Ryan’s Raw Cut (12/18/17)

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Welcome back to this week’s Raw Cut here on WNW! Shall we get to the Cutting? 


MATT HARDY AND BRAY WYATT: This week was much better than last as the two did their own backstage schticks. Matt playing chess with Napoleon the Goldfish was highlight of the show.

WOMEN’S ROYAL RUMBLE ANNOUNCEMENT: It’s about time for WWE to finally give the Women Division the boost they deserve. The past couple years they have reached new limits and and prove that they can do the same as the men. I will definetly will be expecting this to be a major highlight for the Royal Rumble.


BROCK LESNAR, KANE, AND BRAUN STROWMAN: I should start off by saying this, I am not looking forward to this match. Also I want to say that after watching this segment, I am less excited for the match. What a lazy way to book this as well. What ever happened to Balor? Changes need to be made.

SETH ROLLINS VS JASONJORDAN: The crowd chanted that this match was boring, and it rightfully was. I can’t stand the Jordan character and this doesn’t help him. I was looking forward to Rollins vs Samoa Joe, but was left disappointed with a Jason Jordan match.

FINN BALOR VS THE MIZTOURAGE: Another week, another week of misuse for Finn Balor. He should be challenging for the Universal Title, but it is what it is. Miss.

HIDEO ITAMI DEBUT: What a waste of a debut in my opinion. I just don’t understand why have him come out, and then just cut straight to commercial. Buzzkill.

ENZO AMORE ON COMMENTARY: I had to mute my television, literally. I couldn’t watch the match because Enzo was just to obnoxious. It took away from the match.

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