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Return of the American Dragon

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Daniel Bryan YES YES YES

For years, many die-hard wrestling fans have watched Daniel Bryan dominate in the ring. Most can agree that for a guy of his stature, he has the most heart, desire and feel for professional wrestling. The man eat, sleeps, breathes nothing but wrestling! Whether it’s Ring of Honor or WWE, he gives every company and every arena his all. He makes sure that the WWE universe goes home with nothing but excitement in their minds and smiles on their faces. Truth be told, he loves every one of his fans and he lets them know that he loves them with all his heart by making sure he puts on a great show for them.

The leader of the ‘Yes’ movement ran into some troubles some years back as he started getting multiple concussions. This is very common in the ring. Especially, with the wrestlers who can be a bit wild and all over the place. Everyone knows that Bryan is a very energetic, emotional man in the ring. If he performs at WrestleMania this year, imagine 80,000 people going crazy when his music hits! Everyone, I’m sure, will rise to their feet and chant “YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!” right along with him and he shuffles to the ring and points up. They probably won’t even stop until after the bell rings! We have all been anticipating his return. Especially since he and his wife, Brie Bella, had been saying one way or another, whether it’s WWE or somewhere else, Bryan will get back into the ring and wrestle again.

Ever since he came back to WWE and was announced as the General Manager of Smackdown! Live, there have been a few interviews with Bryan stating that it’s tough to just where normal clothes while the program is going on, sit back and watch his fellow peers wrestle. That’s insinuatingly the reason as to why he’s so anxious to get back into someone’s wrestling ring. Athletes can’t stand to just watch their peers do what they, themselves, love to do and they can’t even partake in doing it themselves because of some incident that may have prevented them from doing so. It’s very tough for a lot of us because we’ve worked so hard to get to where we are today as athletes. It’s like it’s all we know, it’s what we’ve grown up doing and working for.

The memory is still there when Daniel Bryan faced Randy Orton in a No-Disqualification match. Bryan tried to do a suicide dive and Orton stepped out of the way. As Bryan flew in between the ropes, Orton kind of gave Bryan a little push to the barricade. You could clearly see Bryan hit the barricade pretty hard. From the point on, he looked a little stiff. He tried to pull himself up over the ropes when Orton threw him out the ring and he was stuck due to the numbness in his body. Even Jerry Lawler pointed out that Bryan looked a little stiff and that it was possibly due to the rough landed he took from the suicide dive to Orton. Bryan tried to finish the match and nearly fought the referee and doctor to do so. Finally, Triple H ordered that the referee and doctor stop the match. You could see the anger in Bryan’s face. Come to find out, he went backstage and lit into Triple H for calling it off.

As we get closer and closer to WrestleMania, the anticipation of a possible return to the ring may finally be over. Now, it’s very well the anticipation of “how good will he be?” or “has he lost a step in the ring from years of inactivity?” It’s safe to say that after he got into it with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn after his “in-ring return” announcement, Daniel Bryan hasn’t lost it one bit. Surely, these days before WrestleMania shall be a pretty remarkable time in Daniel Bryan’s career.

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