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Ryan's Raw Cut (1/8/18)

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Hello everyone and welcome back to this week's installment of the Raw Cut on WNW, where I go through the hits and misses. Shall we get to cutting?


OPENING SEGMENT: This set up for the rest of the show. Ever since Rollins and Jordan captured the Raw Tag Team Titles, I have grown to like the two as a team. They are completely different in terms of character, and it's odd. Though I can't help but get a kick out of it. Mixing in Roman Reigns, it's even better. Jason thinks he's part of the Shield, as the other two don't see it that way. Then the Balor Club comes out, and a match was set up between the two teams, and it all meshed well.

SASHA BANKS AND BAYLEY VS MANDY ROSE AND SONYA DEVILLE: A good showing by Rose and Deville in my opinion. The heels working over the faces, but the ultimate comeback, leading to the faces for a win. I was on the fence about it because I think Absolution shouldn't be taking losses, but it's WWE booking, not mine.

'WOKEN' MATT HARDY'S DEBUT: After weeks of constant promos and vignettes from Hardy, it's nice to see him on Raw in an actual match. Curt Hawkins continued his losing streak, and that is fun to watch. Hardy claimed to delete 29 other superstars in the Royal Rumble Match, yet he still has an ongoing feud with Bray Wyatt. The two's face-off, laughing at each other, did nothing for me. The debut was a hit though.

THE MIZ RETURNS: They say someone never realizes what they have until they're gone, and boy is that true. Miz is absolutely perfect on the mic. The crowd ate it up, pouring him in with cheers and love. Miz is hands down the Iron Man of WWE. His promo bled believable, and I'm rooting for him to capture the IC Title from Roman Reigns again.

BALOR CLUB VS SHIELD AND JASON JORDAN: A great six man tag team main event. I honestly had no idea on who was going to win. Both teams needed the win, and I'm glad the Club came out victorious. Watching them link together, and have the chemistry all three have together, is just pure awesomeness. The disconnect with JJ and the Shield is going well, as JJ cost them the entire match without being tagged in once.


ENZO AMORE VS CEDRIC ALEXANDER FOR THE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION: My expectations were for a title change, but I was wrong. Why is Enzo even champion? Cedric Alexander ran laps around him in the ring. Enzo being busted open kind of made the match more interesting, but of course it was accidental. I wasn't a fan of the count out finish because it keeps this feud going even longer.

THE BAR VS TITUS WORLDWIDE: I honestly don't even know what to say about this. Was this just a one off match where Titus and Apollo get a win for their notes? Or is this an actual feud beginning to happen. I'm betting for the second answer.

BROCK LESNAR, BRAUN STROWMAN, AND KANE: I could come on here every week, and give Paul Heyman a hit for being gold on the mic, but I'm focusing on the participants. You have Lesnar, who has been champion since Wrestlemania of last year, and wrestles sometimes throughout the year. Then you have Kane, who is a veteran in the industry, at an age of 50. Finally, you have Braun Strowman, probably the most improved and most over monster in years. Yet, none of this matters because we all now how it's going to end. Lesnar will win, go one to face Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania, and lose to him after one spear.

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