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Brock Lesnar Unviversal Champion

I was incredibly sick last week. I wasn't just sick, but I barely got out of bed for over a week. I had an issue with one of my meds being changed and really not agreeing with me. We have it worked out, I'm going back to the one that worked so well for me. If you really absolutely have to know, you can message me and ask, but I'll tell you it was really bad.

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment > A-

Angle starting Raw is always great, no matter the decade. He's charismatic, and so obviously thrilled to be back home. Not sure about a Fatal Five Way, but everyone involved absolutely should be involved, and anyone else I think should be in it are either out due to injury, or in other matches/feuds.

The fighting between superstars made a lot of sense. I'd actually like to see how a feud between Reigns and Balor would work. Balor could help cement Reigns as a heel, and they actually work quite well together. Hey, give me a break, I'm trying to be optimistic here!

Stacy is determined that Joe not only needs to win this Fatal Five Way, but defeat Brock. That Joe has worked hard for many years, deserves it, is more than tough enough to work with Brock in a way that works, and who knows how long Joe's body will hold out, it's not like he's a kid any longer. While I see a longer career for Joe than Stacy does, I am all for him being Universal Champion and taking the strap off Brock who can't even be on Raw when he's Champion. I have never liked him, have been vocal about it, but beyond that, having the Universal Champion never around is absolute shit for WWE TV and the Universal Championship. I have no issue with this part-time crap, what I have issue with the part-timer crapping all over the Championship by not being on WWE TV each week. I don't care about contracts at this point, I care about the product, and it totally sucks when the Champion can't be bothered to show up. 30 days without competing is something that should either be real, or not, and if the WWE is going to use it at all, then it's time to strip Brock of the strap so we can actually have the Universal Champion back on Raw.

Backstage Segment > A-

It's fun to watch Angle 'set up' matches for Raw. I would love it if he had some say backstage say in the feuds and storylines. Personally I think his insight could add a lot to the floundering mess the WWE has become in recent years.

Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus > B+

Really solid and hard hitting match, as expected between these two. This was a lot of fun to watch, and I loved how they started this with a clip of Sheamus knocking Jeff's tooth out.

The botch between Sheamus and Matt was great, but even better was how it was handled. That Sheamus stepped back and again kicked Matt in the chest while Matt berated Sheamus verbally was wonderful! Shows that they're both pros, can handle a botch without freaking out, and didn't make a biggie of it. Facial expressions are big when botches happen – think of Nia Jax's face when she dropped Charlotte on her head – but these two didn't plotz and moved on. That's so nice to see!

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks > B-

I know Sasha hasn't had the best track record, but putting her in a match with Foxy isn't going to help that! While Foxy is a great character and she sells her crazy really well, further, she's great working with the younger superstars, I still don't trust her in the ring. So not cool!

Winner – Foxy

IC Championship Match – Ambrose (c) vs Miz > B+

These two normally have great chemistry, but this whole match felt slightly off. It just wasn't right, but those things happen, and it's a precursor to the greatness we should get at the next PPV – fingers crossed. Normally Maryse annoys me, but she didn't in this match, which is huge coming from me.

I loved the ending and how Ambrose handled it. He's a very animated, and makes everything that much more fun.

Winner via DQ - Miz

Backstage Segment > B+

Balor's universe? Makes sense to me!

In Ring Segment > A-&D

I cannot get over how well rounded Bliss is. She has the three importing things that makes a superstar viable, and she has them in spades.

And then there's Bayley. She's really struggling in front of the WWE Universal. I adore Bayley, but things are not working very well for her.

Backstage Segment > A-

Miz's peepee, and then how Maryse went off in French, it was fantastic! I love The Drifter and how they're building him slowly. I hope he continues to be pushed slowly, creatively, and this continues to the ringside area, and even into the ring during a match. I think it would be a blast to see him walk through the center of a match at some point.

Cruiserweight Tag Team Match > Neville & TJP vs A Double & Gallagher > B-

SSDD! I love Aries and Gallagher, and Neville is a whole new man, but yawn! They really need to shake things up with the Cruiserweight Division. I think it's time to bring it back to what it once was. Maybe keep 205 Live, but beyond that, let the Cruiserweight wrestlers work matches with the other superstars, rather than segregating them, making them feel like less than the other superstars in more than just their weight.

Winners – TJP & Neville

Backstage Segment > B

I love Goldust and R-Truth together, they are fun, but they are also getting old. Something about this segment feels slightly off, but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is.

