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RAW Is Blogged - Hornswoggle's Dream

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I want to talk about Cena a little bit here. Richard said something in his Ask WNW segment today that really struck a nerve. I agree with Richard in how I think of wrestlers and how they move me. To me, as Richard said, there's three things that make a great wrestler: their physicality and look, their mic work and charisma, then their in-ring work. Some of the biggest and best wrestlers have the first two but greatly lack the third. If Hogan wasn't being such a degenerate hussy for fan love lately, he'd be one of the biggest wrestlers ever. Okay, he was one of the biggest and will always be one of the biggest, but his ring work is, and always has been total crap!

Most of 'our' favorite wrestlers (give me a little space here) seem to be the wrestlers who are more versed in the ring. AJ Styles, Jay Lethal, Kaz, Daniels, Daniel Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe and so many others are amazing in the ring, but most aren't always the best on mic. Benoit was one of my favorites because of how he worked the ring, but he sure didn't work the mic very well and was rather smaller than many. Eddie was also one of my faves and he was both great in the ring and on mic, but he wasn't a biggest guy and didn't have the best look. Brock Lesnar has a look and charisma, but I thought his mic skills left a lot to be desired, as did much of his ring work.

While I love watching Taker in the ring, but he's not at young as he used to be. He can still go better than most, as can Trip and HBK, but the best they have right now is on mic and working their look. Honestly, looking at Foley, he should not have been as huge as he was as he doesn't have the look and he doesn't have the mic skills, but his heart and charisma shows through in a way that so many young wrestlers don't get. Normally I'd say you either have it or you don't, but Sheamus has seemed to grow into it over the past six months or so. I see big things for this guy if he continues along in this vein.

But it's Cena I really want to talk about. Cena might not have the ring work, but that boy can talk and has charisma in spades! It's the simple little things that so many people miss unless their watching for it. I watched Cena a little closer during this RAW than I normally do. Every little move he makes adds to his personality and what makes him so charismatic. I don't think Cena would survive in any other industry with his personality and charisma as he would annoy the heck out of everyone, but for this era in wrestling, he's perfect. It was time for another really good guy like Hogan and Cena plays it to the tee! He doesn't care if they love him or hate him as long as they're reacting to him. I think it took him a bit to realize this when the guys started booing him, but he has it down pat now. The way he posed with the anti-Cena guys recently has shown that he's loosening up a bit. He's maturing into his role as the ultimate good guy, the Hogan for this generation.

As much as many of us would rather Cena go away, if even just for a little bit, it won't change the wrestling we see in the ring in the WWE. The WWE is playing things safe and Cena's about as safe as it gets. Richard was also right in saying that most people watching have little clue about really good matches; they're there for the hype and characters the love, as long as they can at least make it look like they're throwing all they have at each other. The excitement of it all brings the fans back, even if the matches leave a lot to be desired. Cena might not be the best in-ring worker, but he sure can entertain!

One last thing before I head into the show. I wanted to mention that I will be participating in NaNoWriMo again this year. To keep me on track this year I'm going to be throwing in my NaNovel word count and my blogging word counts in each Blog. I kind of want to see how much I write each month for WNW; thought it would be interesting. This Blog is 2289 words and my NaNovel is at 2279 words!

Show Starts


B+ > I had hoped he would be there live, but I wasn't shocked that he was only on the tron. He was entertaining and really gave great reasons for not tagging with Cena. I really think it should be an interesting Match at SS, but not sure how it will play out. I am disappointed that Rocky couldn't find it in his schedule to fly in for one night to show the fans that he really is there for us.

Punk vs Henry

B > I have to admit that having Ricardo attack Henry was wonderfully creative. I don't like how Punk's getting screwed at every turn, he's losing his excitement and fun now that he's dealing with Laurinaitis. Punk hasn't fallen completely flat, but he's heading in that direction.

Winner – Henry via DQ

Stage Segment

B+ > I was VERY impressed with how they handled the Muppets! The section on the stage was wonderful and it was great to throw Vickie and Swagger at them! Kelly kissing Kermit was also cute, but I enjoyed it more when it was just Vickie and Swagger bantering with Miss Piggy and Kermit!

Divas Halloween Battle Royal

D- > Well, that blew chunks! The only thing I found interesting was Katlyn dressed as Dog The Bounty Hunter. Okay, Foxy looking like an anime sailor was cute too. The Bellas annoyed me as their outfit were off enough to be wrong, but not off enough to be quirky. Beth looked the best of the bunch in my opinion.

Winner – Eve

Backstage Segment

A > I loved this segment! Sheamus with Beaker really worked well. Sheamus handled it well talking about the family reunion, but it was fixing Beaker's hair that about had me on the floor laughing. I'm going to rewatch parts of RAW and this is the first one I'm rewatching!

