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RAW Is Blogged - You Can't Go Home Again

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I stated that I would respond to commenters' questions after my rant on Cole and the WWE over the verbal attack on JR and digestive disorders as a whole. I was asked what I would do in JR's shoes (sigh, to be involved in the industry in such a was), but I'm still not sure. I have spent the better part of my life, more than thirty years, living with Crohn's Disease. Because of this I have never been able to work a traditional job. I worked the family business (ten food concession stands in a small amusement park here in Maine) for a number of years through my teens and twenties, even go back for a couple of days each year when the help is needed, but other than that I have not been able to work the traditional day in day out job. I tried a couple times, but kept ending up getting very ill and having to go under the knife. My body just cannot handle any form of continuous activity. Even taking my kids out to the amusement park, I have to lay low for a couple days before and have a couple days of recuperation time after.

Because of all this I cannot imagine what it would be like to have a job I love (even though I love working for WNW) that I dealt with day in and day out with my life, but also get verbally abused at. I did have a couple jobs through the years that I was treated horribly by superiors due to my health issues. It happened at two different jobs where I didn't stay very long (couple months) due to my health. I will fully admit that I went out of each of them, one in particular, in a blaze of glory. Take no prisoners, but hopefully educated a couple very uncaring people what it's like to not have perfect health everyday of their lives. Okay, I really hope something stuck in, but as we all see, people rarely change.

So, how would I handle VKM if I was JR? Honestly, I don't think I'd have returned after Dr. VKM's vignette in the operating room where he was removing things from JR's bum. Though I say that I wouldn't return, the fans (myself included) really love JR and push for him to return no matter what and I'm not sure how I'd handle that pressure. In all honesty, I probably would have seriously burned the bridge with VKM by now. While they rarely mention JR's Bells palsey, creative love to rip on JR for absolutely everything else, but for me the flinging of poo goes too far. I know ripping on things like this is what the WWE loves. Shooted works are sometimes the best as they have that note of reality, but a disease should be off limits.

And after all this, Trip pulled rank on Laurinaitis recently to get Nash 'signed' with the WWE, but Trip hasn't pulled rank to get JR back after Trip brought him back in the first place? This is just more of the short sighted plot holes that the WWE has created recently for RAW. One of the plot holes that just happens to be pissing of IWC and fans who follow the business more than 'OMFGWTFBBQ, JOHN CENA!' What I feel should happen is Cole call JR out for this 'competition' thing, but before it can get started Trip comes up on the tron and tells JR to sit at announce, Cole to Smackdown and stay there. I know, pipe dream, VKM loves Cole, even though so many fans are beyond loathing Cole and have moved on to apathy. I'll keep my toes crossed that WWE and VKM will put JR on announce for RAW and stop picking on him in such nasty ways.

Honestly, I just don't get why the WWE is fining their wrestlers for marijuana use, but synthetic marihuana use is a 30 day suspension. I don't know enough about the two items to at all understand why this might be. I have an email (on Facebook) in to a pain management doctor who also deals with substance abuse that I know pretty well and hope I can get some sort of answer soon so I can pass it along to you. See, it is helpful to have a large medical team on my side! EDIT: Dr. Kozma sent me back a message about synthetic marijuana that helps me understand why the WWE does this, sorta. What Kozam told me is, "It is also called 'spice' and has been gaining in popularity as a substitute high for people who think they can get away with it. The effects are similar but more intense and last for a shorter period of time, yet the harmful effects are not minimized. Think of it as a designer, synthetic marijuana (like crystal meth is a synthetic stimulant). The reason it is sometimes treated differently is that it is a new-ish fad and they're likely trying to make a statement that it won't be tolerated. It can be difficult to detect unless it's specifically looked for, so someone who appears wasted on the job may be able to pass a traditional drug test. However, someone under the influence is still under the influence, and the intentional deception (by definition they're using to avoid getting caught) usually leads to a stiffer punishment."

I absolutely have to thank Dr. Kozma for answering me so quickly and clearing up some of the questions I had about marijuana and synthetic marijuana. Not many doctors would step up and respond to a question on Facebook, but then again, most doctors are not 'friends' with their patients on Facebook either. He is most impressive and a wonderful person.

I'm sure I'll get flack for all of this, but you should know me well enough to know that I will dissect everything that's going on in the industry and tell it as I see fit. I avoid talking religion and politics, so wrestling is my thing to rant and rave about! From flinging poo to fake drugs, I just have to tell it the way I see it.

Show Starts

In Ring Segment

B- > While I would have been happier if this had been shorter, or not at all, I did find it interesting that they kept R-Truth to saying very little. I'm wondering why that is and all of my theories about it are terribly negative toward R-Truth and how garbled he sounds on mic. But honestly, this was a great way to start the show for those in Liverpool and push this Match further for SS. Watching at home was a bit annoying, but I completely understand why they did it.

Dolph w/ Vickie vs JoMo

B > I have to say I'm a bit surprised with the turn of JoMo both holding his own in a Match and winning. The article about JoMo losing his mojo, possibly he did and said mojo's name is Melina. After the Tweets she's been putting out about finding Mr. Right, I'm hoping JoMo is a free man who's ready to work on his career over getting bent over the apron and screwed by Melina's loosey goosey ways because he sure can work that ring and looks great doing it.

