will try to get back to answer or debate with you as often as possible!

Raw Starts

Taxi Segment > A

Only Ambrose can RIB Brock Lesnar like that! I love how Ambrose handled himself here, but I've been saying from the start that Ambrose needed to be strapped.

In Ring Segment > A

Those chants of 'You deserve it!' were right on point. Ambrose has deserved this for quite a while now, and he looks the part in the ring here. The fans were right there with him, loving every bit of this. Ambrose actually looked a bit emotional about the chants and how the fans reacted to him. This has been a long time coming, so I'm excited to see his reign. Ambrose is such an amalgamation of some of the greatest top Superstars, such as Austin, Eddie, and a bit of Foley's craziness thrown in for good measure. So much greatness in that one man who has waited too long to be WWE WHC.

Those chants of 'You can't wrestle!' tick me off. Reigns might have been pushed hard to his spot, but that man more than showed his chops in the ring with Rollins last night. I have been saying to others that Reigns doesn't have the chops to stand up to himself with the fans, but he absolutely did that here, and I'm blown away. He did exactly what he needed to do all along. He doesn't need to be full on heel, but he needs to be able to tell the haters off while on mic. Reigns actually earned some solid respect from me here.

Shane was a blast with invisi-Steph, but even better is setting up the rematch between Rollins and Reigns. If it's half as good as MITB, they will rip the house down.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens > B+

These two are fantastic in their own rights, but together they are more than the sum of their parts. This is the best friends feud of this generation, and they're making it look as great as Trip and HBK did over a decade ago. During MITB we were given Ziggler vs Corbin, the feud that will never end. Sami and KO is the feud I never want to end! Or, when it ends, they need to be back to being besties again to go after some bigger, meaner, scarier force. The chemistry between them is something that's either naturally there, or it's not. That's what being besties can do for ring work.

I'm quite impressed with how they worked this match, especially after what they did in the MITBLM. They both left it all out there, especially KO who took bumps I've never seen in a Ladder Match prior to this. Not only were his bumps innovative, but he's not the smallest fry in the box, but he took them like it was nothing – mostly. I guess it was a bit more than I thought because Sami got the win here. It was a shocking win, but after MITB, nothing will shock me.

I love the grit of them fighting after the match. Both of them are so obviously tired and in pain, but they worked as much as they could, trying to throw all they had into it, and sell all they got. It just wasn't a lot after what they did Sunday night.

Winner – Sami Zayn!

Backstage Segment > A

Yes! Even more fighting between Sami and KO! This is what I've been begging for. The last really big backstage fight we had was Taker and Brock, but I don't recall who it was before then. It's been too long since we've seen fights like this, fights that are actually realistic!

Stage Segment > B

And then we get bleeping People Power? What is up with that red suit? That's the worst thing I've seen on WWE TV in a long time, even worse than Byron's bright green shirt at MITB! I should have expected Johnny Ace after Teddy Long and Korporate Kane, but I had been hoping it wouldn't happen. Hopefully, next week we get Vickie! Shane handled him quite well and got him out of there – I hope.

Stage Segment > A-

Enzo and Shane on the stage together were fantastic! That's how to work with the Superstars. I missed Shane more than I thought, and the longer he's around, the more I realize how much I really did miss him. Enzo and his 0 dimes shirt was great, they need to market those because I think they'd absolutely sell. I have to wonder how pissed they are that the ref counted three for them at MITB and called it two. That was really crappy reffing in my book.

Enzo & Cass vs Vaudevillains > C+

I can't say this was anything of a thrilling match because the Vaudevillains really aren't that exciting. I want to feel more for them, but they're not translating well to WWE TV. I think they have the personalities, but for some reason, they're not coming through. I think Gotch is still freaked out in front of that many fans and over-compensates for it by working really stiff. English is a good wrestler, but we need more personality from him. Either way, it's time for Enzo and Cass to move on from these two and get into a better feud.

Winners – Enzo & Cass

In Ring Segment > B

AJ did a great job of sounding pissed off and making that huge deal about his name being dragged through the mud. Making them apologize was great, but it was such an obvious setup! Cena isn't even out yet and I see a setup! AJ did a great job on mic here. I'm so impressed with how he's grown since joining the WWE!

AJ using the podcast as a way to get out of facing Cena was great! But he was also right about Cena needing an excuse as to why he loses every match. AJ really hit the monkey on the nose with his comments here. He's really great at getting to the point of the matter.

Cena vs Anderson > D

Cena was so focused on AJ and Gallows backstage, watching over his shoulder and not paying enough attention to his match. He looked as though he might get the win when The Club attacked. So much for AJ telling the truth and Cena not getting beaten down, yet again. I enjoyed them on the mic, but this was just lameness. They should have let Anderson and Cena fight, then have Gallows and AJ rush the ring after the match was over, or right at the last moment after a solid match. Though it seems as though Cena doesn't have any solid matches that are not PPV matches, other than when he's holding the US Championship.

Winner via DQ – Cena

Backstage Segment > A-

Rollins started this segment off as a bit of a face, went heel, and then pulled back before going a bit more heel again. Back and forth, almost like a tweener. Interesting. That being said, Rollins is wonderful on mic and sold this segment solid!

