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Ryan’s Raw Cut (1/15/18)

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Hello everyone and back to this week’s Raw Cut here on WNW. This is where we go over the Hits and Misses of Raw. Shall we get to cutting? Don’t forget to give us your feedback on Raw as well! 


BRAUN STROWMAN’S DESTRUCTION: I want to go ahead and state the worst part of this all, and that was the beginning. With Kurt ‘firing’ Braun, we know it’s not true. Nowadays, it’s hard to believe. Everything that followed afterwards, was completely awesome. The multiple segments of Braun smashing everything, including Michael Cole, Kurt’s office, and security, was amazing. It took Angle to rehire him and to call the match at the Rumble back on for him to stop. Hit

THE BAR VS TITUS WORLDWIDE: A fun match to watch, with the logical interference from Jason Jordan. He caused the win for Apollo and Titus. It furthers he fued for The Bar and Seth and JJ at the paper view. I’m looking forward to their rematch.

CEDRIC ALEXANDER FOR TONY NESE: A nice showing from the two. Logically, it was good for Alexander to win for momentum against Enzo. Hopefully the fued will be over once the Rumble comes and goes.

NIA JAX VS ASUKA: I was planning on to see more of a angle than an actual match. I have to say, I was into the match, and it was awesome in my opinion. Asuka tried everything to put away Nia early, and Nia grew frustrated by the end of the match. The finish was made to keep Nia looking strong in defeat.

THE REVIVAL: It’s nice to see Wilder and Dawson. I’m giving this a hit for the promo after the match. They referred to themselves as wrestlers versus being called entertainers. My guess is that next week, we have a bunch of legends taking them out.

ROMAN REIGNS VS MIZTOURAGE: The promo Miz delivered before the match that Dallas and Axel has against Reigns was good. The match was decent and showcased Roman as Superman once again. I’m excited for next week’s IC title championship between Miz and Roman. Im hoping for a title change!!

SASHA BANKS VS SONYA DEVILLE: I want to start off by wishing Paige and quick recovery. I’m impressed by the way Deville is performing in the ring. Her and Sasha worked well. The ending was odd, as it was a kick to the ribs that was the finish. Other than that, it was a good match.

MATT HARDY: I’m a fan of ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy. His agression towards his opponents is refreshing to see, and his crazy character antics are comedic. Though, where was Bray Wyatt last night?

SETH ROLLINS VS FINN BALOR: A great main event match that I was on the edge of my seat for the entire time. The two have great chemistry. Finn lost nothing in defeat because of JJ interfering. The return of the Curb Stomp was excellence, and I popped hard when I saw it on my TV. Let’s hope this is a continuous thing with it coming back.


NONE: I couldn’t find any Misses this week for Raw. I sat all three hours and enjoyed everything I watched. Let’s see if WWE can keep up with it.

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