Reigns vs Balor > B+&F

As I said, these two really jive together in the ring and worked quite well together, but, sadly, because McMahon so doesn't get it, and seems to be in a war with the fans, he's continuing to push Reigns up Mount Everest harder and faster than anyone, ever! The fact that Reigns was 'working injured' and was struggling through the whole match, he still won clean over Balor who is so much better at everything than Reigns! So much for building Balor up again! It's so stupid that McMahon seems to be doing this out of some sort of misguided vendetta against the fans, more than because it makes sense. If I didn't love what I do for work, I'd be to the point that I'd stop watching WWE completely and wallow in the best of the glory days. What a bloody cluster!

Winner – Reigns

Tron Segment > A-

Really solid segment for Wyatt. He's really stepped things up since coming back to Raw, and I love it. I also love his evolving look as it shows that they (or at least he) is aware that he needs to evolve to stay relevant. The HoH match/feud was a step back for his character, but now that Sister Abigail's grave has been burnt, maybe he's evolving into a slightly different Wyatt. I've been saying all along that the best and longest standing superstars are the ones who evolved through the years – specifically Sting and Taker – and that not enough superstars had been evolving over the past decade (cough_Cena_cough). But I think it's starting to happen, and I'm giddy!

Backstage Segment > A

“If anyone is going to slay The Beast, it will be the man who slayed The King.” Rollins had two great lines in this segment, and sold them better than almost any other lines in this episode, which is why that quote is here and his other great line is the title. I think this was the segment of the night, and I think that says so much about the direction of Raw lately!

In Ring Segment > B+

I had a gut feeling something was going to happen with Goldust after their earlier segment. As I said about Wyatt, evolution needs to happen, and if it doesn't, the superstars, feuds, storylines, WWE TV, everything, suffers. This was a great turn for Goldie, and the fans in the arena are liking it – those who responded. I hope that Goldust and R-Truth are able to have a solid feud from here, possibly with a bit of Booker T involvement. Since Booker T is there filling in for No-Tunga, why not have him get involved in this a bit? The history between Goldust and Booker T is bigger than most, so why not use him for more than announcing while he's there?

Cass vs O'Neil > A-

Seeing Enzo and Cass on mic at home was fun. The fans were all in, and they were perfectly on point. I also have to say that O'Neil did a solid job mocking Enzo on mic, and sold it well. Even better selling was O'Neil's reaction to finding out that he was facing Cass. Like, how did he not know he was in a match? But I know, it's all storyline.

As short as it was, the match told a great little story that fit between the mic work. I thought the flow of the segment as a whole worked, and was quite entertaining, especially for O'Neil who hasn't been able to find the door to the doghouse he's been living in for what feels like almost ever! And as much as I hate to admit it, I think he is helping Crews get better in front of the fans.

I'm not sure who was happier about O'Neil having a match with Cass, Enzo and Cass, or Crews! But Crews sure got Enzo back after the match when he was face timing. Looks like two heel turns two segments in a row, I like it! Even better was that Crews had a facial expression other than 'deer in headlights #4' going on. I'm so shocked that I still haven't reached the point where I can be impressed.

Winner – Cass!

Wyatt vs Rollins > A-

This match was really strong, and was interesting to watch. It didn't make Raw fantastic, but it wasn't a stinker at the end of the show either. These two feuding over the Universal Championship would be a dream feud, if handled well, yet we're stuck with that single-brain-celled-blond-bimbette who has less respect for the wrestling industry as it is today than my Ellie's father! (We turn on the WWE to get him to leave when he's visiting and we just can't deal with him any longer.)

Of course Joe had to get involved in this match, because he can't leave Rollins alone, and the main event was too good for Joe to not ruin. Though, I have to say that seeing Wyatt hitting Sister Abigail on Joe made me smile. Yes, I'm actually smiling as I write this, as we just saw it. Further, I don't think either Rollins or Wyatt could go over cleanly here without issue. Wish they'd thought of that, rather than have Reigns go over Balor clean the way they did!

Winner via DQ – Rollins

Post Show

Something about this show felt very short. Not complaining, just surprised. Normally Raw seems to drag on forever, but not last night, strange.

This is odd, but I have nothing more to say. This show was just such ugh that I can't even be bothered, and I LOVE pro wrestling. I'm just sad.

Queen of WNW

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