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Seth Rollins

Has Foley lost some weight this past week or two? He looks suddenly thin. Like shockingly suddenly Foley looks like he's lost a bunch of weight. I'm hoping it's just the jacket he was wearing, but I'm going to be keeping a closer eye on Foley. He's one of my most beloved Superstars, and always will be. While his weight might fluctuate on a regular basis, it's that we're seeing him each week live on Raw that makes changes more noticeable to us. Not complaining, because seeing him on a regular basis makes me extremely happy.

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment > B+

This segment started off slowly and only got worse when Charlotte started screaming rather than talking to Foley and Dana. It's so hard to take Charlotte seriously as she screeches at everyone. She makes me want to turn off the volume and watch the segment without it, but I don't want to miss any of the others in the ring with her. Charlotte's screeching really dragged down the grade for this segment.

Sasha's jacket is amazing. She made Charlotte look like the bland wallflower with nothing going for her except a bit of gold on her waist. Sasha's jacket makes me want to put my laptop aside and grab that red leather I bought earlier and sit at my sewing machine to create! But, I'm dedicated to my job, so I continue typing and loving this segment so much more. Not that I want to see Bayley and Sasha face off, but heck I sure want to see it!

Bayley is so endearing on mic. She's Sasha's friend, but she really wants, and deserves, to go after the Women's Championship. She's been a great addition to Raw, even though it's only been a few weeks.

Dana sure made a statement with one slap, but I worry that she will end up hurting someone with her green moves in the coming match.

Triple Threat Match for #1 Contendership – Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Dana Brooke > B+

This was a solid match. I like that a lot of the work was Bayley against Dana and Sasha against Dana. The little bits between Sasha and Bayley were tasty, but should be kept for their epic PPV matches that are to come. This match was booked really well, and executed even better. I even have to admit that Charlotte on announce was solid, mostly because she wasn't yelling.

I was sure that Dana was in there to take the pinfall or submission. There was no way either Sasha or Bayley should take the loss in this match, but Bayley did and I have no issue with it. The frenzied ending made the pinfall into a nothing against Bayley. It didn't hurt her in any way, at all.

Winner Sasha

Backstage Segment > B

Timeshares to R-Truth? That's too funny, but only because it's R-Truth.

Enzo and Cass really saved this segment, because of The Shining Stars talked much more, I'd have failed this segment. So, Enzo and Cass save the day, again!

Backstage Segment > A-

All about KO's mentor, Trip? KO is so great on mic, normally, but he was a bit dry here.

Jericho, on the other hand was so on with IT! He's the epitome of character evolution. Young Superstars, and Bray Wyatt, should watch the evolution of Jericho to learn how it's done. Yes, there's others who are great, but Jericho is one of the longest who has grown and changed in a way that he's still very obviously Jericho, but a new and different Jericho who has his finger on the pulse of what the fans need at any given time.

Bo vs Jobber > D-

I don't think I've ever heard a chant of, “Let's go Jobber!” That was downright fantastic! I'm talking about the chant, not the match, not the jobber, and not Bo. Now, I'd like it if Bo had a character, more than his now pissiness. Who is he? What drives him? What about the political sign? Why should we care? It's right back to the WWE dropping the ball in the most obvious of places! The wrestlers used to all have characters, even if they were their jobs and too silly for words. Now Superstars have little character or personality, and I don't know why we should care about most of them. I sure don't care about Bo.

Winner – Bo

Highlight Reel > A

Jericho was great from the start, especially how he introduced Sami to the ring. But Sami gave it right back with calling Jericho a stupid idiot for thinking KO is really his friend. It was beautiful, and Sami sold it. And Sami stayed right on top with quick comments to take out Jericho's knees. Looked up to Jericho who is now KO's bitch? No clue who wrote this, though I'm guessing Jericho had a hand in it, because this is some of Sami's best ever. Not just the words, but his delivery is getting better and better each week. I'd love to see a feud between these two, because Jericho brings out the best in those he's working with on mic. Jericho wrote most of his 'one dollar, Canadian' segments, with the help of Christian and Trish, and it still rings as one of Jericho's best storylines, because it was that good. Jericho has the leeway to write his own segments, and that could help elevate Sami to where he deserves to be in the WWE, not where he wallows when he's not working with KO. Sami has all it takes to be a top guy, but now he needs the WWE to believe in him, and a great storyline with Jericho could really help him along with that.

