RAW Is Blogged - HBK's Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


I feel better about RAW last night after reading what Richard wrote about the audio on the show. I thought some of the chants were off, and that announce appeared to be heard by the fans at one point as it had a strange echo-y sound. Last night I reported RAW as I saw it, as I always try to do, so no beating me up for reporting what I saw, no matter what it really was.

Then there's the other side of the coin, AW. I have never been a fan of his, and now that he's been 'futured endeavored' he's really shown me why not to like him, but I still want to give him the benefit of the doubt. While I really wanted to snap at Jossie and make a nasty comment on Twitter, I went at it from a different angle and asked him for an interview. Actually, I just went and asked again on Twitter as I haven't heard anything from him. Honestly, I doubt he will accept as I have not been his biggest fan, and if he's read anything I've written about him he would think I wouldn't give him a platform to tell his side honestly, but I think I've proven here that I will give anyone a fair shake when they're straight up with me. Jossie appears to want to talk – he's sure doing a lot of it on Twitter – and he'd have to be edited for content as WNW tries to stay clear of cussing and blasphemy, but I think we could give Jossie a place other than Twitter to tell his side of what went down. Any help from readers interested in helping me get through to Jossie that I'm very serious about this, I would greatly appreciate it.

As for the rest of the mid-card who actually got a meeting with the WWE about their problems, I have to say I'm both shocked and impressed. I didn't think the WWE would willingly step up in that way. I guess they are capable of growth and change in a way I didn't think I'd see. Hopefully TPTB in the WWE continue to grow and change in this positive way. Be interesting to see where they go from here.

One more funny thing before I jump into RAW. Now that the Olympics are over, I'm back to watching too much Nickelodeon and Disney channels. Sam has been pretty good about not being a sofa slug this summer, and she really spent some time learning about some of the sports we watched over the past two weeks, so I let her watch some mind rotting TV. She was watching Pair Of Kings which is not the worst of the shows she could be watching, but I wasn't paying attention until Ellie called to me in the kitchen that there was a wrestler on the show. "Not Big Show, but that other huge guy!" Honestly, I couldn't figure out who she was talking about until she said it was the guy who can barely speak English. As bad as Khali can be on WWE TV, he wasn't bad on Pair Of Kings! I don't know how I missed it previously as it originally aired well over a year ago, but it was during that time I was very sick, so I could just not remember it. He was playing a giant that the Kings had to fight, and they used some 'wrestling moves' to do it. While it was Khali's voice, they had altered it to make it sound bolder and a bit echo-y. At the end of the show he was wearing a button down shirt with a yellow sweater vest over it. I actually snorted when I saw him (not unusual as I do snort when I laugh hard), but I have to say that he looked absolutely adorable. It was just so different from the sword wielding giant he'd been playing, and those horrible red pants he wears to the ring that I loved seeing it. Honestly, I think that could be an interesting niche for Khali to fill, as long as he didn't have to talk very much, or they could alter his speech as they did for this episode.

Show Starts

Punk vs Big Show > A-

There was no way this could end cleanly. I knew this from when they were announced that going into SummerSlam neither of these guys could go over the other in any clean way. I thought Punk looked decent going against Big Show, that's something anyone and everyone in the ring with a giant struggles with. Big Show is one of those rare men who can make almost any opponent look real and viable with him. He has such a talent for working with almost anyone, and I think that's one of the reason his career has been so long and interesting. And then there's Punk who is so good no matter who he's in the ring with, because of all this I thought the match was solid and entertaining.

I really like that they're starting RAW with some stronger matches. In the past they have started shows with main event level matches, but it seems as though it's been a fad that's gone in and out of style. I know that they're doing it now to bring in the fans to watch all three hours, and showing a match with Big Show facing the WWE Champ in Punk is a great way to do this. Further, these guys made this match worth the time. That these two made the full six minutes of this match look solid and realistic is a big thing when talking about two men of such differing sizes.

As I said, I knew there wouldn't be a clean win here, but I wasn't expecting it to be Bryan who broke the match up! I really liked that he came down to the ring and why he did it. Bryan is playing this character to the fullest extent and I can't help but love him for that. Some people play characters who are exaggerated versions of themselves and it works, other play completely absurd character and make those work, Bryan seems to be able to do both equally well. His range is much larger than I expected it to be, and I'm adoring him that much more for it.

