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RAW Is Blogged - Where's Your Skateboard?

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I know a lot of people are all up in arms about how the ring was broken at Vengeance. Some people thought it was lame and cheap because Big Show and Brock previously did the same. I can see where these people are coming from as it's a big moment when Big Show and Brock broke the ring, but that was on Smackdown, June 12, 2003! It was over eight years ago and a lot of things have happened in the industry since then. Think back, Brock was the good guy protecting Rey from Big Show. How things have changed, especially the violence and the depth of storylines and we can't forget the gaping plot holes of late.

Much has changed and when better to break the ring again? There was easily more than a hundred more pounds in the ring this time. Big Show appears to be a bit heavier than he was then, but it's Henry that carries almost a hundred pounds more than Brock. But it was the follow up to the break that sold the whole experience. Both Laurinaitis and Long out to check on them, but more than that was the three strewn bodies in the ring (including the ref) that didn't move after the crash. They sold it better than about everyone else on the show and neither had to lose cleanly and end up looking weak.

I also have to admit that I enjoyed Cena and ADR. I wasn't expecting much from the two Title matches, but more from the rest of the card, but in the end the Title Matches kept my attention in a way that only CM Hunter versus Awesome Truth managed on the under card. Quite a swerve for the B level PPV that many didn't have high expectations for.

Show Starts

In Ring Segment + Backstage Segment

C > Gee, Laurinaitis isn't orchestrating everything behind the scenes to make Trip look bad and destroy him, is he? So blatant with gaping holes in it all. Just so glaringly bad! This whole growing feud between Trip and Nash has me very worried that they could end up in a one on one Match. Not a good thing. But the way they handled this, Trip strapped to the backboard, does he have a pulse thing was a travesty.

Orton & Sheamus vs Christian & Cody

All four of them worked the ring really well in this Match, even though Orton looked like he was hurting a bit from the start. A basic tag Match when all four held their own, was nice to see, especially coming off the PPV the night before. The only thing that looked at all bad was the botched brogue kick at the end. Not sure who's fault it was, but it sure didn't look good.

Winners – Orton & Sheamus

Backstage Segment

D > Cena just doesn't deliver the way HBK can! The way Cena pushed Ryder on Twitter would have been hysterical if HBK had said it, but Cena came off as lame to me. I guess I have some Cena burnout. I thought I'd bounce back a bit after Cena's Title Match with ADR being so good, but Cena on mic is just annoying right now. Even worse because I could see in my mind how HBK would be able to deliver the line without any work. I won't even speak about how annoyed I am at Laurinaitis. He should not have been on TV back in the day and he's a hundred times worse now.

Santino vs Dolph

B- > I understand why Santino is comic relief, but his in ring skills come to light every once in a while and we see just how great he really is. Of course I expected Dolph and Swagger to beat down on Santino, I also expected Ryan to make the save. For me the question is who will they Match Ryan up with to go after Swagger and Dolph? I thought it might be Ryder, but Santino is another thought. As long as someone helps teach Ryan how to work the ring, I'll be happy.

Winner – Dolph

In Ring Segment

B+ > Looking back at this segment I had completely forgotten that ADR started it all. All I really remember is Punk and Laurinaitis. Punk's delivery and how he rips down Laurinaitis is just beautiful. The mic location and the skateboard comments about had me on the floor laughing!

Fox vs Natalya

F > Well, that wasn't anything to write home about, so I'm not going to!

Winner – Fox

JoMo vs Wade

C- > When JoMo came out to the ring I asked Stacy if he know who would be giving JoMo his weekly beat down. He thought I was joking, but obviously I wasn't. Is TV time so precious that he won't give it up for the humbling he's getting? I really wonder why he's sticking around and not trying to get free after all this. It has to be humiliating both in ring and in the locker room. Then again I wonder much of the time about why JR stays after all VKM has done to him and every week I'm still clamoring to see JR on announce. Though I do think JR is of tougher stock in that his private life is private and his wife doesn't spread herself around the locker room like a ring rat. I will say something about the actual Match – the botch at the end really tweaked me out. Then if it wasn't bad enough, watching Wade pick JoMo up and hit his finisher again made me twitch. I don't like Wade's finisher and think it looks too dangerous for my liking.

Winner – Wade

Announce Segment

D- > I hope Cole leaves. He won't, I know, but I want JR on announce with King. I know some people might find it a bit old school, but they're the best in the business together. Cole, on the other hand, has taken being a heel to a whole new level and is obviously pissing off many long time fans.

Backstage Segment

C > Well, so much for Ryder getting to a main event Match!

In Ring Segment

B+ > Well, I have to say that Miz and R-Truth are on quite the roll. Miz's influence has really helped R-Truth's mic work. They're not DX, but they could get there if they continue on this way.

Awesome Truth vs Cena

B- > Cena actually looked decent in this Match. Yes, some of the time he over sold, but for him it's great that he's selling at all! But beyond the Match, Cena was great with Laurinaitis. Okay, Laurinaitis trying to reprimand Miz & R-Truth came off as the parent who would let them get away with everything once there wasn't an audience. I just can't believe VKM thinks Laurinaitis as GM is a good idea.

I thought Cena did a piss poor job of deciding that Rocky would be his partner at SS. Most everyone knew Rocky would be working SS and Cena looked really goofy realizing that Laurinaitis said he could partner with ANYONE, that meant Rocky. And as if Rocky won't tag with him against Awesome Truth! It will be good for him to get some ring rust off and get the feud rolling with Cena, but I'm with Richard in thinking that Rocky shouldn't be in the ring until WM.

Winner – Cena via DQ

Post Show

Okay, what was the deal with Miz's tan melting down his neck? It looked really bad. I'm all for fake tans over skin cancer, but it needs to not melt with the slightest bit of sweat!

Anyway, I'm going to sign off here and apologize for this being so late. The doctors seem to think I should check in with them after major surgery so they can make sure everything is working the way it should be. It makes sense, but just threw such a wrench in my life! This won't be happening again and thanks for understanding.


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