Best of Seven – Match #5 – Sheamus vs Cesaro > C+

I really want to be excited for this match, because I love Cesaro, but I'm not. I'm so over this series. They need to move Cesaro to SmackDown where he'd fit so much better. He'd be great going after AJ for the WWE Championship!

Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored!

I will admit that Cesaro sold the 'back injury' really well through this match, possibly too much, but at least he didn't fluff it off the way so many Superstars do in that position. Though I'm shocked that Cesaro heeled out here and used the ropes to win it. Of course he had to do something to win, but the ropes? That's so Sheamus!

Winner – Cesaro

Backstage Segment > B+

Rollins really seemed a bit off here. He was quiet and on point, but nothing really exciting. Maybe it worked well against a pissed off Foley, but I expect so much more from Rollins. I love his fire and excitement, and if we are losing that with face Rollins, I'm not sure how I feel about him being face. Foley was fantastic here, and I love that he's toeing that line more and more. It's that side of Foley we haven't seen in well over a decade.

Alicia Fox vs Nia Jax > A-

Nia on mic is a bit stiff, but she's such a striking looking woman, almost handsome, that I have a hard time pulling my eyes from her.

I don't think there was any question about Foxy getting destroyed in this match, but the way she was slammed back and forth into the barricade, then slammed through the timekeeper's area was above and beyond what I was expecting. I'm not sure who can stand toe to toe with Jax, because most of the female Superstars are smaller than Foxy. Will they bring in Kia? It's my greatest hope for the Women's Division.

In Ring Segment > B+

New Day really did a great job with their 5:37! Big E is captivating to watch, and so much fun since he's allowed to show his real, and quirky, personality. You know, the one that McMahon thought the WWE wouldn't understand. Looks like another one of those things McMahon was perfectly wrong about, again!

Sadly Anderson and Gallows brought this segment down by speaking. I'd been behind them like few had, but they're better in silly deadpan videos than they are live.

New Day vs Anderson & Gallows > B+

This was a solid little match. The problem is that's all Anderson and Gallows have been able to do lately. I know they'll be the transitional Tag Team Champs, between New Day and Enzo and Cass, because the teams are too similar to pass from one to the other, but at this point I'd rather Shooting Stones be Champs for a week so we don't have to see this crap. There's certain Superstars who need to go to acting and improv classes, and these two should be at the top of the list. Add in Neville, Baron Corbin, Reigns, Mahal, and I'm sure I could continue this list, but Reigns is on my screen proving he should be going to class with them too. Sad that none of New Day has worn off on these two.

Winners – Anderson & Gallows

Backstage Segment > C-

I know that Reigns can be so much better than this on mic, I think that's why I get so annoyed by him. He's not playing heel or face here, he's just being boring and robotic. I know Orton made it quite far before getting past being robotic, but there's too many great personalities in the WWE right now for Reigns to get far in the WWE with that lack of personality. It's almost depressing to see how blah he was in this segment, because he has so much more going for him than this. We've seen it from him, it's not as if he's Baron Corbin and doesn't have enough personality to thread a needle with, he has it, he's just not using it!

Mahal vs Swagger > C+

Ugh, the traditional hatred of the USA because of some reason. Yawn. And he's all found peace, but of course he's not lily white, so it's time for Swagger to come out and fight him through the chants of, “USA!” This is the part I truly hate about the WWE. This was something that worked really well back in the day, but we should be coming together, not letting things like this incite hatred between people. It's all of the worst of the WWE from back in the day, minus necrophilia, wrapped into one match.

Winner - Mahal

Backstage Segment > D-

If it had been someone else, there might have been some reaction to Tom. But it was Swagger, so there was nothing. Though it looks like he might be getting some sort of storyline.

Enzo vs Epico > B

I always try to give props to the best comments in the WNW Open Thread Discussion that really catch my eye. This week I was laugh aloud at the start of this match for conan_kun, “It's time for Enzo and Cass to catch a falling star and put it in their pocket, never let it fade away.” Thank you for throwing that out there and making me laugh.