Winner – Punk via DQ (6:00)

In Ring Segment > B+

I thought AJ's suit this week was cute. She showed even more skin, having the short sleeved blazer, and that little bit of lace at the top of her white cami was very sweet, but it was her skipping that really brought her back to the AJ I feel we've been missing much of the past couple weeks. While those suits do have a sleeker line with her in heels, she's not really that type of girl and it showed. There are many women who could skip down that ramp in seven inch stiletto platforms, but AJ isn't of that type. I like that she was in basic black flats and skipped to the ring and back in her normal way. It felt truer to her character than the way she's been walking out to talk.

I also loved her, "Oh Daniel!" comment. It worked wonderfully for their 'relationship' and further pushed his character. I think she's doing a good job of finding herself in this GM role; really searching to meld cutsie, bouncy AJ with businesswoman in charge of RAW AJ. It's really interesting to watch how they slightly tweak her character and clothing each week to find the right balance for her. I think this is working out better than I had expected it would right off the blocks.

Backstage Segment > B

I was truly surprised to see JTG on RAW after the Tweet issue this week, but I didn't know about the meeting prior to the show. I think he handled himself well here and love how anyone mentioning the word crazy around AJ sets her off. After Kaitlyn's comments to AJ she gave some new face. Someone had mentioned last week about getting bored with AJ's crazy face, and I was impressed with the way she changed it up – even though I doubt she knew people were talking about her expressions. And then there Kaitlyn. Honestly, she's one of my favorite Divas, but that hair! I have some crazy multicolored hair, so who am I to talk smack, I just think she looks better without such a dramatic difference of colors on her head. Beyond that, I think Kaitlyn is just fabby.

JTG vs Ryback > D

This grade is not really for JTG and Ryback, it's for the WWE. Ryback isn't Goldberg and they're pushing him at us as if he was. I understand what they're trying to do with him, but it's not working, so they need to shake things up a bit with him. Ryback needs to be made into his own character, not just a semi-competent version of a decades old character that VKM is upset that he didn't create himself. Honestly, I think that's a big part of Ryback's push, VKM is still trying to prove, after all these years, that he's the top of the industry, but he's not proving it with Ryback!

I guess I shouldn't be shocked that the WWE put Cole and King over the Goldberg chants, but what did they expect? They have to take the chants out before airing Smackdown, but they put him live on RAW? I know it was a way to get JTG on TV and taken down, but it was the WWE who took themselves down by cutting out the fans and piping in the 'feed me more' chants. I know it's a performance, a high end show, but to take the fans out of it takes so much from the show as a whole. I'm rather disgusted by the whole thing.

Yes, JTG was fed to Ryback this week, but maybe his Tweets woke some people up and things will change a bit. There's so much that could be done with the mid-card guys, and the Divas for that matter, that just hasn't been done. Last night during RAW Gesus sent me a couple IMs. He said, "In the AE they had two hours a week to push the Hardys, Dudleys, Val Venis, SCSA, Rock, Foley, Rikishi, 2 Sexy, etc., now they have 5 hours, 8 on a PPV week, and alls they have are Cena, Punk, DBD and Sheamus!" Gesus hit the nail on the head. The WWE used to push mid-card storylines, but lately there's only storylines for those heading for the top, or are in the main event. There's so much more they can do with their roster that they aren't. It's not a matter of not staying in the PG realm, it's a matter of spreading the creative and TV time around. It's very doable, it seems as though TPTB have forgotten how to do that.

Winner – Ryback (1:51)

Announce Segment > B

I like that the fans at least feel like they have a part in the show. Of course they set up the voting so that it will come out the way they want it, but that's what they did for Taboo Tuesday and Cyber Sunday. It's a nice new aspect of the show that moves it forward with social media.

Promo > D-

So Antonio Cesaro will be facing Santino for the US Title on the pre-PPV show, but they could only tell us this with a still shot? Not everyone watches Smackdown, so not everyone knows who Cesaro even is. They couldn't even put the wrestlers on the show and give them a little storyline to set up the match? Even Santino saying something daft to Aksana and ticking of Cesaro would work. Give us something! And that would give the three of them show bonuses. Matches without direction really irk me, and this match could have been set up so easily and used the time they already put into posting the still about this match the couple times they did during RAW.

