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Ryan's Raw 25 Letdown

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Welcome back everyone to WNW! Usually, I review Monday Night Raw with my Raw Cut, where I go over the Hits and Misses of the show. After watching the 25th Anniversary of Raw, I let a day go by to sink in everything that happened on the show. The more I thought, the more I realized how much of a letdown the entire show was. Next week, I will go back to doing my Raw Cuts, but for this week, I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions of how Raw 25 was a letdown was......

- I want to start off by saying that the opening segment of Raw was a great trip down nostalgia road with Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Austin being in the same ring at the same time. Vince eating a stunner was amazing to see, feeling like I was watching an episode of Raw from the Attitude Era. Sadly, this was the high end of the show, and it traveled downhill from that point.

- For starters, I would like to know who had the great idea to run two venues for Raw. I understand the Manhattan Center was the home for Raw for so long, but why wouldn't they just run it from there? Or, they could have just had one venue for Raw at the Barclays Center because it can hold thousands of more people. WWE should have known that the fans in both venues would get restless. I know I would be upset if I was watching from a big screen for most of the night. I totally understand the frustration the fans had. At that point, I would have just stayed home to watch on my own television. The fans in the Manhattan Center paid between 300-1500 for a ticket. All they were given the entire time were two 205 Live dark matches, an Undertaker segment, a wasted match between Wyatt and Hardy, and the finish between DX and the Balor Club.

-Moving towards the segments, they did nothing for me. From the constant backstage segments, to the in-ring segments we saw at both venues. Speaking of in-ring segments, we had the return of the Undertaker. Yes, I said the Undertaker. He hasn't been seen since he lost to Roman Reigns last year at Wrestlemania, and he went in front of the Manhatten Center fans for a whole five minutes. He talked about how he had all the souls and bodies he defeated on Raw, and how they can all rest in piece. I was puzzled. What was the point of that? There was no indication of a retirement announcement, or a Wrestlemania match hint. Things just seemed off with it all.

- Honoring the women of the past on Raw was disgraceful because they did it without Lita. It bewilders me because both her and Trish Stratus set the bar for the women of today. They had Trish on Raw, but no Lita. Ridiculous.

-WWE did a passing of the torch angle with DX and the Balor Club. Though, the cameras only focused on Triple H, rather than Finn Balor. It seems like Hunter is putting himself over once again. He already put himself over at Survivor Series, enough is enough.

- During the entire three hours, we saw five matches. Out of those five matches, the longest match was just a bit short of thirteen minutes. That match was Miz vs Roman Reigns. Everything else, it turned more into a segment. Speaking of matches. They gave away 'Woken' Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt on television for free. Thinking that it would be a match for at the Royal Rumble, but nope. A match wasted, along with two great characters in about five minutes.

-There was so much hype to this anniversary show. In fact, there was more hype to this show then there has been for the Royal Rumble at all this year. The hype of the Rumble has been lackluster, to say the least. This Raw was the go-home show. They are supposed to be selling the Rumble to viewers who may be on the fence about purchasing the network, or to those who haven't watched the product in a while. Instead of selling the big show, we saw Asuka tossing out woman over the top rope, and a brawl brawl that went on way. Zero build for the Royal Rumble. Raw had so much potential to be one of the greatest Raw's WWE has ever produced, but failed to capitalize on the opportunity. WWE fans have a right to be upset, as we all were left high and dry, scratching our heads on what we saw on Raw 25.

-There was almost five million people watching viewing Raw in the first hour, and over five million viewing the first segment, and yet probably they didn't keep any new or old viewer to keep watching.

-Overall, Raw was a wreck, and they proved to everyone that they can't capitalize on something this big. WWE has proved their inability to create new stars for well over a decade now, and it was on showcase for the 25th anniversary.

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