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Ryan's Raw Cut (2/5/18)

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Welcome everyone back to the Raw Cut here on WNW! This is where we go over the Hits and Misses of Monday Night Raw. Shall we get to cutting?


SASHA BANKS, BAYLEY, AND ASUKA: The interaction between Bayley and Sasha was good. I like the tension between the two, and it seems that we may see a Banks heel turn soon. As for the match between Bayley and Asuka, a nice story of the underdog, Bayley, trying her hardest to conquer Asuka.

CRUISERWEIGHTS: This week, this is actually getting a hit. The tag team match had great fast paced action, and the addition to Drew Maverick is refreshing. I'm curious to see where they go with him as general manager for 205 Live.

MIZ VS APOLLO CREWS: A good, but short match between the two. I had no doubt that the Miz would lose to Crews. Nonetheless, it was a hit.

ROMAN REIGNS AND SETH ROLLINS VS THE BAR: With the terrible neck injury of Jason Jordan, he had to be written off to go get his surgery. Roman filling in as Seth's partner was a smart choice, and it was a fun match. Both teams were protected as they have another match slated for next week's show.


ROMAN REIGNS VS BRAY WYATT: I can't say that I was excited to see this match, as I already new the outcome. Too predictable, but hey, I'll be back to watching Raw next week.

BALOR CLUB VS THE REVIVAL: Neither team have a direction, and it makes me not care. Finn deserves much more, and it seems to me that WWE has no faith in him anymore. I feel like he'd be better off back in New Japan to show his true success.

SELF-PROMOS: The new interviews that are being shown backstage are terrible. The last thing I want to watch is someone doing a promo on their phones. Horrific.

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