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RAW Is Blogged - That Meat-Hook Clothesline Will Knock Your Shoes Off

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Welcome to Raw... Is... Blogged! (I’m trying to imitate Jericho.) I am the one and only CJ Blaze filling in for Kendra this week. I want to start off by thanking Kendra for this huge opportunity. I’ve helped out with RIB segments before, but never have I ever tackled the whole blog! Let’s get started, shall we?

In Ring Segment > A

You may find that I’m going easy on grading some of these matches and segments. Let’s just say I can be entertained easily...

Raw starts off with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins! Of course, I’m happy about it. Seth’s promo was great from start to finish. From “Monday Night Rollins” to “The Man That Broke The Face That Runs This Place,” to a “Straight Outta” reference, Rollins was pulling all kinds of heel stuff out of the bag this week.

And then we get John Cena “live via satellite.” As painful as it was to stare at Cena’s disgusting broken nose, I died of laughter watching Seth’s lips photo-shopped onto John’s face. Rollins then goes on to bring up last week’s open challenge. It wasn’t long before we heard those sirens, yes, Cesaro’s sirens! I instantly thought we were in for a treat.

Moments later, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton find themselves in the ring pleading for a WWE Title Match. In predictable WWE booking fashion, Triple H would come out and announce a three-way between Cesaro, Owens, and Orton with the winner getting a title match in the main event. I marked out! All four of them are so fun to watch in the ring, not to mention three of them (Rollins, Orton, Cesaro) are my top three favorites right now. Thank you, WWE.

Team Bella vs. Team BAD > C

I really wasn’t expecting to grade this match as low as I did. When the match was announced during the Raw Pre-Show, I was really excited, mainly due to seeing Sasha Banks. For those that don’t know, I’m a huge fan of Banks.

This match brought back memories of the “old days.” What exactly does that mean? This tag match felt like a regular Divas match you’d see on Raw last year. I didn’t see the Divas Revolution in this bout.

Even with Banks included, my attention was not centered on what was going on the ring, which is disappointing. Some of the ring work was sloppy here and there. Maybe my expectations were too high considering PCB wasn’t in the ring. The post-match brawl with PCB getting in on the action was a lot more entertaining.

Winners - Team Bella (9:07)

Los Matadores vs. The New Day > B-

Right off the bat the ring work was fast, almost to the point it felt rushed like they only had a minute to work. Things slowed down and it was a better match than I expected. Some of us were discussing the gimmick of Los Matadores in the Open Thread prior to the show. As I stated, I enjoy Diego and Fernando in the ring, but the gimmick is ridiculous. It also doesn’t help that they are used as jobbers until a multi-team match is wanted for a big-four PPV like we are now getting in two weeks.

The tag team division is sort of a mess at the moment. New Day going over here was absolutely the right choice. I enjoyed the ring work and time it was given, therefore I went easy on the grade.

Winners - The New Day (3:59)

Backstage Segment > B

Renee Young and The New Day earned themselves an A, however, the announcement that was made was worthy of a lower grade, so I went in the middle. The lovely Renee Young revealed to The New Day that the Prime Time Players will defend the Tag Team Titles in a four-way also including Los Matadores and Lucha Dragons at SummerSlam. I’m very happy that three of these teams have a spot on the SummerSlam card, considering it is four hours long. It just bothers me that WWE goes this route with a big four PPV. It’s the third time in a year if you don’t count Elimination Chamber.

Backstage Segment > A-

We move right along to see Triple H and Seth Rollins talking. Hunter lights a fire in him that we have been dying to see! It’s all right for Seth to be a coward heel champion, in my opinion, but he should’ve been booked better in certain cases this summer. Rollins can prove he really is “the man” and can do the open challenge thing better than his rival.

Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton > A

What a match! WWE once again gives us a triple threat match just for the heck of it. As expected, these three stole the show and provided us with the Match of the Night. The action was fast-paced all throughout and it certainly was all over the place. Spot after spot, and counter and counter.

Cesaro continues to prove he belongs in the main event picture. And I believe TPTB are finally seeing it too! Owens seemed to be the man with the least chances of winning, and I’m not sure why that is. Orton, who I expected to win, looked like he was having fun with those two, as he should.

There were some fans annoyed with Orton going over. It’s not like the winner of this was actually going to win the WWE Title later on. This was booked perfectly, and very deserving of the grade given.

