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RAW Is Blogged - A Night Of Lost Star Power

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As was expected, RAW was taken over by the fans. It seems as though the fans have learned, specifically at the RAW after WrestleMania last year, that they can get completely random chants going, and sometimes derail the wrestlers, or even hijack a show. At Royal Rumble it was obviously what the fans wanted, and that they were going to do all they could to get it – Daniel Bryan. On RAW the fans implemented the same technique to the same effect. I'm with Richard, all for the fans expressing their feelings through chants at a show. They paid the money to be there, they have the right to chant for what they want. I expected RAW would be loud and raucous for Punk, and many of the WNW commenters stated before the show that they were looking forward to seeing what the fans would be doing in reaction to Punk's leaving.

I know I promised that this wouldn't be late again, and I have learned that I cannot make promises like that which I cannot keep. I had my day planned out, and went to my monthly doctor appointment in Portland, and had planned on writing when I got home. Halfway home I became quite ill. I made it home in one piece, then crawled into bed. I was up once after that and passed out, so I was in no condition to be sitting at my desk writing, or even passing it off to someone else. I just crawled out of bed, and I'm going to make this short and to the point, only hitting the highest of the highs, and lowest of the lows.

RAW Starts

In Ring Segment > B

I loved how the fans so quickly and easily derailed Orton with their chants for Punk. They knew who they wanted, and it wasn't Orton. Orton spoke louder, faster, and seemed frenzied. You'd think by this point he'd know how to handle himself if the fans went in a different direction, but he cannot seem to be able to control his temper and stay in character. Then again, his character is mostly who he is in real life, egotistical, easily enraged and, out of control most of the time.

When Trip started the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants, I knew something big was going to happen with Bryan, I just didn't know what, and I didn't see Bryan coming around to being the face of the WWE.

The Shield vs Big E & Rey & Kofi > B

I know Kofi,rey and Big E are all faces, but they're quite an odd combination. I have to give the WWE medical staff big props for cleaning up Reigns' face between when he was busted open by Big E, and when he returned to the ring. They didn't rush in with the white towel, but they were quick and not obvious about it. Beyond that, this match was solid. It wasn't the best match of the night, but it was solid. I loved watching Rey and Rollins work together, they could have a fantastic feud if Rey's body holds up. The best parts of this match were mostly because of The Shield. Big E looked solid too, but loses some of his props in busting open Reigns.

Winners – The Shield (11:36)


The best part of Bad News Barrett was King getting all up in his business. I don't know what McMahon sees in Barrett, but I think he's the only one.

Christian vs Swagger > C

Christian is looking a bit rusty. His ring work just isn't up to what I expect from him, and his cardio seems to be seriously lacking. I'm rarely thrilled or impressed with Swagger, and putting him in with Christian who just doesn't seem to be himself, and this match was not great. I hope Christian can pull things together before Elimination Chamber, or I'm worried that he could get injured.

Winner – Christian (5:58)

Steel Cage Tag Team Championship Match > B+

I have to complain about the cage for a moment. It was obviously the house shows cage, therefore didn't have the holes needed for the cameras to poke through to get better shots at the actions. I was quite impressed with most of the match, as I have been each time these four have been in the ring together recently. Despite their ages (most of them), they're pushing hard to give the fans great matches.

When Cody got to the top of that cage, I started cussing very loudly, as I knew what was coming. I was confused about why Dogg wasn't in the right place to catch his fall, and continued cussing as I was quite worried that Cody was really injured. I was touched by how Goldust stayed close to his brother after the match was over. He showed such care and tenderness for his brother. It seems as though them tagging together has done great things for their relationship. When they first started working together, their tags were gentle, delicate, but now they work as a finely tuned machine, and show a closeness that they didn't seem to have early on. I know we'va ll wanted to see them feud, but I'm not so sure about it now. Maybe I'm being all girly about it, but I think they should be left with the growth in their relationship and leave it at that.

Winners – New Age Outlaws (16:20)

Ryder vs O'Neil > C

This was quite an odd match. I thought O'Neil turning on Young was too quick. I loved their moment on Smackdown, and that Young was bleeding and that they didn't force him to clean up. Beyond that, this match was a nothing, and actually more confusing than helpful. What was up with miz's complaints, then stomping off? That made little to no sense, and actually, the only thing in this match that was at all worth watching was O'Neil's finisher. I've not been a fan of O'Neil's ring work, though I've fully admitted that he's grown by leaps and bounds since he started. Being off on his own will either be great for him, or he'll fall away to nothing, but I'm hoping for the former over the latter, because I think he has something great in him.

