Ryan's Raw Cut (12/04/17)

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Welcome back to WNW everyone! Last night's Raw was pretty news worthy, so shall we go ahead with the Hits and Misses? 


MATT HARDY: Obviously, I want to start with the biggest hit of the night, Matt Hardy. For a while, I was losing hope of a the Broken character. Though I did call it a few weeks ago, Jeff Hardy's injury was a blessing in disguise. Along with that, Anthem changed their minds, allowing talent to use characters they had in TNA, to other companies. Matt was going nowhere, so it all fell perfectly like it should have. I smiled the entire time through the Bray and Matt promo. It's worth noticing how over the Woken/Broken character is, compared to the silence they give Wyatt. Anyways, don't screw this up WWE, Matt can make you a lot of money.

OPENING SEGMENT/ ROMAN REIGNS VS JASON JORDAN: I honestly was going to give this a miss at first because I have grown tired of the authority figures coming out to start the show, even though I love Kurt Angle. Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns saved this segment, both running down Jason Jordan ( I DON'T LIKE HIM) for running to his dad for opportunities. I think Jordan was choppy with his words, like he reads from the script word for word. As for the match, it was pretty good, and hard hitting. The two have good chemistry and I wouldn't mind watching more from these two.

SASHA BANKS VS PAIGE: These two need to have a feud, but a solo feud. I'm not into the whole Absolution faction, but I do think it's good to have Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose pair up with someone to put them under their wings. Definitely a hit for mach quality.

ELIAS AND BRAUN STROWMAN: The usual amazing pre match work from Elias, along with Braun Strowman interrupting him. The guitar smash on Strowman was nice because Braun no sold it. I can't say I am happy about the continuous feud between Strowman and Kane.


ASUKA VS ALICIA FOX: This match went on a bit longer than it should have. Also, it was clunky. I'm curios to see where the story goes with Absolution not attacking Asuka for a second week in a row. Though it does make her look bad for not helping out Fox when she was attacked. But she's a heel, right? Confusing.

THE SHIELD/BAR: I never thought I would be putting the Shield in the Miss column, but I can't help but feel over them. I feel it watered them down when Roman went out sick, along with them adding members. It's just been an odd way for a reunion in my opinion. It's not even like their together really, they all are back to wearing their own attire (besides Ambrose), and entering through the entrance and their own themes. With the Bar, I love, but they need a new team to be feuding with. All around, it was a flat ending of a show.

BO DALLAS VS FINN BALOR: This shows, that they have nothing going for Finn. This is sad. Hey WWE, you have talent, use them! I believe Anderson and Gallows aren't doing much, put them together with Balor and make a heel trio group. Do something, I beg of you.

CRUISERWEIGHTS: Same crap, different week. They did tease a love angle between Enzo and Nia Jax. For what reasoning? They have a dominant heel in Jax, and they waste her by with throwing her in the mix with Enzo.

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