Backstage Segment > A-

I love Piper! He's always been great, but as he's getting older he has this crazy old man muttering thing going on that's just so much fun to watch. The way he talked to himself, then to HBK about Brock was a hoot! But then HBK pulled it back with his worry about Trip not being there and the possibility of a Brock attack. Actually, I think they did a good job showing that Trip wasn't there without it coming from Cole telling us about it. In writing we're always getting it drilled into us, show, don't tell! Even though RAW is a visual media, they have troubles sometimes in that they tell us what's going on rather than showing us. Cole could have stated that Trip isn't there yet and HBK is worried, and they have done things like that in the past. It was nice to see them showing and not telling.

Slater vs R-Truth > B-

I enjoyed this match, but I might like it more because I've been so worried that we wouldn't see Slater again on RAW for quite a while, if at all. The way this match was booked made a lot of sense. Slater got match time, R-Truth had something to do with Kofi being out of country, and the Prime Time Players got to deal with things without AW. I can't say that O'Neil and Young were my favorite part of all this, but they did a decent job with their first time out without their training wheels.

Winner – R-Truth (1:36)

Video > B

While I can't say the quality of the videos were the best, but it was lovely to see Henry in London having fun at the Olympics. He's looking great and I hope he has a decent run upon his return.

Announce Segment > C

All I can say is that at least Pauly D wasn't on RAW.

Video > C+

When this segment hit I got the other IM from Gesus that I'd mentioned. I can't say I completely agree with his assessment of the video, because I haven't seen last week's Smackdown yet (I know, I'm a horrible wrestling fan), so I didn't know about the attack on Sheamus and how Booker threw ADR out of his Title match at SummerSlam, but the rest was lackluster. Gesus said, "A locker room full of future stars like Ryder, Rhodes, McGillicutty, Cesaro or whoever and they're going to run a 5 minute recap of a boring storyline that dominated programming last week that you have to be a moron to forget? Thank goodness for three hours. Keep forgetting that undercard..." Yes, I agree with Gesus and what he said about the mid-card still not getting any time when recap videos are. I will say that the Booker part of this video made me want to watch Smackdown (both last week and this coming episode) and see what was going to happen at SummerSlam.

SD Rebound > B

This made me want to watch Smackdown as soon as RAW was over. I didn't, but that I wanted to says a lot for Cody.

Sin Cara vs Tensai w/ Sakamoto > D+

This was not a match I expected, nor one that interested me. That Sin Cara was able to Tensai should show how low Tensai has fallen. The work wasn't even that good from either of them. Hopefully something will happen soon for both of these guys or they could be getting less TV time than everyone else.

Winner – Sin Cara (0:57)

Backstage Segment > A

HBK does look a lot older, but I think a lot of that is how he's acting. He puts so much into every segment, and that's why he is the Showstopper!

Piper's Pit > A

Everyone involved in Piper's Pit did a wonderful job. Piper was crazy Piper. Jericho was way over the top Y2J. Vickie was obnoxious in the way only she can be. Miz was arrogant and wonderful. Ziggler was reactive more than active, but in with all of these crazy and over the top characters, it worked. You don't always have to be the craziest of the group to get noticed, and Ziggler is able to play either role in such a natural way.

Some could say that the WWE didn't bother with what the fans voted for on Twitter, but I have to say I'm thrilled we got to see everyone involved in some way. It was one of the few times that I thought TPTB in the WWE brought in the right amount of people and made a segment work for a variety of people in a variety of ways.

Triple Threat Match > A

For me, this was the match of the night. All three of these guys worked as if this was for all the gold at a PPV. They all kicked butt, took names and left us salivating for more! These three men worked a wonderfully complex match and creatively wove through and around each other. Normally I really dislike Triple Threat Matches because there's either too much going on, or the camera is not on what I want to be watching, but this was the exception to my dislike. I want to go back and re-watch this match because it was so masterfully executed. I hope Miz and Ziggler get the props they deserve, because this wasn't just Jericho being the Superstar he is, this was all three men killing it in the ring. All three deserve to get props from TPTB in WWE.

The only worry I have about this match is how it ended. Ziggler over Jericho could mean that Jericho could win at SummerSlam. Ziggler needs to go over this Sunday to take that step to the next level. Jericho can take the loss, that he can't win the big one any longer, leave to tour with Fozzy, then return and go after Ziggler again and they'll be more on a level. I know Jericho can take the SummerSlam loss, whereas I think Ziggler really needs this win. I'm keeping my toes crossed.

Winner - Ziggler (14:04)

Announce Segment > D

All that about Pauly D who really had nothing to do with the show other than watching and Tweeting about it. I wrote more in ten minutes than he wrote all night! Now, the question is how to get paid like D did...