Winner – JoMo

Ryan vs JTG

D > Whoever came up with the idea of pushing Ryan in the UK really dropped the ball. On paper I think it probably looked good, but it truly failed in its execution. Ryan just is not ready for that type of push unchaperoned. He really needs someone to lead him for a bit until his ring work and mic work have improved. My first thought would be Regal and nothing to do with Regal being British, more with Regal being a great wrestler to Match up with floundering young wrestlers. My biggest problem is that I don't want to see Ryan turning heel and I think that's the only way it would work with Regal. Ryan sure didn't manage to get any reaction, positive or negative from the fans on that side of the pond. I will admit I was a bit surprised considering how wild and crazy the fans were at other parts in the show. When the wrestler has to stop and wait to be heard over the fans the way certain guys did, that's a hot crowd, they just weren't hot for Ryan! I also want to say it sucks for JTG to be on RAW only to be Ryan's victim. Sad to see how far he's slid.

Winner – Ryan

Backstage Segment

B+ > I am getting more and more excited for Ryder. He and the Bellas pulled off that little segment in a great way. It was short, but felt really solid, something a lot of the younger roster hasn't figured out how to make work yet. I'm actually impressed.

Announce Segment

C+ > After Cole's diatribe last week that pissed me off to no end, I actually thought Cole's reasoning behind JR not being there was very cute and handled much better than last week. Picking on JR for his BBQ is great and Cole handled it well, or as well as Cole can handle anything on announce. Besides, JR's BBQ makes me giddy in its yumminess!

Kofi vs ADR

B- > What the heck was up with Kofi's trunks? I feel like that Olympic gymnastics judge that marked one team down because they didn't like how their outfit rode up, but Kofi' s bum hanging out was distracting. Not saying it was a bad distraction, but it wasn't professional for the caliber wrestlers in the WWE. Again, not saying I didn't like the show.

I again have to admit that ADR just isn't living up to the level I thought he would by now. Last week he was great in the ring, but that was against Big Show. Putting him in the ring with someone younger just shows us where ADR is lacking. * sigh*

Winner – ADR

In Ring Segment

B+ > I'll admit my grade was influenced by how hot the fans were. I wouldn't have believed that this was the same crowd for Ryan if I hadn't seen it. Punk is so over with the fans on the other side of the pond! I'm really blown away by their reaction and Punk handled it beautifully.


C > Professor asked me today about why I enjoyed the Muppets last week. We 'discussed' the Special Guest Stars and agreed that we still don't like them, but I am sticking with my enjoyment of the Muppets on RAW last week. I won't say I thought putting the Muppets on RAW was a good idea, but since they were doing it, they might as well do it the best they could. I really thought they did the best they could with the Muppets. It's better than having this horrible Guest Star program and screwing it up week in and week out as they've done more times than I care to remember. So for a really crappy program, I thought they handled the Muppets well. Does that explain my feelings about it all a little better?

Swagger w/ Vickie vs Santino

B- > It was nice to see Swagger get back at Santino after last week, but the best part of this Match wasn't in the ring for me. That little video prior to their ring work where Swagger spoke directly into the camera? That for me was amazing! That was creativity that I'd never seen from Swagger. It was subtle, but also glaringly obvious. He used simple nuances in his facial expression to show us so many emotions. It was brilliant and my impression of Swagger grew in leaps and bounds here.

Winner – Swagger

In Ring Segment

D- > Be A Star? Well, they sure don't practice what they preach, do they? And while Kelly is quite lanky and was a bathing suit model, something about that cover looked really fake. Guess I'll have to check it out at the store and see if it looks as touched up as it did on TV.

In Ring Segment

B+ > While Laurinaitis sucks on mic, Nash sure did a great job! That Nash brought him into the Kliq only because HBK thought they should? Wow, that's HARSH! Every little twist he put on his story was wonderful. I was blown away, but also really worried about Nash following it up in the ring. Nash would be better as a manager, a mouthpiece for someone young who can't handle the mic well.

Backstage Segment

B- > Punk's little leaded and unleaded comment was fun. Actually, I'm just glad Punk didn't make another skateboard comment as it has gotten very old lately. And I will admit that Laurinaitis threatening to take his jacket off made me laugh out loud. I don't think I've previously ever laughed at Laurinaitis in any way that wasn't a nasty reaction to his creepiness and annoying ways. Hopefully it's a step in the right direction, but I doubt it.

Awesome Truth vs Cena & Ryder

B+ > I have to admit that the fans in Liverpool had a great main event. Not saying that the wrestling was the best in this Match, but it was a fun, exciting and entertaining Match. I was blown away at how over Ryder was with the fans and how they chanted for him to tag into the Match. All four of them in the Match worked well together and I loved how Cena reacted when Miz and R-Truth got the win. The smirk on his face said he knew he was screwed and he wouldn't let it happen again.

Winners – Miz & R-Truth

Post Show

I'm very impressed with this episode of RAW in that it was great for the fans in Liverpool. It wasn't great watching at home from my sofa, but sometimes you just have to give a little when the fans are so hot and into the show.

I want to warn everyone that RAW is a three hour show in Boston next week with Rocky, Foley and JR. We did not know that tickets went on sale over the summer as I was so sick. Honestly, I don't think Stacy would have bought the tickets then if he'd known about them as we didn't know what would be happening, or if I'd be able to go due to surgery or post op. When we could have bought tickets knowing that we'd be able to go, there wasn't any tickets available that we would have wanted or been able to afford. So while I know all of this intellectually, I'm still royally pissed that I won't be able to see RAW live next week. Please be forewarned that I will be cranky from the three hour RAW and even more cranky that I wasn't able to be there live. I will try to contain my personal crankiness as much as possible as it's no one's fault, but I'm still bummed.

Just to make myself accountable for my words this month, I will tell you that my WNW word count is 10,860, my NaNoWriMo word count is 7182, so my total word count so far this month is 18,042.


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