Winner - Randy Orton (18:10)

Backstage Segment > A

I never expected so many A’s... Ambrose and Reigns are brothers and they prove it every week they are together. Their promos were spot on here. Ambrose brought the comedy while Reigns brought comedy and seriousness when talking about Wyatt and Harper. The question that is now being brought up is: Are the seeds being planted for a heel turn at SummerSlam?

Undertaker Video > B

While an appearance from The Deadman himself would’ve been better, a video package will do. It just kind of sucks knowing that the main event of SummerSlam featured appearances from both Taker and Lesnar on the first and last week of build.

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper > B+

This match was bound to happen sooner than later with SummerSlam less than two weeks away. Ambrose and Harper’s chemistry together is very fun to watch. As expected, these two were hard-hitting and all over the place. Reigns and Wyatt filled their spots at ringside perfectly. In the end, Harper surprisingly went over after nailing the Clothesline From Smell.

Winner - Luke Harper (10:27)

MizTV with Daniel Bryan > A-

YES! YES! YES! It’s always nice to see Daniel Bryan in his home state. Seeing him with a great big smile on his face while soaking in the biggest crowd reaction of the night was heart-warming. Miz and Bryan handled their duties well of promoting movies, books, and Tough Enough.

Big Turn, ahem, I mean Big Show made his way down to the ring, but was cut off by the returning Ryback! I popped for the Intercontinental Champion coming out with the title and ring gear, proving he’s ready for a fight. The best part about it was Ryback clotheslining Miz so hard, Miz’s shoe went flying out of the ring!

Charlotte Video > A

Charlotte says she will main event WrestleMania... How cool would that be? The video package led to the announcement of the epic Three-Team Elimination match that will feature Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D. vs. PCB! So glad this match was added to the card. I like the elimination stipulation.

Rusev vs. Mark Henry > D-

Who cares? I certainly don’t. I’m sick of Rusev and now I’m growing tired of the Summer Rae vs. Lana storyline. Their cat fights were entertaining, but now it’s just repetitive. It’s time to move on.

No Contest (1:05)

King Barrett vs. Neville > C

Neville pretty much squashed King Barrett, further proving that Barrett’s time is up in the WWE. He’ll never get that main event push at this rate. All I remember from the match was Neville kicking Barrett in the head and hitting the Red Arrow.

After the match, Stephen Amell gets involved! I have never watched Arrow, nor did I even know Stephen Amell existed before this storyline with Stardust. Nevertheless, I was blown away by Amell hopping in the ring like he’s been here for years! Great segment, but the match sucked.

Winner - Neville (1:17)

Backstage Segment > A

The way Stephen Amell demanded Triple H give him a SummerSlam match was awesome! This has money written all over it. The Green Arrow and The Red Arrow team up to face Stardust and King Jobber at the biggest show of the summer!

Backstage Segment > B

I didn’t really pay much attention to JoJo’s interview with Sheamus. From what I got out of it, Sheamus isn’t injured after all, which is good because WWE needs as many top talents as they can get right now. Sheamus teased cashing in tonight.

WWE Title Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton > B+

Very good main event match from Rollins and Orton. Their chemistry is really good, as we saw with many matches on Raw. This didn’t really feel like a WWE Championship match, and maybe that’s because I knew Seth would be walking away with the title still in his hands. The ring work was very good; this is the match I expected from them.

Sheamus interfering makes sense as his storyline with Orton continues. I can’t say I’m excited to see another PPV match between them, but it is what it is. Sheamus teased cashing in the briefcase and it was a little strange how the ref seemed confused while Sheamus was yelling at him. Thankfully, Orton stopped Sheamus and Rollins is still the champ.

Winner - Randy Orton by DQ, Rollins retains (14:28)

Post Show

Before I sign off, I wanted to bring up a fun fact about this week’s Raw. Monday’s show featured Ambrose vs. Harper, Neville vs. Barrett, and Orton vs. Rollins... What does that mean exactly? Well, we saw those three matches take place at this year’s Extreme Rules. Kind of strange to think about. We could even go as far to mention Nikki Bella and Naomi were featured in the same match, as they battled for the Divas Championship back in April.

Overall, this was a decent Raw. There wasn’t much to complain about. We saw good ring work and we even had a few new matches confirmed for SummerSlam! Next week’s go-home show should feature another interesting confrontation with Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker.

Prince of WNW?
CJ Blaze

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