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The WWE is sports entertainment, but all in all we tune in to see some great wrestling, but for the second week in a row we have seen a little good wrestling and a whole lot of talking. Yes, storylines are important, but it's the wrestling that we all tune in to see, and there's been so little of that. It's been a while since I've complained about this. I think it was when Bryan was active, before he really became a top guy. It hurts my heart to tune in and see so little ring work. No matter how great the mic work and segments are, if there isn't enough solid wrestling to hold it all together, it's not pro wrestling, it's just a soap opera.

I love pro wrestling, but this isn't cutting the mustard for most of the fans. The ratings are in the sewer, the fans are disgruntled, McMahon has his head up his arse, but the superstars and the fans are the ones who are suffering. I have been through all the emotions, and now I'm just sad.

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment > A-

Yes, Joe is the only Samoan from the wrestling family, but that doesn't mean he's shit! Actually, I've been waiting years for that to be part of a storyline. If anyone should bring it up, it's Heyman, and, as usual, he did a fantastic job of it.

It was pretty much a given that there would be a fight between Joe and Brock, but that kick to Brock made me giddy. That being said, I wish the fighting lasted longer, extended beyond the ringside area, and continued throughout the show. Brock and Taker stick in our memory because they really sold it, and fought all over the place. They were realistic and believable. This was a nice little start, but not enough for the fans. Then again, that Brock Lesnar for you!

Three things to note about the locker room clearing to break them up. First, I love that Angle was out there directing the superstars after security was dispatched. Second, I didn't recognize Hawkins at all. His ring gear is such crap! Lastly, I'm hoping that Bo joins his brother soon. He sure looks the part, and it could be a boon for his career. He's struggled with his character on the main roster, but I don't think it's all his fault. I have been against putting them together, but being brothers I expect they have chemistry that will pop off the screen, as the closest relationships always do. I can't help of think of Dustin and Cody, Hall and Nash, Matt and Jeff, but the duo that have always had the best chemistry is Trip and HBK – all because these guys are so close in real life.

Samson vs Ambrose > B+

I love Samson singing. No clue who writes the words, but they are always great and on point. It kills me that the fans in the arena didn't appreciate Samson the way he should be appreciated.

That Ambrose has this mini-feud with Samson while still feuding with Miz warms me inside. As I've said before, it's not like you're only friends with one person at a time, and you don't dislike one person at a time. The WWE seems to think, this past decade or so, that a superstar can only work the ring, have a feud, be in a storyline with one person or faction at a time, and that's not reality! I know I watch and compare to the AE too much, but the diversity of the matches was a big part of what I love about the era. In the spring of 1999Stone Cold Steve Austin was feuding with McMahon, but he was also dealing with Rocky, Shane, Big Show, and Taker! None of this Cena vs Orton, match number 86 of the year, and continuing on for a couple years after. It's not real, and not good entertainment!

Winner – Samson

Shattered Dreams Production - B

I love Goldust, have since his Back Lot Match with Piper. Not a great match, but quite a bit of craziness! Many of us are loving this flashback to old school Goldust, and I hope they do right by him with this one.

Backstage Segment > A-

I love how flip Angle was with Miz. It's fun to see Miz getting the shaft, and Angle is great at it. Miz is amazing, and I'm glad he's not getting screwed over since his move to Raw. He's more than stepped up to the plate since his last movie, and after this run with the strap, he should be moving toward the main event and the Universal Title.

Backstage Segment > D-

There's so much I want to say about the Cruiserweight Division, but that will be a full article, or two. I'd have them written if I hadn't been ill over the weekend.

Alexander vs Dar > C- & B+

Hear me out! The match was crud, but also made a lot of sense in the grand scheme of things, and helped Alexander look good upon his return. Now only if he can stay healthy! But the B+ was for Creative and having Foxy 'on the phone' through the whole segment, and her voice filling the arena. It was something we haven't seen (that I recall) and it was well executed. I don't know of many other Divas (oh, sorry, but she's a holdover from that era) who could have done that as well as she did. She's quite screechy, crazy, and demanding, and that's what made it work so well.

Winner – Alexander

In Ring Segment > A-

Wyatt seems to have his groove back on mic, and he's amazing. He's evolved as time has gone along – his look and his character – and it's helped him immensely. Wyatt working with Rollins works quite well, and while I expect a lot from them, they both keep delivering. I'm thrilled with how this feud is going.

Backstage Segment > B

Speaking of evolving, watching early Hardys, before they were even the Hardy Boyz, it's amazing to see what they've become. Heck, seeing what both of them were early in their TNA careers, it's amazing they're still alive, never mind how great they are again. I never would have though these two had this in them back in the day. Further, the abuse they have put their bodies through, inside the ring, outside the ring, drugs, it's amazing that they're still alive and able to walk, but what they pull in the ring is astounding!

Crews vs Kalisto > C+&A

Kalisto was great in this match, and Crews not bad, but all that Titus Brand crap is annoying as all get out. I'm so over it, and I feel bad for Crews being mixed up in all of this. I know it's helping Crews, but Titus is so bloody annoying in this character.

The A is for Tozawa. His English might not be great, but that man can emote like nobodies business! The look on his face when Titus took that selfie about had me on the floor. He was absolutely brilliant.