Air Boom vs Cody & Wade

C+ > I was all excited for this Match, but it fell flat for me. Evan was great, Cody was great, Kofi seemed off his mark and Wade never comes across well to me. Evan sold well through it all, but wasteland at the end made me cringe. For me it gained interest when Christian and Sheamus ran down after the bell.

Winners – Cody & Wade

Backstage Segment

B > Punk was again on while riding Laurinaitis, but the skateboard comment is getting very old very quickly. I think Punk needs to show some old video of Laurinaitis for the majority of fans who don't remember Laurinaitis in the ring.

ADR vs Big Show

A- > I'm very shocked to say that I really enjoyed this Match! Big Show did a great job of both dominating and making ADR look like a viable opponent. They hit quiet a few interesting and creative moves while both selling well. This was a really solid Match for ADR who's had troubles looking solid for me lately. Big Show did a wonderful job of putting ADR over while still winning the Match. ADR should have shook Big Show's hand backstage after that Match as it helped ADR grow stronger looking in my opinion.

Winner – Big Show

In Ring Segment

B+ > ADR did a great job of selling Big Show's finisher and needing water to be at all revived. Punk was back on his mark with this segment and really let ADR have it. I'm a little more impressed that they're not watering down Punk as much as I had been fearing.

Backstage Segment

A- > Again another great segment between Vickie and Swagger with the Muppets! That was a true Gonzo moment and wonderfully executed.

Santino vs Swagger w/ Vickie

B- > I was hoping for so much more from Animal! Bummed that he didn't pound on the through much of the Match to make it screwier. I also thought it was odd that Beaker was beside the ring. I was a bit worried about that because I didn't want kids in attendance to see the 'backstage workings' of the Muppets. The drink to Santino was a lot of fun and a great way for Santino to go over Swagger again without making Swagger look terribly weak.

Winner – Santino

Ryder vs Dolph w/ Vickie

B+ > Ryder has been looking stronger and stronger lately. I had hoped they wouldn't just continue to bury him and they haven't been lately. It was funny, when he first got in the ring and removed his sunglasses and headband, I thought I was seeing EY. I don't know what it was, but I flashed to EY when I saw Ryder from a certain angle. Sadly I don't see as EY would do any better in the E. Anyway, I thought this Match was both booked and executed in an interesting and creative way. I was impressed with how well Ryder went over in this Match. Hopefully he'll be going further with a solid push.

Winner – Ryder

Announce Segment

F > Okay, this segment pissed me off to no end. I was pissed way back when with Dr. VKM and his 'bum surgery' on JR. I don't deal well with anyone being an ass about bowel and digestive disorders. I know Crohn's Disease is an autoimmune disease, but it mostly effects the digestive tract. When I was out early September it was because I had a small bowel resection, the same surgery Brock Lesnar had this past summer. I also had other complications that made the surgery much more dangerous, but it's basically the same surgery. I highly doubt Brock would let anyone verbally rip on him the way Cole did on JR last night. This might sound rather nasty, but I'd love Cole too say those things to me, I would quickly kick him in the slats and deal with the legal consequences as this is an ignorance I just can't handle after thirty years with this disease.

Backstage Segment

A > Again JoMo got a crappy segment! I loved that Hornswoggle was able to have a segment with the Muppets. His tattoos looked great and he was just glowing! I even liked Cody bagging Kermit!


B+ > Statler and Waldorf were good throughout the show, but this was their best segment! That he passed out waving his hand in front of his face made me giggle as I'd do that too!

Miz vs Cena

There were a couple of things that caught my eye in this Match. First off, I have to say I like how Cena worked the crowd before the Match started. The way he looked back and forth between the groups chanting for and against him showed some serious charisma. Even further was Cena's facial expressions were really wonky in this Match! He looked silly goofy when he was nailing Miz with head butts in the corner, but the best was the look on Cena's face during that sick DDT Miz hit on him. Go find that bit of video and really look at it. Watch it in slo-mo if possible! It's one of the funniest looks I've seen on his face! It almost looked like his eyes were bugging out in a truly cartoon (Who Framed Roger Rabit comes to mind) way.

Post Show

I have to say I was impressed with the way the Muppets were presented on RAW, but much of the rest of the show was a disappointment. Much of Punk fell flat for me. He's gone after Laurinaitis too much for the skateboard thing without backing it up for the majority of fans who do not get the reference. He's been watered down in dealing with Laurinaitis in the same way he was allowed to run wild on Trip. Punk had pulled RAW up to be interesting and exciting, but they're letting him fall off and that's not good for anyone.

Some of the matches on the show were decent, but it was Big Show who stole the night for me. He showed why he's been around for as long as he has, he's just that damn good! I also have to say this is why Big Show should be Champ over Henry. I've always enjoyed Henry, even back when he was Sexual Chocolate. I even enjoyed Kool Aid man Henry with MVP, but him being too strong for anyone to beat has become a little boring for me. I love how they handled their Match at Vengeance so there was no one looking weak in the end, but they will have to decide if Henry's going to retain or if Big Show will beat him before too much longer.


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