Ryan's Raw Cut (1/29/18)

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the Raw Cut! This is the place to come to where we go over the Hits and Misses of Monday Night Raw. Shall we get to Cutting?


ASUKA VS SASHA BANKS: A decent match between the two women. They told the story of Sasha being ready to defeat Asuka for the first time, but failed. I didn't expect Asuka to lose, because she just won the Rumble Match. That one spot from Sasha almost breaking her neck was scary.

ELIAS VS MATT HARDY: A hit for match quality, and the right man going over. I don't see Elias winning the Elimination Chamber Match, but it mixes him with main event stars. Matt was protected due to the interference of Bray Wyatt, but this rivalry hasn't had a good start. I'm ready for this all to be over. Hopefully with the signing of Jeremy Borash, we can see something involving the Hardy Compound.

THE MIZ VS ROMAN REIGNS: Another great match between the two. I didn't expect Miz to lose his IC Title a week after winning it back. My assumption is to see Roman get his way into the Elimination Chamber, and win it, and to go to Wrestlemania.


JOHN CENA VS FINN BALOR: This is a type of match that should be advertised a week or two in advance. As for the match though, it wasn't anything special. Decent at best. I also don't agree with Cena going over. Finn is once again being derailed, and it's sad. I'm assuming that Undertaker will appear, costing Cena the match at Elimination Chamber.

THE BAR VS TITUS WORLDWIDE: It makes sense for Titus and Apollo to get an opportunity at the tag team titles, considering they have two wins over the Bar. I just don't think the two teams are on the same level. I view The Bar as a top team, while Titus and Apollo are a comedy relief duo. That powerbomb spot with Apollo landing on his neck was also scary.

THE REVIVAL VS HEATH SLATER AND RHYNO: I don't care to see this match. Time filler.

BRAUN STROWMAN VS KANE: A show opening letdown, in my opinion. I have grown tired of this feud. It's like Raw is on repeat, with the same match between Kane and Strowman. Hopefully since this was a qualifying match, and with a Strowman victory, both men can go on to different feuds.

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