Winner – Crews

Backstage Segment > B+

Rhyno and his biscuits and cheese whiz (as Mitch calls it), or crackers and spray cheese, are hysterical together. Adding in Slater and his two, three, five, seven kids, and they're quite the team, especially when Rhyno's mouth is so stuffed with biscuits he can't close it.

Miz groveling was great. He's such a wonderful heel, and has risen to every challenge given him. Just great.

Banks & Mickie & Dana vs Bliss & Emma & Jax > B+&B

Bliss and Banks are the best two on mic, but Emma held her own, as did Mickie. I loved watching Bliss trying to justify everything to Jax as everyone was talking smack to and about Bliss. They did a solid job on mic and keeping the fans interested. Of course a fight happened, and of course they made it into a Six Woman Tag Team Match, it's what they need to do. Nice to see that Raw is following SmackDown and getting all their women involved.

Bliss ditching the match was great, and not at all unexpected. She's really taken the WWE by storm and stole both Raw and SD for herself. Amazing little woman she is, and so unexpected (to me, at least).

The match was good, and showed off all the women enough. Worried that Emma will be injured again, but it is what it is, nothing to do about it from where I'm sitting. Otherwise it was great to see all six in the ring together, only wish there were a couple more on the Raw roster so that there could be more combinations, but it is what it is. It's hard to find women of their caliber, which is why Dana sticks out like a sore thumb. Anyway, Asuka will be up at some point, no matter where she starts on the main roster, she'll be on Raw at some point before long. For now we should enjoy the greatness we see week in and week out.

Winners – Banks & Mickie & Dana

Interview > D

Bayley felt unsure of who Bayley was in this segment, and Corey came off as less than a heel and more of a letch here. The cigarette comment at the end left me wondering if possibly he wasn't grossed out by the whole thing but turned on by it. He's normally better than this, but it all just felt strange. They shouldn't have aired it, because it didn't work.

Slater & Rhyno vs Miz & Bear > B+

I adore Slater and Rhyno and glad they won, even though it was all because of Ambrose. Again, Ambrose played this really well, sold it well, and gave the fans of himself. Sadly the man needs to evolve because he's way, way overdue.

The storyline between Miz and Maryse is going quite well, and is better than most of the relationship storylines they've given us through the years.

Corey having the giggles after this match was over, completely dropping kayfabe for a moment was more than worth the shite he gave us earlier in the show.

Winners – Slater & Rhyno

Neville vs Swann > D+

This made Neville look even stronger, and he was fantastic on mic, but it's like putting frosting on a pile of poo, underneath it's still poo. Not talking about Neville, but the Cruiserweight Division and how badly they've been handled.

Backstage Segment > B

So the Hardy Boyz talk up Cesaro and Sheamus, but Cesaro and Sheamus talk down the Hardy Boyz. Typical heel stuff, and worked pretty well for the storyline as a whole.

Anderson & Gallows vs Enzo & Cass > C&F

In some ways Cass did a great job of selling, to a point. He was stumbling around, then hit a move as if it's nothing, then back to dizzy and falling over. I know it's tough to do things while still selling dizziness, and he's young, so I'm not overly worried about it. If he was in his forties and unable to sell that better, then I'd trash him for it.

Really not impressed with Anderson and Gallows. In the pizza commercial they did with Dar they were both fun, believable, and endearing, but when they're like this, they're downright horrid. They really need Balor back and turn him to pull together The Bullet Club, or The Balor Club, or whatever they want to call it, but they need to do it.

Winners – Anderson & Gallows

Anderson & Gallows Def. Enzo & Cass Recap of the attack on Cass last week, and Enzo getting help from Big Show in his match. Anderson and Gallows in the ring, but Enzo and Cass don't come out. Backstage Cass is down again. Cass is up, says one shot to the back of his head, hardest he's ever been hit. (Revival can be seen in the background again.) Gallows and Anderson with mics laugh and talk smack. Finally out and Cass starts the match, selling issues with balance, but not with his moves. Enzo tags in works hard but quickly loses control. Cass cannot stand to tag back in. It's soon over. Big Show out to stand up to Anderson and Gallows who flee the ring. Show pulls up Enzo and holds his arm up. Cass, on the apron, looks quite unsure of all of this. Big Show leaves, Cass and Enzo 'discuss' what happened.

What's Up Studios - C+

R-Truth is handling this well, even though he's not the best talker. I like how he's handling himself.

Backstage Segment > B

I really liked Big Show here. He did a better job here on mic than he did last week. I enjoy him as a more comedic face, though I know I'm in the minority.

Backstage Segment > B

I wanted so much more of this segment. I wanted Brock to attack Joe or something. So while Joe was good, he deserved so much more than this.

Sheamus & Cesaro vs Hardy Boyz > B+&D-

The D- is for booking and Creative, not for the four men who worked this match. They went out there and worked hard for the fans. As Raw progress and it got later into the night, I got more and more worried that they were going to screw up this match by not giving it enough time, and that's exactly what they did. This felt so terribly rushed, and it was horrid for that. These four men deserve so much better, as do the fans.

Sadly they don't change championships on 'free' TV any longer, even though it's good for business, so I knew it wouldn't change hands here, but they way they ended it felt cheap. Maybe a DQ could have worked better? Not sure, but possibly.

2/3 Falls Tie

Post Show

Sorry it was short, but I wanted to get it out as fast as possible and get as much of this off my chest as I could.

Queen of WNW

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