Backstage Segment > B+

Poor Becky is losing all her friends. Becky was really great on mic here, but so was Nattie after the attack. Nattie standing tall and being a heel might be a good thing for her. Or, would be if we got Sasha back to help fight against all these heels. Yes, I know Sasha isn't truly a face, but she's not a heel like Charlotte and Dana!

Corbin vs Ryder > D

Yawn. I see very little in Corbin. He's a tall guy who looks like Bo Dallas, but otherwise, I get nothing from him. And Ryder is super boring to me. Because of all this, I yawned through this match.

Winner – Corbin

Backstage Segment > B-

Paige didn't have a chance with the bottle blondes backstage. Looks like McMahon is at it again, only the bottle blondes have a chance to get anywhere, even better if they have bog fake boobs and look brainless.

Women's Championship Match – Charlotte (c) vs Paige > B-

I cannot imagine how hard it is to stay in shape on the road the way they are, with all the food temptations, bad sleep habits, and finding gyms wherever they can, but I have to say that Charlotte is looking a bit loose around the middle. She's never been perfectly toned, which I'm all for seeing the good with the bad, but her love handles are jiggly right now. Maybe she should think of changing up her ring gear a bit to hide those things when they're out there. Now, don't get me wrong, I'd love to be in the shape she's in, I'm just surprised to see that she's having that issue right now.

And then Dana couldn't even get Charlotte's foot up on the ropes. How can you botch so badly from outside the ring? That was ridiculous!

Winner – Charlotte

In Ring Segment > A+

Sasha's finally back! Her return deserves this grade. I feel like we've been waiting so long for her to be cleared from that concussion and return to WWE TV. I know she faces Summer Rae last week as a warm up, but this is what the Women's Division needs! Take out those bottle blondes! So it will be Sasha and Paige vs Charlotte and Dana at BattleGround, and then Sasha facing Charlotte for the strap at SummerSlam? Makes sense to me!

Backstage Segment > C

Reigns is back to repeating the same rhetoric. I'm bored. He is getting better on mic, but other than that one line earlier, he's still a one-note pony. Time for him to grow a set.

In Ring Segment > C+

It was great to see They Wyatt Family back in the ring, but New Day? I'm not sure about this. I'm not sure this is something that's going to work out well for either faction. I will say that I liked some of their banter, but not all of it. “New Day falls!” was an interesting chant that got some backing from the fans. I wonder if the fans are ready to turn New Day heels again. They want They Wyatt Family as faces, or seem to, but only time will tell for this feud, though I worry that it will fall flat and be a horrific mess very quickly. At the end Bray really worked that mic and laid it out for them, ending with his most famous, “Run!”

Video > F

Another Backlund video. Lucky us.

O'Neil vs Rusev > B

This is the O'Neil we've needed to see. He's riled over his sons – who did a great job at MITB – and letting it all out all over Rusev. O'Neil, with his personality, his size, and his skills, he could be a great upper mid-card Superstar. I like this O'Neil, he might have a chance for the future with a showing like this.

Winner via Count Out – O'Neil

Video > B+

The crew looked like they had a blast with Miz spazzing out. Actually Maryse seemed to have troubles keeping a straight face as well, and Miz looked a bit smirky himself.

Backstage Segment > A-

Jericho has taken this rockstar thing to a whole new level, but Shane was the one who stole this segment! Wow, he took Jericho apart here, and didn't bat an eye when he did it. Yes, they've worked together for years, but it's been a while since they were doing things like this. Their chemistry hasn't lost anything in the years between.

#1 Contender Match – Rollins vs Reigns > A

Ambrose on announce through this match was great. He's so natural, and said he'd face them both, because he knows them both that well. He can't sit still, really showing how riled up he is that he's the WWE WHC. All that being said, this match was part two of the greatness we saw at MITB between Reigns and Rollins. Those chants stating that Reigns can't wrestle are absolute bullshit! That man keeps proving that he can go in the ring, and does so on a regular basis. As with almost every other wrestler, it depends on who he's in the ring with, and when he's in the ring with Rollins, they're insane! Their differing styles makes their matches must-see, and their MITB is a MoTY through and through.

I think we all knew this wouldn't have a clean ending, but they sure fought hard to get to that double count out. Of course Shane had to do his job, though I don't know why he'd schedule two matches rather than a Triple Threat Match, but I guess it was to make Ambrose look that much more insane for wanting a Triple Threat Match. To be honest, I had been hoping they'd do something between two of them at Battleground, then set up for the big Triple Threat Match at SummerSlam, but with the draft coming, I can see why they're pushing it up.

Double Count Out

Post Show

Speaking of the draft, I don't understand why they were acting as though the draft hadn't been announced weeks ago! What's up with that? (Yes, even though I don't like the man behind the mask, watching so much WWE Network, I have Hurricane in the brain.) Anyway, they were quite open about the draft before now, but then acted as if it was a new thing on Raw last night, talk about them thinking the WWE fans have no memory! It's kind of funny that we are going into the draft now as last night I watched the end of the Alliance and Flair debut as McMahon's new 50/50 partner in the WWE, so the first draft will be coming my way fairly soon.

I have to admit that this episode of Raw was really great. I had hoped it would be coming off MITB, but you never know with the WWE at this point, they bounce between stellar and stupid on a weekly basis, so it's catch as catch can these days.
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