Winner – O'Neil (2:45)

Dance Off > D

I don't know enough about Emma's work in NXT (I'm still way behind), so I can't say much about her work before this, but the fans seemed to love her. Honestly, from what I've seen, I'm still confused as to why people like Emma and Summer Rae have been brought up when Paige is still in NXT. That's one impressive (anti) Diva!

Sheamus vs Axel > B

Not overly impressed with this match. I know Sheamus is newly back, and this was his first singles match, but honestly, it seemed as though Axel was off his mark a bit, and that made the whole match feel slightly uncomfortable. I honestly can't put my finger on what was so horrible about it, just that Axel felt rushed, and it made them out of synch in a rough way. It might also be that I'm worried about seeing a maybe between Sheamus and Ryback coming down the tubes.

Winner – Sheamus (7:04)

In Ring Segment > C+

I don't know what they were trying to accomplish with this segment, but I thought it fell flat. I just don't believe these two feuding, and I can see that they're trying to get more of a face pop for Batista by putting him against a heel, but they need to use a heel that the WWE hate, not someone who gets X-Pac heat most of the time. And I thought McMahon didn't want Batista in the ring looking less than bulky. The same burnout V-neck purple t-shirt that hugs his body, and jeans that are barely looser than skinny doesn't add any bulk to his look, especially since he removed his bulky jacket before entering the ring. It didn't help that ADR went to the ring in almost identical jeans, a similarly colored V-neck t-shirt, and a jacket that came off. Seemed to me that's something that would have been addressed before they went to the ring. Beyond that, Batista seemed beyond upset over the attack, almost enraged. Either he was selling better than I thought he possibly could, or he was really ticked. The thing that seemed above and beyond for me was the way he picked up the mic and threw it down again, seemingly well after he should have calmed some. It felt forced, but also too believable. Strange, very strange.

Ziggler & R-Truth & Woods vs The Wyatt Family > B

Something about pairing Ziggler up with R-Truth and Woods felt really off. The fans loved it, and really cheered for him to be in the match. For me it was Ziggler and Harper who carried this match. Ziggler is always entertaining, and Harper pushed his character that much further. I'm more and more impressed by Harper at every turn. His yelling and crazy looks during the match, on top of his solid ring work, this man could be huge. It made sense that Bray finished the match with Sister Abigail. It was a great way to end the match.

Winners – The Wyatt Family (5:01)

In Ring Segment > A-

I love that Reigns is getting more of the mic work when The Shield is talking. He really is strong on mic, and growing by leaps and bounds. It was bot the mic work from all three, and Bray's reaction to it all that made this segment work so beautifully.

Naomi vs Aksana > D

I wasn't overly impressed with Aksana's ring work, but I have thought she'd been looking better in the ring, and more than just the change in her ring gear – until this debacle. I don't understand why they'd take one of their strangest Divas and put her in the ring with someone who just isn't that good. What Aksana was trying to do when she drove her knee into Aksana's eye socket, I'll never know. As soon as that knee dropped, I knew something went wrong. It made no sense for Aksana to drop her knee like that, and I don't know what she was trying to achieve by doing so. I feel bad for Naomi and hope she recovers soon without this costing her any ring time, or her push for the Divas Championship.

Winner – Naomi (4:51)

Bryan vs Orton > A

The work from these two men in this match was fantastic! I've enjoyed their work together, and think that they bring out some of the best in each other. Bryan is always more vicious, Orton has to pull out unique moves to keep up with Bryan's creativity. They really left it all out there for the fans, and showed what we have to look forward to going forward. This match has me quite excited for Elimination Chamber.

When Kane came out to distract Bryan, what I saw was the WWE trying to set up an obvious rivalry between the two so that they can possibly lure Punk back. If Bryan is working with Kane, then Punk can have his match with Trip. I don't know as it will happen, and I'm quite torn on the whole thing. I'd love for Punk to return, and I think he's been rather dicked around, but I also want to see what could happen between Bryan and Trip. But then there's the obvious feud between Bryan and Kane that's just been sitting there for so long. They have a lot of possibilities, it's the questions hanging in the air that make it that much more exciting.

Winner – Bryan (27:54)

Post RAW

Again, sorry this was so late. I will work harder next week, and hopefully my body will agree with me. We're in the middle of the Road to WrestleMania, and there's so much going on, so much to watch and say about it, I need to stay healthy and on top of my game. Plus, the WWE Network is coming out soon! So excited!

Queen of WNW

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