Ryan's Raw Cut (12/11/17)

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Hello everyone and welcome back to this week's Raw Cut on WNW! Shall we get to cutting?


CESARO VS ROMAN REIGNS: Hands down, match of the night. If this didn't prove Cesaro deserves a main event push, then I am not sure what will. The uppercuts were absolutely insane, and Roman kept up with the Swiss Cyborg. The two worked well together, and I look forward to another match between these two.

MATT HARDY AND BRAY WYATT: I could do without the whole WOKEN transition screen, but another good set of back and forth promo between these two. It gives WWE a chance to introduce this Matt Hardy to the audience so they can somewhat understand what is happening. Last week's version of this was better, but nonetheless, it gets a hit.

SETH ROLLINS VS SHEAMUS: A good back and forth match between the two. If Sheamus is nurturing an injury, it is hard to tell because he moves like nothing is wrong. Seth was great as usual, and overall it was good.

Samoa Joe vs Dean Ambrose: Out of the three matches involving the Shield, this was the least appealing to me. The two worked hard, and it was logical for Joe to go over. If he's being built up for a Reigns match, hopefully he will capture the Intercontinental Champion soon.


BRAUN STROWMAN VS KANE: This match did nothing for me, the stipulation did nothing for me. Braun just faced Lesnar recently for the title, and Kane has no business in the Universal Title picture. On top of it all, this feud has overstayed. Each week, it's the same thing with these two. Also, it was a double count out, so who faces Brock at the Royal Rumble? One big mess.

WOMEN DIVISION ATTACKS ABSOLUTION: So they build up Paige, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville these past few weeks, just to be destroyed by the rest of the women's division. It doesn't make sense to me. Also, why would they all go out to save Asuka? Each week they have been attacked, Asuka walked away and gave no help.

FINN BALOR VS CURTIS AXEL: The only thing I can say is the best part of this was when Axel took off his neck pad. Everything else, miss.

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