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Ryan's RAW Cut (11/6/17)

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Hello everyone and welcome back to WNW! Hopefully you all enjoyed last weeks installment of the Raw Cut! Let's go ahead and jump right into this week's Raw!


ELIAS VS JASON JORDANThis match is getting a hit because I enjoy Elias. He is a bright up and comer and I hope he can eventually make it to the main event scene. Now, I don't really care for the guitar on a pole stipulation, but I couldn't help but stay tuned for the entire match. Jordan and Elias have good chemistry. I know this feud has overstayed their welcome but maybe WWE will give them a match with some time and a clean finish.

ASUKA: Another week and another squash match from Asuka. Definitely this is the way WWE needs to keep going with her. Keep her strong until her eventual match for the Women's Title, whenever that may take place. I'm on the fence about putting her in the women's Survivor Series match because I think she should be separate from that. On the other hand, it'd be cool to see her wipe out the entire Smackdown Live women's team being the sole survivor.

SAMOA JOE VS FINN BALOR: This match was supposed to be Joe vs Titus but Titus and Apollo were destroyed by Joe on the ramp. WWE are building Joe as the dominant heel. This is the Samoa Joe I love. He wanted someone to fight and out came Finn Balor. The two put on a hell of a match together and the double count out is understandable. Both need to be protected (Even though Kaned buried Balor a couple weeks ago) and it wasn't like their issue was finished. The two continued brawling and also were added the men Survivor Series match. Kudos to everyone involved in this.

BRAUN STROWMAN VS MIZ: Even though this match was all over the place with Kane and the Miztourage getting involved, Braun Strowman is just so entertaining. Tossing everyone around is always nice to see. I'm looking forward to Kane vs Strowman as the two should be going at it very soon.

PETE DUNNE: Whoa. Pete Dunne is incredible. I've never seen any of Dunne's work until last night and I'm amazed at how awesome he is. I will be going back to watch him in the United Kingdom Tournament for sure.

THE BAR VS THE SHIELD: An incredible match between the two teams. I tried to avoid spoilers, but I saw it anyways. The interruption of the New Day was intriguing. Taking the titles off the Shield, are they going with a program with them and the New day? Maybe when Roman is cleared, and 3 on 3 match? Only time will tell.


MIZ TV: Let me start out by saying I love the Miz and I usually enjoy MizTV. This week, I didn't really care for it. Miz promoted his match against Baron Corbin at Survivor Series, which I'm really not that interested in seeing, to be honest. Out came Kurt Angle and Miz ran him down about the Daniel Bryan attack last week on Raw. I did enjoy the fact that Angle retaliated by putting Miz in a match against Braun Strowman later in the show.

JASON JORDAN ADDED TO SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH:  I get it - Roman Reigns isn't cleared for Survivor Series and they need a replacement. Why in the hell would they choose Jason Jordan though? There are plenty of other superstars I can think of that deserve the spot more. Though I guess this is good for Jordan and it gives him a chance to prove if he can hang with everyone else.

SASHA BANKS AND BAYLEY VS ALICIA FOX AND NIA JAX: This match was just filler in my opinion. Why would you have the team captain of RAW in Alicia Fox take the loss? Why is she even the captain?

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