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Raw Is Blogged: Shame


After the news of Seth Rollins and his untimely and horrifying knee injury, I decided to hold off on writing The RIB because I wanted to see how all of this was going to play out. Terrible accidents usually bring about interesting opportunities. There was a tournament that took place over the course of a couple of weeks for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The glaring thing about it was the lack of main event talent within those brackets. We could all safely guess the final four, probably guessed who was going to win, and all could have guessed the reaction of the crowd.

But, we all forgot that Sheamus was holding the Money in the Bank briefcase. Once he cashed in at Survivor Series, we probably all groaned in unison, but truth be told, we all should have seen that coming.

I just know one thing. Well, two things: 1.) The Money in the Bank as a concept and gimmick event needs to be scrapped and 2.) If Roman was fake crying at Survivor Series, he’s got a bright 20+ year Big Show-esque future ahead of him.

I will never understand or support someone who has done nothing of any effect for an entire year, and then out of nowhere, becomes WWE Champion. It doesn’t piss me off, it just leaves me confused. I have nothing against Sheamus. I don’t know the man and he’s a good wrestler. But whenever I see him on screen, I just feel indifference. I don’t care. I don’t boo. I don’t cheer. I just feel a sense of ‘meh.’

Richard wrote a great article explaining what Vince’s motivation was behind this move. I agree to a certain extent. Hate will drive people to watch and the IWC sure does love to hate and complain. We are brand loyal and we will be back. But the one thing that is always left out of conversations like this is how the WWE gets away with making such questionable calls.

The WWE owns how much of its market share? Revenues are up. More people are signing up for the WWE Network. No sports entertainment entity competes at WWE’s production level. NJPW and TNA are a distant 2nd and 3rd. Nielson ratings are outdated and networks aren’t considering them like they used to (and in my opinion, shouldn’t). WWE is expanding internationally. NXT is growing. Fans are loyal and nostalgic. In other words, the WWE can afford to make decisions like these.

Chris Jericho once said something interesting on his podcast. He said the WWE is basically like Ringling Bros. People just go to the show because it’s WWE. I think it’s true. The Royal Rumble in 2016 is sold out. After 2 years of back to back disappointments, people still buy in. Not only do they buy in, fans did so without knowing who or what match was going to be on the card (other than the Rumble itself of course). Same with WrestleMania. Same with just about every WWE event with the exception (maybe) being house shows.

The WWE is the Time Warner Cable of professional wrestling. Perhaps it’s too big to fail.

Despite their anger and frustration, fans are loyal. CM Punk was spot on with his analogy of the WWE being a wheel. We as fans just never viewed ourselves as one of the spokes. We’ll come back to hold the wheel together and ensure it keeps moving. The WWE had better hope that that's the case.

So about last night…

I’ll be honest with you. I was bored out of my friggin’ mind watching Raw. I had my face in the palms of my hands and was thinking about why I was doing this to myself. And I was thinking my settlers in Fallout 4 need more beds and a jukebox for morale.

Roman got some chants in Nashville which makes Vince right and maybe it is all about the chase. Rusev came back after injury without Lana.

The Wyatt’s took out The Dudley Boyz and Mark Henry put over Neville. It warms my heart to see veterans put over guys like that. I will always be sour about Henry’s “retirement” promo. I read an interview where he said he’s not renewing his contract after his current one is up. I’m going to miss the hell out of Sexual Chocolate.

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch should have gotten more time. Both girls are in limbo right now. I think a huge opportunity will be missed if Sasha isn’t competing for the Divas Title in Boston. Again, my optimism isn’t high right now. Paige is hot fire and Charlotte is delivering, but the crowd last night was just dead. I can’t blame them. They were the embodiment of my emotions.

The Highlight of the Night goes to The New Day! Especially Kofi.

His hair was in perfect unicorn form and he had not one but TWO quotes of the evening:

“This is not my character talking, this is me right now: country music sucks!”

“You didn’t have to translate! We speak Spanish!”

Thank you, Kofi. Thank you New Day for bringing the POWWAAHHHH of positivity and for taking a complete garbage gimmick and turning it into gold bullion. Bravo and a tip of the hat to all three of you.

Oh, and no more talking from you Sin Cara. Kalisto, you can totes speak more. A triple threat tag team match at TLC should be fantastic and I’m completely down for it.

Goldust is back and I want to see the singles match between him and Stardust. We’ve waited long enough. Goldie is looking better than ever too. This has to happen!

Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio are feuding which makes me think that at some point during the evening, I fell into a coma and woke up in 2011. Whatever.

Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens look to be feuding with one another and I’m excited as hell about it. They did great work at Survivor Series and I look forward to seeing what these two can pull out of each other. I was disturbed that these guys got the “jobber” treatment with their entrances. That sent an eerie chill down my spine.

Reigns and Rusev put on a good match that saw Sheamus at ringside and Barrett interfering for some reason. Roman then beat everyone with a chair and he remained standing tall to end the show. So the chase for the WWE Championship is on! Again.

If there is a God, they’ll just crown Roman at TLC. I surrender, Vince. We get it. Stop punishing us. We accept Roman as the new ‘The Guy.’ Just… end the madness. Please.

If there was ever a case for why the WWE should consider a televised offseason, this is it. I know for money reasons it won’t happen, but just consider it. Or at least go back to just two hours.

So what did you think of Raw last night? What did you think of the WWE Championship Tournament? What did you think of Survivor Series? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Until next time!

Thank you, Taker!

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