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Raw Is Blogged: I Wish I Were Still Watching New Japan!

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Braun Strowman

Hello, WNW people. I am Mitch “Big M” Adams filling in for Queen Kendra this week and presenting Raw Is Blogged! I’m going to level with you guys, after watching the G1 Special this weekend just about everything WWE did felt like a MASSIVE come down by comparison. But, WWE did manage to produce a show that had one or two redeeming features. So let's run through the events of this week's Monday Night Raw, shall we?

In-Ring Promo: Enzo Amore > A

When you watch Enzo on TV every Monday three things become apparent very quickly.
1. He has the type of Fashion sense that would make Breezango have a fit.
2. He can’t Wrestle a match to save his life.
3. He is one of the best promo artists in the industry today.
For all of Enzo’s many, many faults, the man can cut a promo like few others.

The Cass & Enzo breakup angle is one of the few storylines on Raw that is actually getting the audience to engage, and it’s all thanks to Enzo selling like a legend the last three weeks. The emotion was real, the passion was real, and the one liners were perfect! And I loved the fire he showed afterward when he attacked Cass in the back. More of this incarnation of Enzo, please!

Sasha Banks & Bayley def. Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax > D

Only in Raw’s Women’s division can one member of a Tag Team be pushed to the moon again even though her first push was halted because she was declared by Vince to be “too small and injury prone.” And the other member buried even though she’s the female John Cena regarding marketing potential! This is the scenario we witnessed this week with Bayley being “taken out” of this match early and Sasha winning it on her own.

I’ve said it before, I will say it again, WWE has never had a more diversely talented roster at their disposable. And yet, they have absolutely no clue how to properly book anyone on Raw or Smackdown! It drives me up the wall each week I swear.

Only plus side about this match was how good Sasha, Alexa, and Nia looked in it. All three should have a bright future in WWE with or without decent booking thank goodness.
Backstage Segment: Angle & Strowman > B

I don’t know what this whole storyline with Angle is headed, but I hope it will be good. Braun may not be Mr. Personality, but he doesn’t have to be. The man is so intimidating he could wear his Mothers Sunday dress and speak like Jar Jar Binks, and he’d still come off as a legit monster in the world of Pro Wrestling!

Cedric Alexander def. Noam Dar > D-

Ugh, Alicia Fox acting crazy with Noam Dar again! Can this Love Triangle crap from 205 Live just end already? The fact that the crowd popped a bit for the mega talented Cedric is the only reason this doesn’t get an F.

MizTV: Miz, Maryse, Axel, Dallas, Ambrose, Slater & Rhyno > C

Why would they have Miz talk about the Ball family last week? That crap should NEVER be spoken of ever again! I feel Miz’s promo was WWE’s higher-up's way of having a dig at Dean Ambrose for his supposed “Laziness” (something I personally don’t see, but that’s just me).

Honestly, I think the best thing about this segment was Heath Slater! I fellow WNW think I’m crazy believing this. But honestly, I think Heath should be given a mid-card push either with Rhyno in the Raw Tag division or a short IC Title run. Stop laughing; I’m serious! I really think he could pull it off.

Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz (c) def. Heath Slater > B+

Firstly, If Miz’s pants are designer, I think rich people who buy clothes like that are bloody stupid. My $40 pair of jeans wouldn’t split after two minutes of physical activity. Secondly, I don’t understand why Bo Dallas just doesn’t join his brother and start a new Wyatt Family and take Axel with him. Thirdly Dean Ambrose is super entertaining on color commentary. And Fourthly, Heath Slater is a talented in-ring worker, and I don’t if you disagree with me!

Was this a five-star match? No! But it was entertaining and Heath over as a babyface and Miz over as a heel. Something they both needed a boost with. And all the post-match stuff with Miz and Ambrose was just icing on the cake to help hype their match at Great Balls Of Fire.
Backstage Segment: Titus & Apollo > B

Titus has won me over with this Titus Brand stuff. I mean, if he can make Apollo look halfway charismatic he’s working miracles!

Shattered Dreams Productions: Goldust & R-Truth > F

WWE trying to go back to OG Goldust in the PG era was probably never going to last in the long run. And this segment proved that.

Seth Rollins def. Curt Hawkins > F&B

Why did WWE rehire Hawkins, spend money on halfway entertaining promo videos hyping his return…only for him to be WWE’s go to Jobber? It just feels like a waste. At least Rollins looked strong here and cut an ok promo on Wyatt afterward.

Backstage Interview: Lesner & Samoa Joe > B+

This is the first World Title program WWE has done in months (maybe years) that is universally liked by most fans. And all of the credit goes to Paul Heyman (not just for his promo work, but for actually having a hand in writing these segments) and Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe is putting on his best work outside of the ring in his entire career with this program, and it’s phenomenal to see. Even Brock looked good in this segment! I think we marvel at Heyman so much we forget Brock can cut a decent promo too when he has too.

This would have gotten an A if they had let them brawl backstage instead of having Joe find the where Lesner was before security held him back. But at least Lesner was at Raw two weeks in a row (unless the segment was taped).

Neville def. Mustafa Ali > A

Matches like this give me hope that the cruiserweight division can still be saved! This was easily match of the night, and both men looked like a million bucks. I am such a big fan of Mustafa Ali, and I want to see him have a Title run before the end of the year. MAKE IT HAPPEN WWE!

Bray Wyatt Promo > F

I usually love Wyatt’s promos, but lately, they just don't have the same effect on me. I think Joshua Michael Tucker said it best in WNW’s Raw Live Discussion when he posted a meme of Bray with the caption “Cuts a promo” “Loses” “Repeat.”

Finn Balor def. Cesaro > C

Maybe it’s because I have watched a weekend full of New Japan, but this match left me disappointed! All the outside interference from the Hardy’s, Sheamus and Samson just felt like a distraction that took away from this match. I mean, Cesaro and Balor could have a classic match one on one with no gimmicks if WWE’s higher-ups would let them.

Braun Strowman def. Apollo Crews > B

Someone may need to check if Apollo’s heart stopped for a moment after being kicked to the opposite side of the ring by Braun…WHILE APOLLO WAS IN MID AIR PERFORMING A STANDING MOONSAULT!!! This was no five-star main event, but it was never supposed to be. This match was about making Braun look like even more of a Monster than people already see him as. Mission accomplished!

Post-Match Shenanigans: Strowman, Titus & Roman Reigns > F

As soon as the ambulance came out during Braun’s entrance we all knew Roman was going to come out at the end of the match and attack Braun. Everyone in the arena knew as well. And not surprisingly they still cheered every time Braun hit Roman and booed every time Roman hit Braun. I don’t know what it will take for WWE’s higher-ups to realize that Roman’s babyface push is simply never going to work. All I know is the more they push him, the more people lose patience with WWE and start looking for an alternative. And after the AMAZING shows, I’ve watched this weekend; I think there are viable alternatives to WWE’s product.

Overall Grade > C-

One or two bright spots but overall, it was a pretty average show. I don’t know much about TV ratings but considering this shows quality and the buzz New Japan and GFW/Impact generated this weekend, I doubt Raw’s numbers will be all that great!

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