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RAW Is Blogged – Paul, Say Something Stupid

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Everyone knows I loves me some CM Punk. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sure how long I'd get along with him on a personal level, no matter how much I respect his honesty and willingness to tell it like it is. I try to be as open and honest as possible, and while a lot of people know me as willing to say and wear anything, I'm more apt to keep many things, things that don't have to do with wrestling, closer to my vest than I used to. All that being said, I'm a geek to a certain number of things, and I love The Nerdist, so when I saw Punk was going all evil on bad grammar, I was all over that! I try very hard not to make the basic grammar mistakes that bother me so much on the Internet. I try to keep my there's, threws, yours, thens, and toos literally in the right order. I know I sometimes mess them up – as I do affect and effect too often – but I know the grammatically correct way to use the words, it's just my fingers sometimes get the best of me. This is a great way for Punk to get out some of his aggression on something that very obviously bothers him, and he's entertaining so many geeks in the process. I know how tweaked out I get online when I see terrible grammar, spelling and punctuation used rampantly these days, and I think that many people feel that it really doesn't matter. If only one kid sees Punk's rants and realizes how much it does matter, then it's time well spent.

Speaking of Punk. I was going through my email earlier and saw that Punk was injured after his work with Brock last night. It was an email from another site, so I wasn't sure what to believe. I went directly to WNW only to discover that Punk needed four stitches in his chin. This just goes to remind me who to believe, and who to roll my eyes at.

So, Glenn Jacobs is reprising his role as Jacob Goodnight. I'll say that I'm not one for blood and gore, but Jacobs did a great job in See No Evil, and because it's him, I might just be willing to sit through the sequel. Either way, if they use Kane to advertise the movie the way they did last time, I'm excited for the outlook of his characer.

Show Starts

In Ring Segment > B+

I love that Foley tweeted that he liked the comparison between himself and Bryan. There are a lot of similarities between them, more than just their shagginess. Bryan has really stepped up into something that the WWE could never have expected, and I love what they're doing with his character. As much as I love Bryan all shaggy, I think the slicked back look works for him. In fact, I think it really changes up his look in a huge way, but I knew there was no way that he was going to shave his beard. I was shocked that Barrett came out to shave Bryan's face. I don't know who else could have done better, but there's no future there, so why bother?

I think this could have been a lot better, a lot more laughs, a lot stronger. I thought the writing wasn't as strong as it could have been. Bryan was strong, but McMahon wasn't as strong as he could have been, and even Steph was a big wishy-washy.

RVD vs ADR > B-

RVD was quite strong here, but I thought ADR looked weaker than ever. He couldn't seem to keep up with RVD in the ring, and his work looked sloppy. I wasn't overly impressed with ADR in the ring, but after the match he really stepped things up. He looked strong and on point in dealing with Ricardo. Now, I thought Justin announcing that Ricardo was back from injury was a bit obvious, but now that ADR has turned on him, I wonder what his chances are. But I will say that it was nice to see ADR actually put his heart into something. That beat down on Ricardo was some of the most on I've seen ADR work.

Winner – RVD (6:23)

In Ring Segment > D+

I don't know what it is about Cody and Damien, but this just isn't working! Cody is coming off as weak and blah. Sandow is better, as his character has been established, but he's still not great. There's something off with the flow, or their delivery, or something. I know these two have it in them to be great, yet this whole thing is flopping and turning into a total mess. I feel bad for them because I know it's possible and they do have it in them.

Ryback vs Henry > F+

The plus is for Henry and staying strong through crap like this. Henry was actually the strong point in this match. Ryback has turned into a total disappointment who cannot even sell his own character that he's developed forever. He's not even half as strong as Skip at this point.

Winner – Henry via Countout (1:46)

Backstage Segment > D

Eva comes off as vacant and nasty on RAW, and that's kind compares to how she comes off on Total Divas. I'm still not impressed with the Bellas on RAW, and again Natalya is getting crap. I'm so put out with how the Divas are booked that I can barely see straight. Not all women act like high school mean girls, or their victims, and I'm sick of the WWE portraying us all that way.

In Ring Segment > C-

Well, the fans really didn't want to listen to Cena last night! I'm used to them chanting 'Boring!' at Big Show and Henry, but rarely at Cena. Seems as though our love for Bryan is really turning a lot more people against Cena. It's kind of fun to see him play the pseudo-heel in this feud. It feels more natural than him playing it against The Rock. At this point I'd much rather see Bryan on mic, or them in the ring than listen to Cena go off on the same direction on mic, yet again. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of things about Cena, as I've said before, but right now I'm so bored with him on mic!

Orton brought this segment back up. Mr. MITB is really fitting him in a great way.

Tons of Funk vs The Wyatt Family > B+

I can't say the match was the best, but what went down after the match was delightful. It's sad to see what Funkasaurus and Sweet T have turned into, but they were a solid base for The Wyatt Family to jump from this week. I'm not sure about Harper and Rowan yet, but that will take time, and for me to spend some time watching NXT and not Lost (I refused to watch it when I was on, avoided all spoilers all these years, and am almost through the first season now – loving it!). But I know me, and I won't get to NXT until I'm done watching every episode of lost and catch back up with Days. Anyway, The Wyatt Family is better than Days any day of the week. I love the intensity of Bray, especially working against Kane. Kane doesn't even have to be face to face with Bray for the chemistry to be there. It's fantastic, and with the possibility of an Inferno Match at SummerSlam, things are only going to get better and better!

