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Ryan's Raw Cut (02/19/18)

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Welcome back everyone to this week's Raw Cut, where we go over the hits and misses of Monday Night Raw. Shall we get to cutting? 


Seven Man Gauntlet Match: What a refreshing way to start off a Monday Night Raw. A great gauntlet match, and the true star that came out of it was Seth Rollins. He lasted over an hour, defeating Roman Reigns and John Cena. It made sense for him to get out, after the wear and tear he took throughout the first hour. Elias defeating Rollins killed the crowd, after they were behind him for so long. The match between Elias and Balor was just there, as it was tough for them to follow up Rollin's performance. It wasn't until Miz defeated Balor, and then Strowman being the last man out to wake up the crowd. The two, Braun and Miz had a nice little match, as Strowman took control throughout the match. Anyways, this match took up half the show, and it was awesome in my opinion. Everything else after was pretty much a letdown.

Ronda Rousey's Video Package: WWE is great for video packages, and this was another hit. They went silent after Ronda's appearance at the Rumble, and it was odd. Now they show this great footage of her training and attributes. I'm still not bought on her signing with WWE, as I feel it takes away from the women's division in whole, but WWE knows what they have in Rousey, so it's a good choice for them.


Asuka and Nia Jax: I felt bad for Asuka during her promo, as you could read all over her face she was struggling to remember her lines. She kept a smile throughout, and kept on going. Within the feud of Asuka and Nia Jax, I just don't care. We all know Asuka will win, and go on to WrestleMania still undefeated. I'm sure the match will be good quality, but I just don't care to see it.

Apollo and Titus O'Neil vs The Bar: Why are these two teams even having matches, let alone having Titus and Apollo picking up the victory? This team has been seen as a joke for the longest time, and WWE expects me to believe that they are viable contenders for the Tag Team Championships? I don't think so. Besides, whatever happened to the Revival this week?

Six Women Tag Team Match: I think I was confused as everyone else when the match was advertised. Why was Alexa Bliss teaming up with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville after she saved Mickie James last week from them? WWE is trying to tell the story of each member of the Elimination Chamber having a partner to watch their back. They fail to realize that it's going to be every women for herself. Sigh.

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