Backstage Segment > A-

HBK was still really on. The way he sold his worries and fears through the entire show made this storyline work so well. I hope some of the guys who are just missing the ball, watched and took note as to why this worked so well, and how much heart HBK puts into absolutely every segment he's in.

I find it interesting that Punk was so beloved as a face, he went heel and got the heat, but only right off the block for attacking Rocky. His heel turn should have worked, but it just wasn't hitting the mark quite right. I like that they're changing him up a bit. He's not the full on heel he was for a couple weeks, but he sure isn't face either. Starting RAW by going against such a powerful heel helped soften Punk up, then this segment with Cena further pushed him along. I l really like what we're hearing from Punk, it feels more realistic than the full on crankiness he's given us the past couple weeks, and he's selling it better. I guess generic heel isn't Punk's thing, even though he's a great heel when he has the meatiness to back it all up – and I don't mean he has to shave heads and be a cult leader to be a successful heel, but he does have to be more than cranky and arrogant. The fans just want to like Punk too much right now.

Promo > D+

I just don't like this Wade video. It doesn't work for me. I want more substance. The only thing I really liked about this video is Wade's beard. It's very sexy. First time I've said that about Wade!

Layla & Kaitlyn vs Eve & Beth > C+

What is up with Layla's goofiness? It feels organic, that Layla really is this silly, funny lady (something about the British accent that in my mind she's a lady – a word I don't use lightly) who is the type to do off the wall things for a laugh. This feels more real to me than when she was running around with McCool being a meanie. Add in that Kaitlyn has been seen on YouTube being a total gobber, and I think they could be a lot of fun teaming together – that is if they continue to show us any Divas on a regular basis. Honestly, I think these two being silly and fun could work well in this PGE, but only because Layla has some solid ring skills and Kaitlyn is a powerhouse (I haven't seen enough of Kaitlyn's ring work to tell about her yet). King and Cole said that Kaitlyn has the strength of Beth. While I'm not sure of that, I'd like to see them show what they have in the ring together.

I am kind of bummed that the wrestling wasn't that great, and this was all we've seen of Beth, but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that we will see more of this lovely young woman. Heel or face, Beth is a fabby wrestler who needs to be given more time and more freedom to show how great she really is. Honestly, other than it being storyline with Eve working for Laurinaitis, I'd love to see Beth going against Kaitlyn on Smackdown this week. I'm looking forward to seeing what goes down on Smackdown, and more of Beth on mic and in the ring. Maybe she could intimidate AJ into giving her more matches? It would go with her being a powerful heel!

Winners - Layla & Kaitlyn (4:10)

Video > D-

This was the only time they showed the long cut of the feud between Trip and Brock, and it was one time too many. I actually hit the FF button to skip it as much as possible. We all know about all this, so why can't we move on! This would have been another great spot to show HBK on his phone with Trip, or hiding around backstage.

Punk & Cena vs Bryan & Big Show > A-

The story of this match was actually better than the match. Wait, I'm not saying that this match was bad by any stretch of the imagination, just that the psychology and the relationships between all of the wrestlers was the best part of it all. The stolen tags behind each others backs was just a blast to watch and all of them sold it well. Cena and Punk not just stealing tags, but using each others moves in the ring made the match fun as well as exciting. That they hit the moves well made it that much better. Toward the end when Big Show went and leaned against the barrier by the time keeper was just wonderfully executed. Bryan's bad attitude has a beautifully comic side to it that further made everything he did come to life that much more.

I think it pretty much had to end with Bryan getting pinned. None of the other three could take that loss before SummerSlam, so it was up to Bryan, but I don't think it really hurt him, other than him not getting into the SummerSlam match in any way. This loss didn't even really seem to effect Big Show because he'd pretty much washed his hands of Bryan by that point.

Winners – Cena & Punk (12:36)

In Ring Segment > A+

I pulled this off from the match because it's a perfect little segment unto itself. Punk rescuing Cena showed that Punk is not that straight up heel that he'd been trying to be, but it was more than just Punk stopping Big Show. That Punk put his hand out to Cena who wouldn't shake, made their whole relationship different. It was short and added so much to the build to SummerSlam. That Punk spoke off mic, telling Cena that maybe he's 'that guy' worked so much better than if he'd pipebombed it into a mic. This tiny segment makes me want to watch SummerSlam all the more to see what will go down in the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match.