Backstage Segment > B+

Punk was really solid here, as was Josh. This segment was good, but I think if Axel had walked through, something to get Punk's ire up that much more, would make it stronger.

Kaitlyn vs Layla > D

While Kaitlyn looked really strong in this match, Layla was a mess! She was off her mark all over the place, and messed up her finishing move in a huge way. I know she hasn't worked the ring in front of a large crowd in a very long time (unless I've missed her on Main Event), but wow, what a mess. Kaitlyn carried that match, and AJ did a great job of distraction, but there's only so much they can do when one in the match just isn't pulling their weight. And what was up with that slothing along the top rope? That was very strange!

Winner – Layla (3:07)

Christian vs Slater > B

Christian looked strong in this match, and while it did make some sense to show his strength against Slater, McIntyre and Mahal, I thought putting him in the ring with a jobber was not the best way to push him toward the WHC match a SummerSlam. Slater did look pretty good in this match, and seeing him with Christian reminds me that Slater really isn't that little of a guy, and could make it pretty far if given the chance.

Winner – Christian (3:14)

Punk vs Axel > A-

I really enjoyed the work between Punk and Axel. Their moves were solid, and Axel did well to hold his own against Punk. Axel has what it takes to be a top guy, he just needs more of his personality to show through more. He has the ring skills, he has a look, and he has the family history. Running with Heyman could be the best thing for him right now.

Heyman handled himself really well in this segment. Between fleeing, standing ringside to taunt, then pointing Brock at Punk to take him out – he was as fantastic as ever. Of course I am always tweaky when Brock starts throwing people around, but Punk has really stepped up, tried to talk to Brock, tried to work with him to make this feud and their match something fantastic. If anyone could bring this about, it's Punk. Actually, other than Punk being busted open, and it happens, their work together was pretty solid. I'm more impressed than I'd like to admit.

Winner – Punk via DQ (7:58)

Backstage Segment > A-

I'm going to catch crap for this grade, and while Brock wasn't great, and Heyman was solid, the grade was for one line and how Brock delivered it. That one line being the title of this RIB.

Kofi vs Fandango > B

It seems as though Fandango's ring work is that much better when he's working with a bigger name, someone who really has been around a long time – Jericho, RVD – his ring work is so much greater than when he's in the ring with his contemporaries. Sadly, Kofi falls into the contemporaries position, so this match wasn't great. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as great as I know Fandango can be. I have been hoping Fandango would face RVD at SummerSlam, but with them not interacting in any way during RAW, my hopes are less great than they once were.

Winner – Kofi (3:46)

Backstage Segment > B

Steph in tears over McMahon ripping her a new one over Bryan just doesn't feel very real to me. At this point in their lives, personal and business, I don't see Steph having such a reaction to her father so easily. It's one of those moments where I just cannot suspend my disbelief enough. Beyond that, I'm really enjoying the family drama. I'm really seeing something going down at SummerSlam with the WWE Championship Match and the McMahons and Trip.

Usos vs The Real Americans > B

I'm so glad to the see the Usos branching out and facing people other than Rollins and Reigns. They've really stepped up their game and proved they're a force to be reckoned with. I like the Usos, and I enjoy their work. I also really enjoyed seeing Cesaro work the ring again. In fact, seeing Cesaro hit the gut wrench, and then the neutralizer was just fantastic. I wish I didn't feel so negatively against Swagger, but it is what it is right now.

Winners – The Real Americans (4:53)

Big E vs Ziggler > B-

Wow, did Big E and Layla wake up on the wrong side of the bed? He was just as off as Layla was. Ziggler's famouser had no Big E below it, and from where I sat, it looked as though Big E was the one who fouled it up. I do find it interesting that Ziggler uses the famouser as he looks so much like Billy Gunn when he hits it. I'm sure Big E will get better, and I know he's better than he's been showing in the ring with Ziggler. I really think their styles just don't work well together.

What does confuse me is how upset Kaitlyn was about her costing Ziggler his match. Does Kaitlyn have a crush on Ziggler?

Winner – Big E (4:33)

Ringside > F

I know that USA and the WWE crossover and help each other push things, but that Michelle from Summer Camp saying she wanted to hit someone over the head with a chair really annoyed me. Also, I know they dressed for TV, but no one goes to a taping of RAW dressed like they're ready for a beauty pageant!

6 Man Tag Match > A-

Bryan really carried this match, and did a lovely job doing it. That man just continues to show what a star, and a wrestler he is, and it didn't hurt that he was working against Rollins and Ambrose to show how strong they are.

It was after the match that things really started heating up. Orton showed his heel that much more, and did a serious job of it. There was a few moments of uncertainty from Orton, but we've all been waiting for this to happen for quite a while, and it really is the perfect time. Some people didn't like that the WWE Champ and the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship was taken out by Mr. MITB and The Shield, but to me it makes absolute sense. They can't be unstoppable, and both Orton and The Shield are known for taking advantage and taking out top people, so this made perfect sense to me.

Winners – Bryan & Orton & Cena via DQ (5:24)

Post Show

With Cena and the WWE selling his 'elbow injury' I wonder if it's a way for Cena to lose to Bryan without losing too much face. Unless Cena is in the ICU, he will be in the match with Bryan at SummerSlam, it's just who Cena is, but I like that they're already trying to swerve us going in. At first it looked as though Punk and Brock would be the main event at SummerSlam, but they absolutely have to put Cena and Bryan last on the card.

Queen of WNW

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