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Ryan’s Raw Cut (01/01/18)

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Hello everyone and welcome back to WNW! We hope everyone has had happy holidays and a Happy New Year! Shall we get to cutting? 


CESARO VS JASON JORDAN: The opening match for the show, and for what it was, not too bad. The pace worked for me as Cesaro worked over Jordan’s leg the entire match. I was a bit confused on how Rollin’s said he was there to watch JJ lose, yet he was cheering him on during the match.

BRAY WYATT VS APOLLO CREWS: A decent short match between the two, obviously expecting Wyatt to win. He has to stay strong for the feud with Matt Hardy. Speaking of Matt, him interrupting on the screen this week was good. The ending where the multiple pictures came out, I didn’t care for. I’d expect a challenge to finally be thrown out for Royal Rumble between the two, so fingers crossed for next week.

BRAUN STROWMAN VS RHYNO: A fun match as Braun took the win. I laughed out loud when Heath got on the apron, and Braun got on the mic telling him to be a cheerleader or get in the ring. The multiple poweslams on both men were awesome, and the crowd ate it up.

ROMAN REIGNS VS SAMOA JOE: A great title match. Roman and Joe completely tore the house down. They played into the story multiple times with if Roman was disqualified, he’d lose the title. Joe didn’t lose anything in defeat, but looked like a star losing. Great match for a New Year.

GOLDUST AND CEDRIC ALEXANDER VS DREW GULAK AND ARIYA DAIVARI: This match is getting a hit for Goldust being in a match with the Cruiserweights. He truly deserves a push. Give him a chance at the CWC Champion!

BALOR CLUB: Finally, is this a permanent thing for Balor, Gallows, and Anderson? WWE should build this up to a major thing, and make all three men champions. Finn for the World Champ, and Gallows and Anderson for Tag Champs.


ASUKA VS ALEXA BLISS: The match itself is a hit quality, but why is the champion losing? I understand Asuka can’t lose because of her streak, but atleast do a count out finish. I wasn’t a fan of the clean finish.

BROCK LESNAR AND KANE: This brawl did nothing for me. The promo Heyman delivered was good, but Kane and Brock wasn’t good. The crowd didn’t really seem into it, and neither was I. Speaking of, if Paul kept saying Lesnar had challengers, in plural, then why wasn’t Braun in the pull-away as well?

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