Backstage Segment > B+

While it was nice to see Punk and get his feel of things right after the match, and this is something I think the WWE needs to do more – and not just posted online – but I think it made me feel like the WWE thinks we're stupid. Okay, I know they think that the fans don't have two brain cells to rub together, and that's on a good day, but this segment was such spoon feeding that it ticked me off. Punk hit the segment wonderfully, that's why this segment didn't get an F, but that TPTB thought we needed Punk to explain to us what happened in the ring between him and Cena, it made me feel like I was back in first grade. It was them telling us over showing us – as I was talking about earlier – but this time they showed us, then had to explain it to our feeble minds. Honestly, this segment would have worked better online as the fans in the arena could have seen it on the tron during the commercial, in case they missed what Punk said to Cena in the ring, but they wouldn't have shown us on RAW, made us feel like we're not smart enough to understand what is going on.

Video > C+

I think the WWE dropped the ball on this segment as well. It was great to see about the WWE touring outside the USA, but I want to see more than still pictures! I want to see little clips from the shows. What made each of those shows special? I just wanted more from this is they were going to put the time into it.

Sandow vs Christian > B

I can't say this was the best match of the night, but it was great to finally see Sandow in an actual match on RAW. Even better was seeing him in the ring with someone like Christian. Do I think Christian should have put him over? I think Sandow needed it, but I wish the whole thing looked better. It wasn't bad, but there also wasn't enough of it that gave us anything exciting. I think knowing that it was going to be a short match, they should have booked it to be a little more interesting.

I do like how Funkasaurus came out and tried to cause Sandow the match, but that it didn't happen. That's different, something we rarely see. I also have to say that I like Sandow's finisher. It's nothing overly exciting, but he hits it well and it looks good. And, as I've said before, I really like Sandow's cartwheel after winning a match, I just hope they give us more meat the next time Sandow is in a match. I expect a lot from Sandow, hopefully creative and booking gives him more to work with.

Winner – Sandow (2:11)

Backstage Segment > A

Short and to the point. HBK sold both his age and that he was scared of running into Brock. He was great and even Brock sold it well by not doing anything, just being there and scary.

Slam of The Week > C

I'd like to complain about this segment, but it led into the big segment that meant a lot to Triple H. It worked here, and it was different from that same dang video we keep seeing over and over. Because it actually set up for something and wasn't thrown in willy-nilly to make Trip feel important, I'm okay with it.

In Ring Segment > B+

I thought this went on too long. Heyman is Heyman and he is great on mic, he was great on mic here, but that added onto everything else just made this segment too long for me. If it had just been Heyman's little speech, I'd have given him an A- just for that. That's why I wrote that out exactly as he spoke it. That part of the segment was so well executed.

Then Heyman got to be a bit like a mosquito buzzing in my ear. I was thrilled when HBK's music finally cut him off. I found it interesting that Heyman was trying to get HBK to sign the contract – not sure if it was Heyman wanting HBK in the match instead of Trip, along with Trip, or just have HBK signing for Trip. HBK not saying a word, but not being overly tough, and willing to show his nerves was wonderful. Even better than that was the support he got from the fans! Those Texas fans were hot for their Mr. WrestleMania.

Of course Trip's timing was perfect and he showed that intensity that took him from being a really great Superstar to being one of the best of his era. He really gave it all to the fans and Brock without saying a word, and I think I'm happy that we didn't see a fight break out. It almost seems to be refreshing when a contract signing doesn't break out in a fight.

I think that if this was one of two segments – Heyman talking and taunting HBK, or Trip coming to rescue HBK and signing the contract – each could have received a very high grade, but both together was just too long and too much. More of Trip's need to be more than he is as a wrestler right now? I just don't know.

Tout > C

More about Sheamus and ADR. I appreciate that the WWE wants to push Tout, but if I have to sit and watch Touts, I want to see Touts that pertain to what's going on in the show I'm watching, not what happened last week and what could go down on Friday.

Backstage Segment > A

Trip and HBK are so good together. This segment proves that they can be as great being serious, as being DX. They are such good friends that whatever they do together just works – foshizzle! (Sorry, if you haven't seen that segment between DX and Cryme Tyme, but I can't watch great segments with these two without thinking of them trying to buy tickets from CT after they'd been thrown out of RAW.)

Video > D+

Yes, this was a great segment of the show, I gave the original showing of this segment an A+, but why did they have to show us the recap here? It made no sense to me when they aired it.

