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Raw Is Blogged: The Mizzies?

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Hello WNW people. My name is Mitch “Big M” Adams, and this is Raw Is Blogged. Which is, of course, an opinion based review of Monday Night Raw each week if you did not know that before!

So without further ado, let’s get stuck into what happened on Monday Night Raw this week, shall we?

Opening Segment: Big Cass & Big Show > A

Well, I guess Enzo isn’t the only guy that can cut a great promo huh! Seriously, Cass was pure magic here. He sold every single last word and got great heat. Big Show coming out to confront him surprised me a little (as did his sweet chain wrestling moves he employed on Cass) so I’m intrigued to see where this will end up going.

Finn Balor vs Elias Samson > B

Finn Balor can work with anyone, and it would be great, but can WWE’s higher-ups stop obsessing over guys like Roman and Braun and give Finn a long-term program already? He’s better than working opening TV matches with Samson.

Winner: Finn Balor

In-Ring Segment: Hardy Boyz & The Club > A

Before anyone asks…Yes, the “Broken” Universe will soon be making its way to WWE. Jeff and Matt did more than tease as much during this promo, and it got the crowd hot within seconds. The Club even added to this segment in my opinion. Good stuff which foreshadows exciting times ahead.

Hardy Boyz vs The Club > B

I was shocked that this match ended so quickly and the Club won so easily. Yes, The Hardy’s were selling the match they had at Great Balls Of Fire. Yes, The Club needed the win. But it was still shocking quite frankly. Still, it was a decent match for what it was.

Winner’s: The Club

Post-Match Shenanigans: The Revival Attack The Hardy’s > B

The Revival vs The Hardy Boyz! That is the match I’ve been longing to see ever since the Raw after Wrestlemania. And it looks like we are finally getting it.

Miz TV: The “Mizzies” > D

The heel Champion patting himself and his allies on the pack while rubbing it in for the whole world to see is a classic and essential part of WWE’s brand of Pro Wrestling/Sports Entertainment. But honestly, this ran too long and was pretty pointless. Not even Ambrose and Rollins coming out to attack Miz and his Miztourage could get me invested.

Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks & Bayley > B

Solid Women’s Tag Match that showcased each participant. But they all kind off phoned it in as well if I'm honest. It was good, but we all know they could have done better. At least Bayley got the win instead of being buried again!

Winner’s: Sasha & Bayley

Shattered Dreams > B-

This is as close as we are ever going to get to seeing OG Goldust in PG era WWE! But as good as these promos can be, they’re still not as good as the promos he cut in 96-97.

Goldust vs R-Truth > D

This was honestly the toilet break match, and the crowd knew it. No one cared about this match at all. Which is kind of sad when you think about it!

Winner: Goldust

In-Ring Segment: Angle, Lesner, Heyman, Samoa Joe & Roman Reigns > B+

Man alive I hope we get to see Samoa Joe vs Lesner at SummerSlam! It’s obvious from this segment and the entire build up of their feud that they have great chemistry. They didn’t get to do much at Great Balls Of Fire, but you knew they could have classic matches if given a chance.

Roman was honestly dead weight in this segment. People were really hoping that after the ambulance stunt at Great Balls Of Fire he would finally turn heel (I mean, trying to commit Vehicular Homicide after losing a match isn’t normally a babyface move). But you know Vince McMahon! No matter how much Roman looks like, talks like and acts like a heel, Vince will still push him as a babyface against all logic.

None of us were surprised by the announcement of Joe and Roman being in a #1 contender match next week. But for everyone's sake, I hope Joe goes over in that match. Joe vs Brock two needs to happen sooner rather than later, and Vince needs to stop trying to force the Roman issue. He probably won’t, and it will end in disaster. But I’m holding out hope someone will be able to convince him to keep Roman out of the main event.

Backstage Segment: Angle & Graves > A

Ok, we’ve had enough of the teasing, and we want to know what this scandal regarding Angle is all about and why Graves is involved. And it looks like we will find out next week.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m bloody intrigued!

Akira Towaza & Cedrick Alexander vs Noam Dar & Neville > A

A really decent Cruiserweight Tag match here. It’s just a shame the crowd wasn’t more into it. But that’s the curse of 205 Live for you. Everyone in this match looked like a million bucks (even Noam Dar). But Alexander is such a great talent that fans really should be getting behind.

Winner’s: Towaza & Cedrick Alexander

Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt > D

This match was much like their match at Great Balls Of Fire. Meaning it was a complete and utter snore-fest! Sometimes two supremely talented workers just can’t find their groove together in the ring, they can’t find any chemistry. And I fear that is the case between Seth and Bray.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Post-Match Shenanigans: Miz & The Miztourage Try To Attack Rollins, But Ambrose Saves The Day > B

I don’t know where this stuff between Rollins, Ambrose, Miz and his Miztourage is headed, but I’m willing to keep an open mind to it. Especially if I get to keep seeing Ambrose beat the crap out of Miz with steel chairs!

Overall Grade: B

Not a half bad episode of Raw this week. Lots of interesting segments and nothing that could be considered too awful. Just an overall solid effort.

And that Ladies and Gents was Raw Is Blogged! I hope you have enjoyed it. Feel free to follow me on twitter @WNWBigM and make sure to join in the fun and discussion that is WNW’s Facebook group created by Richard Gray and administrated by yours truly. The group URL is, and it’s all about pro wrestling and MMA discussion. I hope to see you there!

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