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Watching the #1 Contender Match on SD and a thought came to mind. Bear with me and please debate it with me, but I see a sort of pattern. Both Dusty Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were huge names in their day, but both of their sons have also struggled to prove themselves on their own. Then you take Orton and Rocky, two third generation wrestlers who worked hard and shot to the top of the WWE, but their fathers and grandfathers were not stars to the level of the Million Dollar Man and the American Dream. I don't know where I'm going with this, just that I find interesting parallels between these guys.

I am so happy! Just sitting here working on (avoiding) my NaNovel (Sunday) and tweaking about the fact that I have to write about 20,000 words before midnight on Wednesday (I will do it) and noticed on the front page of WNW. I'm thrilled to see that Rowdy Roddy Piper will be starting RAW with Piper's Pit! I will admit that Piper is on my Retired Hot List (yes, this idea just donned on me). That way I can include Piper and HBK, but don't look like I a lecherous old lady who can't watch wrestling without my drool bucket. But I am a huge Piper fan and so excited that he will be on RAW, well, will be on RAW if VKM doesn't get overly tweaky and somehow decides to keep the creative team in the loop. I just want to know when someone is going to step in and tell VKM that he's hurting the show, the employees and the company with all of his neurosis and keeping everything so close to the vest. The biggest problem is who might have enough clout for VKM to listen and realize that what he is doing is not in the best interest of all involved.

Show Starts

Pipper's Pit

B+ > I was so looking forward to this segment. I wanted to see where they were going with this. First off, I have to say that the ring thing reeked of Hogan and Abyss almost two years ago. VKM doesn't watch TNA/IW? I call shenanigans!

Stacy walked into the room and caught part of this segment and asked me why they were making Piper look the heel for slapping Cena. I told him that I thought they were doing just the opposite. We're always saying that we've seen it all in this industry and we want something different. What's more different than a face that gets more heat than most of the heels, but still refuses to be a bad guy? Orton almost had to turn face because he was forced by the fans. Orton is our anti-hero in a very different way than when Austin was our anti-hero. He didn't fight being a bad boy who is really good underneath it all. Cena is the good boy that continues to get more and more heat, but won't go bad. For so long we've watched Cena get boring as a face, but after that segment I'm wondering if VKM and WWE creative is being more creative than we thought. They could do some very interesting things with continually pushing Cena to turn on people, but he holds tight to being the good guy. They could make this a very interesting lead up to Cena's WM Match with Rocky by adding more and more pressure on Cena to be the bad guy, but no matter what he just won't do it. It's an interesting possibility that I just had to throw out to those who agree with me that Cena is boring and the WWE has to do something with the character or there really will be fans rioting!

Miz vs JoMo

B > Since I'm throwing out absurd theories tonight, I have a thought on this whole JoMo thing. Hear me out and if he does go to TNA/IW, then you're all allowed to point and laugh, but only a little. There's been so much made online about JoMo's contract, how Melina has done so much to trash JoMo in the WWE, that Melina isn't yet in TNA/IW because she's waiting for JoMo so they can go in together. So JoMo's contract is up tomorrow. Oops, it's past midnight, so today! We've all heard that he hasn't signed a new contract, so getting beaten down by his former partner looked like the perfect write off, or is it? Yes, R-Truth was beaten down and out for thirty days, no JoMo's beaten down and gone. My biggest question is if JoMo is really gone. Are we going to wait 90 days and expect JoMo to show in TNA/IW only to have him show up back on the WWE? There's just so much out there about JoMo's issues in the WWE and how they're mostly Melina's fault, but I really wonder if JoMo is done with WWE. They like trying to get the better of the IWC and JoMo's beat down was just too clichéd. I don't believe it and won't until I see where JoMo lands.

While what I have written is longer than the actual Match, I have to comment on Miz. I know I say it a lot, but this boy is good! I know compared to Rocky a few weeks ago, I said everyone fell flat, but Miz on his own holds the crowd beautifully. It's not every week that Rocky is on RAW, not every week that we get to see one of the best entertainers in the business, ever, so the best in the industry now has to carry the show. On mic, Miz is one of the best in the business right now.

