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Ryan’s Raw Cut (2/12/18)

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Hello everyone and welcome back here to the Raw Cut, here on WNW! This is the place where we go over the Hits and Misses of Monday Night Raw. Shall we get to cutting? 


JOHN CENA VS THE MIZ: A decent opening match, and nice exchange between both men. I like the idea of Miz losing because even in defeat, he still found a way to make himself the bigger star.

BRAUN STROWMAN SINGS TO ELIAS: What a great segment. Starting off with Elias, it’s always good. Then with Braun coming out with his own instrument, it was even better. Strowman destroyed the instrument on Elias, and it was awesome.

SASHA BANKS VS BAYLEY: A great match between the two. The story began last week when Bayley stated she could beat Sasha, leading a match between the two. Good stuff here.

FATAL 5 WAY MATCH: It was awesome to see Angle add Seth Rollins to the match, making it a Fatal 5 Way Match. It was obvious before he was added, that Finn Balor was going over. Adding Rollins, it added intrigue. I was rooting for Rollins. As for the match, it was a fast paced match, and very good to see. I like the ending as both men, Rollins and Balor, going over, and pinning the same man.


NONE: Overall, this was a decent Monday Night Raw, and felt nothing as filler. Great way to keep building up to Elimination Chamber PPV. We also got to figure out what’s going on with Ronda Rousey, as she will be signing her WWE contract at the Elimination Chamber.

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