Backstage Segment > C

I was further confused with Striker stopping Big Show backstage and he looked like he'd just finished his match. It all felt very disjointed at first, but when I realized that it was WWE's not so elegant way of setting up something bigger, it finally made some sense. I just wished they'd set it up in a way that felt more organic, made more sense.

Backstage Segment > A-

I broke this off from the Big Show part of the segment as it deserves its own grade. When it first appeared that Brock would be going after HBK before SummerSlam, I had hoped that they showed HBK after being attacked, possibly some time during the week when we least expected it. It would be a way to save a Brock appearance and continue the storyline. I'm so glad they didn't do that because Brock was on last night. When Brock's segments work, they work seamlessly and he sells it as well as the best, but when they don't work – they STINK!

What I wasn't looking forward to all night was HBK getting his bum handed to him by Brock. They set it up to happen all night, HBK sold it better than almost anyone could, but HBK is retired from the ring and I didn't want to see him take a step back in that direction. Too many have and HBK has stuck to his guns better than most, and I still don't really trust Brock enough to have him really work with HBK and not hurt him.

I wasn't surprised to see how Brock and Heyman set HBK up, but I was thrilled to see Brock bump into the camera with his bum so we didn't see the beating. I know some people will feel that was cheap, but for me it worked. It wouldn't work if it was something that was done more often than once every five to ten years, but for this I thought it was appropriate. Even better, I thought the audio was great. Between Heyman talking, then Brock talking, and HBK getting 'beaten up' with his voice and the thuds, it was creative and well executed.

Video > C+

Typical WWE, come back from commercial and they have to show us almost the entire segment over again, as if we hadn't just watched it. Maybe I'm too emotionally attached to my DVR, but it seems as though the WWE doesn't realize that most of us have the ability to stop the show for a beer run, and can hit that little FF button to skip commercials and repeated videos like this.

Backstage Segment > A-

I loved this segment. It was the first time AJ had to deal with a high pressure situation as GM, and I thought she did a solid job of it. She absolutely could have crumbled here, but she handled it as well as any GM would have. She impressed me here.

Trip also impressed me. He surveyed the situation, addressed the problem and rushed off to deal with it. He was intense, but not so over the top that I wanted to slap him around for being a segment hog.

Right down to how short and compact the segment was, to everyone standing around in shock and horror, this segment worked!

In Ring Segment > B+

I thought Brock and Heyman were really going to 'kidnap' HBK to send Trip over the edge and make him crazy before SummerSlam. The only way to elicit more of a response from Trip would be to go after Steph or the kids, and I have to admit I'm a bit shocked Steph wasn't dragged into this again, but I guess she's too busy backstage.

When Brock came around the stage with HBK over his shoulders I got a bit worried. As I said, I just don't trust Brock 100% (my own personal issues, nothing really to back them up, just how I feel about him), so I worried what might be about to go down. Of course HBK played his role to the fullest. I know I've said it more here than I've said it in a long time, but HBK really proved last night why he is the Headliner! Any and all young wrestlers should watch HBK's tapes, study them, learn how to be a performer from him. Okay, so he flops around a bit much, really does look a bit silly, but it's his way of selling it and it's what we expect; what we know he will do better than anyone else. He took that F5 like a trooper and sold it well.

I liked that Heyman stopped Trip before he could get to the ring. Trip oversold his angst, his worry about his best friend, not knowing what to do, but that's who Trip is. It's his character that has grown and developed after so many years of work. Personally I think he did a good job of it, but I know others will think he was overdoing it and this was just too much of RAW being about Trip who wants to run the company as well as being the top star at the same time. I like that he's in and out of the ring, I just wish he was in better health going into this match.

I will admit that Brock did a really solid looking job of 'breaking' HBK's arm. He didn't look like he worked it too hard, but he didn't soft shoe it either. I loved Trip's reactions to all this, I didn't like Heyman's! He was so over the top and it more annoyed me than made me more excited. The best part of how the show went off the air was HBK telling Trip to get away from him. That set up for so much going into SummerSlam!

Post Show

They did a lot of good, but also a lot of bad last night. I think that the WWE made a big mistake going to three hours, but they can make it work if they take the good parts of last night and add onto them. They need to bring in the mid-card guys and the Divas to round out the shows rather than pushing so many videos down our throats. They used to us so many more storylines, and more intricate, involving more people and did it with much less time TV time than they have now. If they want to give us all these videos, they need to give us back Sunday Night Heat. I want a lot more from RAW and only hope they can step up and give it to us, but I will say that I'm looking forward to SummerSlam after some of the things we saw last night on RAW.


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