All wrestlers should have to watch Enzo in the ring to see how to keep in character through everything that could be going on in the ring. He's Enzo all the way through everything he does. There's a couple other Superstars who do that, but they're few and far between these days. I think that's one of the reasons I love watching Enzo, because he's Enzo Amore through and through.

Dang, Epico was so outclassed in this match. He absolutely needed to have his cousin cheat to help him win. Now, I'm not thrilled with this feud, but it is one way to keep the Colon Boyz in the mix. Actually, I think it takes guys like Enzo and Cass to make the Colon Boyz at all interesting, and the only way they're going to get a grade like this for anything they do in the WWE at this point in their careers.

Winner – Epico

Backstage Segment > A

KO and Rollins are gold together. Now, as I said earlier, Rollins is a bit flat as a face, but I think once he stops wallowing in self pity over Trip dropping him and his inability to win the Universal Championship, he will come into his own and be fantastic. Even better if he has passionate Foley backing him – to a point. Foley was such a Dad here, and that's exactly what Rollins needed. He got rid of KO and was the voice of reason for Rollins. Fingers crossed that he's face enough to take that advice. But either way, I liked this segment, and can see where Rollins is going, I just hope he doesn't lose too much of his fire and passion in becoming face.

Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns > A-

This was a solid match with an old school vibe. It really felt more AE than New Era, and in a good way. It goes back to grittiness and a reality to the match that we don't get as much these days. We surely didn't get it from Sheamus vs Cesaro earlier, but this match really had a great feel, and gave us a lot of psychology and feel. Reigns works really well with guys who push him, and KO pushes everyone he's in the ring with, and almost invariably make them look better.

Rollins wasn't who I was expecting to see cause the DQ in this match. I was expecting Rusev, but maybe he's not back from his honeymoon yet? Either way, that was quite the heelish move from Rollins. I like Rollins with some edginess to him, and worry that he will get too face if not allowed to have that edginess that makes him so great.

Winner Via DQ – KO

Match Restarted > A

The restarting of this match took it to a whole new level. Wow, they really went all out to finish this match. Gotta love Foley for restarting this match!

KO's fisherman's suplex off the corner was beautiful! That should have ended the match, and could be another great finisher for him. Then again, KO has so many great (and big) moves, that he doesn't really need another finisher, but it would be a nice surprise one for PPVs. There's no way Reigns should have gotten up from that, but that's #WWELogic for you.

And then there's Rusev! Just who we wanted to see! A great heel ending for KO, because he's so great at being a heel.

Winner – KO

Post Show

This episode of Raw was such a roller coaster ride. Starting off with the female Superstars was fantastic and really gave me optimism for this show, but after the women things went downhill and fast. The big improvements in the middle were Nia Jax and Foxy working together, going through the barricade. Wait, that's female Superstars as well! Things didn't improve until the Highlight Reel. Jericho and Sami Zayn were wonderful together, some of Sami's best mic work, and I hope to see more of them together, and real soon. Other than those segments mentioned, it wasn't until the main event that the show was brought back to something great. Okay, so it started with the backstage segment between KO and Rollins, but it was leading into the main event, so close enough for me.

I have one last thing I need to get off my chest. After that boring segment/match with Mahal, and all the filler they gave us because they really don't know what to do with three hours each Monday, I'm that much more confused about why Sandow was released. I know Cody Rhodes wanted his release, and possibly the same can be said about Ryback, but Sandow was poised and ready to be a HUGE Superstar in the WWE, but they kept not pulling the trigger and buried him at every turn. Sandow was treated in a way that I would understand why he wouldn't want to be there (personally I don't know the truth behind it), but the fans want him there. I feel the release of Sandow was the biggest travesty perpetrated by the WWE upon a Superstar in (easily) the past twenty years. I don't care where Sandow is working, but the WWE needs to get him back and treat him the way a talent of his calibre should be treated.

As I want to get this out to you before I go to bed, I'm going to stop here. What are your thoughts on the best parts of this episode of Raw? With what do you agree or disagree with me here? Be kind, but I want to read your thoughts.

Queen of WNW

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