Winner > Miz

Bellas vs Kelly & Fox

F- > This just sucked! Sucked as a Match, sucked as entertainment, sucked my brain out of my head where it was left flopping on the floor. That was the worst of the worst. And then worse than all that is the Bellas new ring gear! Everything to do with that Match needs to go away and never return.

Winners > Kelly & Fox – Not that anyone cares!

Backstage Segment

C- > I laughed at Laurinaitis when he said that he was pushing off Brodus to make this monster wait and become so filled that when he actually does arrive he will be ready to explode – my own interpretation, of course. How could I not laugh when we all know what's going on backstage with VKM and his relationship with creative. Honestly, if I was Brodus I'd be worried about being pushed back so many times that VKM loses interest and he's released. I doubt it will happen, but we've seen things like that happen to others.

A commenter to my RAW Results stated that he had Googled and found different numbers for what Punk said. So I went and checked Google to find 8,430 hits for Laurinaitis and spineless, whereas I got 768,000 hits for Del Rio and boring. Just wondering where they got their numbers for this, but I loved the way Punk delivered the information. It's more of VKM's sudden pushing of the social media, but it worked coming from Punk.

So, what is up with Clair Sawyer, future lawyer? That bow tie has got to go! Then again, they did get Hudson's name snuck in there. They really need to do something with Otunga as he's beyond a joke at this point. He's more of a joke than Laurinaitis, and that's saying something.

Orton vs Dolph

A- > This was a really good Match. Dolph continuously proves that he is a growing star and that he's going places. He looked great in there with Orton. They made the Match look effortless, something that hasn't happened much lately. I even like how the end played out. A win for Dolph over Orton is great and Orton's budding feud with Wade was pushed a little more. This was win win all the way around, except maybe for Orton who lost the Match. One last thing – what's up with Dolph's silly head stands? Makes no sense to me.

Winner > Dolph

In Ring Segment

B- > I was really impressed with Bryan. He was strong, forceful and took charge rather than getting verbally trounced by Cole. I've been saying for a couple weeks that I'd like to see Big Show win the strap, Bryan turn heel and them face off at WM. Bryan sure looked as though he might be turning that corner to being a heel very soon. My only problem with that is how Cole will treat Bryan when Bryan is also a heel.

Swagger vs Ryder

C > It was nice to see Ryder win this Match, but I was left with a not-so-good feeling after it was all over. There was very little reaction to Ryder or this Match. I don't know what was supposed to happen when Swagger didn't splash Ryder the first time and appeared to step on his hand. The end was managed, but that looked like a botch, not as if it was happen that way at all. Ryder basically stole the win after a short Match without the fans caring too much. Feel bad for Ryder after how the fans loved him in MSG.

Winner > Ryder

Stage Segment

B+ > I love Foley and everyone knows that. I thought this segment was great and well delivered, but I also liked it because it wasn't too long. I can't wait to see SD hosted by Foley!

Backstage Segment

C+ > I will fully admit that this segment confused me. Why the heck did Punk come back and again tell Laurinaitis to kiss his ass? I mean, I like that Punk's not being edited to look as sweet and plastic as Cena.

WWE Championship Match > ADR vs Punk

B > I wish I could give this Match a higher grade, but ADR was just boring! So much of the same hold. I like interesting and technical matches, but that was all on the arm and shoulder, but not at all creative. Punk, of course, was fun and sold well, but I wanted it to be a more rounded Match. When Punk was rolled up after the arm stabber, he looked like a turtle on his back. Just the way his legs flailed about looked terribly face and wondrously funny for some reason.

I will give props where they're due. As if Punk honoring Savage isn't enough, Punk 'pulling an Eddie' made me smile. I actually rewound so Stacy could really get a feel for what Punk did in throwing the chair back at ADR, then flopping to the mat. I have to go find some clips of Eddie doing it to really show him how close Punk was to what Eddie used to do to lie, cheat and steal his way through a Match. * sigh* I miss Eddie!

Winner > Punk

Post Show

I am going to try to write this late night after RAW from now on. I don't like how late RIB is usually posted, but Tuesdays are my only day with my older daughter and I can't just ignore her to write this. I can't guarantee I'll be able to get it up this early as I tried last week and fell asleep in the middle of writing, but I will try.


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