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Ryan's Raw Cut (11/13/17)

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Hello everyone and welcome back to this week's Raw Cut here on WNW! This week should be a pretty busy week as we lead into Survivor Series. So shall we go ahead with this week of hits and misses?


The Shield, Kurt Angle, and Stephanie McMahon: A good start to the show. Stephanie came out and blamed Kurt Angle of not being prepared for Survivor Series. That followed up with the original Shield trio to come out and say Kurt was a great choice for being team captain for Raw. I enjoyed the challenge the Shield threw out to New Day at Survivor Series, as it has been building for the past couple weeks now. I think it's awesome to have Roman back, and he seems to fit in his role perfectly.

Mickie James vs Bayley vs Dana Brooke in a Triple Threat Match (Winner being named 5th member of Women Survivor Series Match): A few clunky moments during the match but I was entertained throughout it. Each woman worked hard and it showed. I couldn't help but hope Mickie was going to win it, but hey, Bayley deserved the spot more in WWE's vision. By the way, I assume we still have to wait another week or two on the Paige return?

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar: Heyman is nothing short of perfect on the mic. I could listen to him all night. As for the proposal in the crowd during the promo, he was a riot with his response. I also loved the fact that he built AJ Styles up in the process for their upcoming match this Sunday. I'm looking forward to it.

Triple H Replacing Jason Jordan as 5th Member of Raw's Survivor Series team: Like I said, Jason Jordan didn't deserve to be added to the team at Survivor Series. The blue brand has a stacked team, while Raw had just an okay team with Jordan on it. Triple H being added gives the team more credibility as they are a viable team to take on Smackdown Live.

Braun Strowman vs Kane: Wow is all I can say. Kane got manhandled by Strowman, being put through the ring. I figured they were going to drag this feud out a bit longer, and they might. But why would they? They literally had Strowman destroy Kane on Raw. Where does Kane go from here, as he has been built back up as a monster, just to be taken out by Braun?


Enzo Amore and Drew Gulak vs Kalisto and Akira Tozawa: The duo of Amore and Gulak is comedy gold in my opinion, and the chemistry is there. As for the match, I didn't care for it. It seems like I'm a hater on the Cruiserweight Division, but I'm not. I just haven't felt connected to them after Neville has been gone. Enzo is good in small doses, but too much Enzo for me is eh.

MizTV: I want to enjoy MizTV, but It gets too old after seeing it week in, and week out. Can we get a week without it? On the bright side of things, I'm excited for The Bar to face off aginst the Uso's. I'm sure that will be a hard hitting bout.

Jason Jordan vs Bray Wyatt: Poor booking of Bray Wyatt. Have him return, just to lose against Jason Jordan. Really? I felt like the post match attack wasn't even enough to help Wyatt out. I cant say I'm surprised because Bray always loses. He isn't a threat. It's sad.

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